Here’s how: Adding a Heated Steering Wheel to the RAV4

Instead of using a standard plastic steering wheel, a heated steering wheel cover adds warmth by using a heating element. It is especially beneficial when your fingertips feel chilly on winter mornings.

Imagine going to work; outside is a literal Snowpiercer scene, and your hands are warm like summer.

In this article, find out if you can add the heated luxury to your RAV4 steering wheel!

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Does the RAV4 Have a Heated Steering Wheel? 

Adding a Heated Steering Wheel to the RAV4

Basically, every new-ish Toyota RAV4 has the option for a heating steering wheel.

It comes as a standard luxury in your mini SUV, and oh, do we love it!

So, if you want to find out if you have the option of the heating steering wheel, you can quickly know that by searching for a button!

The heated steering wheel is activated by pressing the button with the miniature steering wheel on the instrument panel’s left side.

Press the button once more to stop the heated steering wheel from heating up.

You will feel how the wheel is starting to warm, but don’t think the whole wheel will heat up.

The only part that does heat up is the part on which you hold your hands. So the areas that will be heated are around 9:00 and 3:00 (roughly 2:00 to 4:00 and 8:00 to 10:00).

How Can You Add a Heated Steering Wheel on Toyota RAV4? 

Of course, a heated steering wheel is an aftermarket addition. If you don’t already have one installed, it may be expensive. Work is also required to install a new heated steering wheel.

Electronics are integrated into thoroughly heated steering wheels. Unfortunately, a current steering wheel cannot easily be converted into a heated one.

You would need to remove the entire steering column. After that, you may swap it out for a heated aftermarket steering wheel.

Fortunately, you could utilize something else to achieve the same result. For example, many prefer a heated cover over replacing the entire wheel.

Around the current steering wheel are heated coverings. Typically, they attach to the DC port on your automobiles. Old-fashioned cigarette lighters were there before. They are mainly used to power gadgets nowadays.

During the winter, a heated cover gives plenty of warmth. Additionally, they cost a lot less than a brand-new steering wheel.

Purchasing the cover can make more sense if you’re on a tight budget. If not, you may indeed have a brand-new steering wheel fitted.

How Much is a Heated Steering Wheel for Toyota RAV4? 

The cost of aftermarket components is infamous for fluctuating. Some of them can appear to be very reasonable. However, their quality could be subpar. A quality item can be worth a little extra money.

The present steering wheel has to be replaced, which is no easy process. First, you must remove the whole steering column. Then, the control module has to be disconnected after that.

The replacement one would then need to be installed at that time. After that, you’d have to reconnect everything.

In many automobiles, you can’t remove the steering column without removing the whole dashboard.

So you’re talking at least a few hours of labor. You could, of course, handle everything on your own. However, not everyone has the background to feel at ease doing it.

One option is to pay someone else to complete it. However, you can spend more on labor than on the component.

Fortunately, a different choice if you want a warmed steering wheel. All you need to do is buy a heated cover, as said before. These may be bought for about $10. So, purchasing one of them doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Finally, you may request a heated steering wheel while shopping for a new vehicle. One is much easier to install on a new car! It might be added by the manufacturer when the item is being constructed.

Yes, you will have to pay a premium price. But it’s far less expensive than having an aftermarket component fitted.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that you know the basics of adding a new heated steering wheel and what are your options, there are still some questions that are left unanswered. 

Keep reading if you want to find out more info about them!

Does Toyota Make Heated Steering Wheels?

As said before, basically every new-ish Toyota RAV4 has an option for the heated steering wheel.

Each new model has optional extras: a 9-inch touchscreen, a motorized liftgate, and heated front seats with a heated steering wheel.

Can You Put a Steering Wheel Cover on a Steering Wheel That is Heated?

Yes – you can put a steering wheel cover on a steering wheel that is heated. 

An external module controls the temperature of the heated steering wheel.

However, it might not feel warm or perform as well as you are accustomed to. But, don’t worry, the cover won’t stop the heated wheel from working.

Why Shouldn’t You Use a Steering Wheel Cover in RAV4?

First, modern automobile interiors such as RAV4s often have a relatively uniform and aesthetically pleasant design.

Let’s say that you decide to install a garish-looking cover… Well, it can make for an excellent topic of conversation in your car.

Additionally, adding a steering wheel cover doubles the wheel’s radius, making it more difficult for someone with smaller hands to grip.

Before you invest money in one, be sure you know your driving style.

And lastly, if the stitches are not tightly around the steering wheel, you risk the wheel slipping in your hands, which can cause trouble on the road.

Do Steering Wheel Covers Damage the Steering Wheel?

The purpose of steering wheel covers is to shield the wheel from harm.

However, if constructed of low-quality materials, steering wheel coverings might occasionally represent a higher risk to the safety of the steering wheel and the car.

So, buy only quality materials!

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