Toyota RAV4: A Glove Box Won’t Stay Close – Do This!

The minor things in your RAV4 that broke down, such as a glove box, are super annoying since it’s not your priority to fix it immediately.

However, you have to at some point, which is why you are here!

In this article, find out the reason for the broken glove box in your RAV4, what you can do to fix it, and most importantly – what you can do to save it from breaking in the future!

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Why Does My Glove Box Won’t Stay Closed In RAV4?

Toyota RAV4: A Glove Box Won’t Stay Close - Do This!

If the glove box doesn’t close, there are various reasons for that.

For example, some of the following can be the reason behind the opened glove box in your RAV4:

The first thing that could be is that the latch is slipping or something is in the way.

To examine the glove compartment latch, you need to empty it first.

You will only be able to get a good look at your glove box in RAV4 if there are many things; receipts, car books, and similar inside.

The second reason could be that the catch slips when you slam the glove box shut because the latch is pressing on it.

If it is the second thing, the catch cannot latch onto the other latch. The slams may have also cut off some of the plastic bits due to wear and tear.

Okay, now that you know what could be wrong with your glove box, you must fix it. 

Keep reading to find out about, in our opinion, the top two solutions to fixing your RAV4 glove box!

How Can I Fix a Glove Box In RAV4? 

Here are the previously mentioned two ways of fixing the glove box in your RAV4!

#1: Put A Magnet In Your Glove Box In RAV4

Anyone looking for a way to keep a broken glove box shut may consider glove box magnets.

They are available individually or as part of a glove box repair kit that includes a few screws, magnets, and washers.

The initial step is to remove the old screws and magnets that hold the glove box to the dashboard and replace them with the new screws.

The second step is drilling holes in the glove box door, which must be fastened with the second set of screws and the magnets.

The third step is to put the additional magnets above the bolts and screws and magnets that were put in the previous step.

The magnets on the console and the glove compartment door must make contact when the glove box door is closed, keeping the glove box closed.

And click on the button below if you want to buy the mentioned kit with all the equipment you need; bolts, screws & magnets. 

#2: A Whole Glove Box Replacement For Your RAV4

Another solution is to swap out the glove box completely.

The overall cost will unquestionably be much more significant, depending on your vehicle type. But you will only do this if you can’t fix the old one.

This is the last chance for your glove box (if the problem is not in hinges or handles as well).

This replacement can do the nearest specialist for such requirements. If you ask your dealer or a mechanic, at least one of them should know “a guy.”

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How To Organize Your Glove Box In RAV4?

First of all, you should be careful when closing the glove box.

All of us love slamming the poor doors of the glove compartment in RAV4, but that’s just not gonna work anymore! Be careful, and your glove box will last.

Next, you should empty it a bit! We all also love to stuff the glove box until things start to drop out. Not good as well.

The third thing you can do is to buy an organizer!

Here is one at a reasonable price, and it will help your glove box stay intact!

That’s it, folks! Keep your glove box in your RAV4 organized and tidy, and it will last forever!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.

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