Audi Coolant Level Warning: This is What You Should Do

Are you heading to work or school and all of a sudden get the coolant level warning? This can happen at any given time, but fret not!

Warnings are there to keep us aware of our car’s health. But they do not always mean that something is already too damaged to fix it.

In the case of the coolant warning, it’s a reminder to help you keep your Audi in good shape.

In this article, we will explain how to change your coolant liquid and what to look out for. As well as what coolant liquid to use and what to do if the warning doesn’t turn off.

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Why Does my Audi Say: Check Coolant Level?

When the engine coolant level is low, you will get a warning.

It will appear with a temperature light and the message:  “Check Coolant! See owner’s manual”. Do not disregard the engine coolant warning light on an Audi or continue to drive with it.

But, what is a coolant? Coolant is a liquid or gas component that maintains your car’s engine temperature.

It is absolutely necessary for the right functioning of the engine. It prevents the liquids in your car to freeze or boil.

This is what you should do: Step-by-step-Guide

Audi Coolant Level Warning

Here is a quick guide! With these steps, you’ll be able to remove the warning sign and continue with your driving. 

The steps down below will be helpful to these Audi models:

  • A3, S3, RS3, A4, S4, A5, S5, A6, S6, A7, S7, RS7, A8, S8, Q3, Q5, SQ5, Q7, TT, R8.

Before going through the guide, here is an IMPORTANT note you should look at before dealing with a warning sign.

Do NOT touch or open the coolant expansion cap or the radiator when the engine is hot. Instead, please wait for the engine to cool down. Then proceed.

Here are the detailed steps: 

  1. Set the parking brakes and park your Audi on flat ground.
  2. Allow time for the engine to cool. You may now open the hood when the engine has cooled down.
  3. Pull the hood open using the lever until it pops open. Then, disengage the hood safety clasp at the front of the vehicle.
  4. Locate the engine coolant expansion reservoir, which is transparent.
  5. To identify the current level, look to the side.
  6. If the level is low, flip the cap counterclockwise to remove it. Be careful. If the engine is hot, do not remove the lid.
  7. Add engine coolant to bring the level between the MIN and MAX markings. Again, only use the Audi coolant recommended by Audi. It is 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent distilled water, as described above.

What Coolant Does Audi Use?

Audi’s user manual and website are clear on which coolant they advise to use.

G12++ is the anti-freeze additive coolant suggested by Audi themselves.

It’s not recommended to use general coolants you can find in the stores. They often don’t meet the specifications of an Audi cooling system.

If you buy the store-bought one, make sure to flush it before rather than after with the correct coolant.

Audi coolant comes in a concentrated form. Dilute the coolant with distilled water. Use 50/50 proportions!

How Do I Check Coolant Level in my Audi?

Don’t worry; checking your coolant level is not that big of a deal.

How Do I Check Coolant Level in my Audi

Turn off the engine and check the coolant level in the radiator expansion tank.

It should be between the “MIN” and “MAX” markers while the engine is cold. When the engine is hot, it will be a little bit higher.

As said before, the warning light in the instrument cluster monitors the coolant level. But, you should check the coolant levels often!

If you notice your coolant liquid is missing more and more between each check-up, you might have a leak.

A loss of coolant usually indicates a leak in the cooling system. It can be other issues, but in general, it’s a leak.

A professional and skilled mechanic should examine the cooling system in this scenario. It’s not enough to top up the coolant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to Drive With Coolant Light on?

The coolant warning light indicates that your engine is overheating due to a lack of coolant.

If this light has come on and you’re wondering if you can keep driving, the answer is no.

Overheating can cause engine damage, which can be very expensive to fix.

How Long Can You Drive After Coolant Warning?

You can drive for a while if your car’s coolant level is low. It all depends on the coolant level.

You can drive your automobile for a few days if it is low but above the minimum. But, if it is below the minimum, do not even attempt to start your engine.

Can You Put Water in Audi Coolant Tank?

There would have been no need to construct anything like a coolant if water had sufficed. Coolant does not freeze at lower temperatures like water does. Water boils and evaporates in a heated temperature range, while coolant does not.

This point alone explains why you can’t use water to replace the coolant.

What happens if all you put in there is water? Well, damage. A lot of it.

For example, during the winter, plugs would come out, and the water pump would block due to the freezing of the water.

It’s a different narrative with the same ending in the summer. Because of the boiling, air would enter the engine, affecting its performance. Besides, water will evaporate as the temperature rises, causing the engine to overheat.

Why is my Coolant Light on but My Coolant is Full?

It’s possible that your sensor is broken or that it’s giving you inaccurate readings. For example, a broken coolant sensor can reduce fuel economy. Apart from that, it can cause a failed emissions check-up.

The issue is most likely a loose connection, rust, or malfunction.

Make sure to get it checked by a professional mechanic or Audi dealer.

Is Coolant the same as Antifreeze?

Is Coolant the same as Antifreeze?

Technically, coolant is not exactly an antifreeze. But rather, it is made of it. Let us explain!

Coolant is what we call the mix of water together with antifreeze. Usually a 50/50 but there can be other percentages of the mix.

So, if you’d like to, you could call coolant antifreeze!

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