What Are The Best Seat Covers For Ford F-150?

Driving your F-150 can be as pleasant as you want it to be. Of course, the engine provides a smooth and fast ride.

However, we can’t forget interior details that make the drive as comfortable as possible.

In this article, you will find out all about the seat covers; which one are the best (mostly recommended by other users), and you will get answers to some of the most asked questions.

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Best F-150 Seat Covers: Key Takeaways

What Are The Best Seat Covers For Ford F-150?
  • Most Durable: ShearComfort Custom Waterproof Seat Covers
  • Best From Neoprene: F-150 Rough Country F&R Neoprene Seat Covers
  • Most Comfortable: LUCKYMAN CLUB F-150 Pickup Seat Covers

Top 3 Best Seat Covers For F-150 Trucks

Now you’ll find out the top three seat covers, and you can find a button that will lead you straight to where you can buy a certain seat cover. 

Most Durable: ShearComfort Custom Waterproof Seat Covers

ShearComfort would be our choice among the F-150 seat covers if we had to select the toughest and most resilient.

Ford F-150 seats are completely protected by these waterproof seat covers made of durable 1000 Denier Cordura fabric, which is 100% real and original. These ShearComfort custom seat coverings are waterproof, spill-proof, and scratch-proof.

For example, if you take your dog on the road, the Cordura material used to produce these coverings is perfect for safeguarding the seats. The durable Denier fabric protects the car’s seats from the dog’s pointed claws and keeps pet hair and dander from adhering to them.

Additionally, the covers are simple to clean and vacuum, which aids in removing pet odors.

These waterproof Cordura seat coverings have excellent side and front abrasion and wear resistance. In addition, we’ve discovered that the covers are simpler to install because the backside is made up of sturdy stretch material.

Also, the installation is easy.

The cover’s requirement for fragile elastic bands to keep it in place is a little letdown, though.

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Best From Neoprene: F-150 Rough Country F&R Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene seat coverings are made to conform to the shape of the car seat. Neoprene is a thermo- and cryo-resistant synthetic rubber.

The material has great insulating qualities and is soft and flexible. Because it is waterproof, simple to clean, and durable, neoprene is the material for car seat coverings.

These neoprene seat coverings have been tailored to suit your vehicle correctly so you can drive comfortably.

Since neoprene material is recognized for reflecting more heat than it absorbs, neoprene seat coverings are excellent for keeping you cool throughout the summer.

For instance, driving a truck across a hot desert will be uncomfortable, but sitting in a car with a neoprene seat cover will be far more comfortable.

Neoprene seat coverings for F150 pickups have the drawback that they soon begin to fade when sunlight enters the vehicle via the window.

Neoprene seat coverings also have the drawback of being uncomfortable because they might feel hard while driving for extended distances. Simply said, it depends on how sensitive the driver’s body is.

Even though most people would not find this a drawback, you should test it out before purchasing the neoprene seat cover for the Ford 150 truck.

Dog hair also tends to attach to the neoprene seat cover and is harder to remove from neoprene than it is from leather.

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Most Comfortable: LUCKYMAN CLUB F-150 Pickup Seat Covers

We decided on the custom seat covers created by LUCKYMAN Club because they were made of PU leather, which is both comfortable and robust.

The imitation leather material surprises with how smooth and silky it is yet can handle heavy use.

The LUCKYMAN Club seat coverings include thick cushioning made of polypropylene, cotton, and sponge to provide comfort when sitting.

On the other hand, because the seat coverings are waterproof, you can quickly and easily clean up spills. You may keep the sides exposed to access the airbags by installing seat coverings.

At the same time, the masks provide full exposure to the seatbelt receivers in the back seats.

Regarding compatibility, the Crew Cab F-150 from 2015 to 2020 is the only vehicle these LUCKYMAN Club seat coverings will suit.

Covering the front seats is straightforward, according to many customers, and it only takes 10 minutes.

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How To Install Seat Covers To Your F-150? 

Here is one way to install your seat covers. Remember, installing seat covers is a simple process, so if this doesn’t work out, you can try to work on it on your own or look at a couple of Youtube videos.

Step 1

When removing headrests from chairs with adjustable headrests, push buttons on the bases of the headrests and pull them upward.

If the bases have holes, insert a wire through the holes to release the springs before drawing the headrest upward. Install headrest coverings after removing the headrests and putting them away.

Step 2

You must position the seat cover to face the pocket on the back of the seat and slide it down until the headrest mounts are lined up.

If the covers are two pieces, align the seams, insert the flap through the hole in the seat, and attach the Velcro to the interior of the back.

The seat base and back coverings should be fitted, and the webbing straps should be secured to the buckles snugly.

Step 3

Depending on whether the seat is manual or electric, there will be a separate way for mounting the seat base.

There will be Velcro straps on the inside that go around the track and back to themselves, and white plastic strips sewed into the edge of the cover that will snap in behind the plastic fascia on the outside of the seat.

Step 4

The supplied coverings will have the same form as the armrests because they were made expressly for them. Determine the cover’s opening, then put the cover onto the armrest.

Step 5

The wireframe of a rear seat will quickly hook onto a tab or a receptor and is a pressure fit, so keep in mind that the makers of these cars build rapid attacking methods for seats.

See the directions for your car’s rear seat below. There are many different ways to connect your seat cover to your vehicle than this one.

Are Seat Covers Necessary? 

No, they are not necessary; however, there are multiple reasons why you should consider getting seat covers for your F-150. 

For example, it offers customization and a very cool aesthetic look to your F-150 and conceals blemishes on the vehicle seats.

If you are anything like us, there is no food and drinks in the car, but someone is always sneaking a bite or two, and it always ends up on the covers. 

Then, your cover seats will add value to your car and are simple to maintain! Looks like a win-win here. 

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