The 5 Best Subwoofer For Ford F-150 Supercrew

Having a cool Ford F-150 truck requires some cool equipment! Of course, you can buy a lot for your Ford F-150 to be just how you like it, but one cannot forget the subwoofers and the beautiful sound they make!

In this article, find out about the top five subwoofers you can find online, and check where you can get them!

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What Is A Subwoofer?

The 5 Best Subwoofer For Ford F-150 Supercrew

In a nutshell, a subwoofer (or shortly sub) is an audio loudspeaker.

A subwoofer is made to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies. Those frequencies are called bass and sub-bass and are lower in frequency than those that can be (optimally) produced by a woofer.

Where Does The Subwoofer Go In A Truck?

Seats on cab trucks frequently extend to the back of the cab. Because of this, mounting subwoofers behind the seats is often only possible sometimes.

However, subwoofers mounted behind the back seats will still boost the bass sound.

These subwoofers usually blast downward into the bottom of the seat.

Due to space restrictions, it is typically impossible to put 15″ subs in an extended cab truck.

Due to these considerations, you won’t get the loudest hits or the best sound quality, but your subwoofers may still enhance the bottom end and your listening experience.

Also, make sure the subwoofer mount is the right size for the model and year of your car.

Best Subwoofers For Cabincrew Ford F-150 

Here we will list the top five subwoofers for your beloved Ford F-150 truck. 

They are all recommended also by the CarAudioBible. 

#1 Subwoofer For Ford F-150 Cabincrew: Rockford Fosgate

Your system will have a richly defined bottom end with less distortion if it has an effectively sealed enclosure that offers the best sound quality.

Rockford Fosgate is a system that many people write about, and there is a reason for that. 

Thanks to the durable industrial vinyl coating, it is protected wherever you mount it. 

To optimize the subwoofer’s performance in your car, use the following:

  1. the low-pass crossover, 
  2. phase switch, and 
  3. bass boost.

You can connect it to any system because it includes high- and low-level inputs. 

Additionally, this subwoofer has a remote control with a knob. That means that you can control the whole thing with the inside of your Ford F-150. 

#2 Subwoofer For Ford F-150 Cabincrew: Pioneed TS-WX1210A

This enclosed enclosure will start any party, no matter the occasion, with peak ratings of 1300W.

With its dedicated class D amplifier for reliable performance, this low-frequency shaker can rattle any area to high levels without misrepresenting or having to cut out at any time. It features a single 12″ subwoofer built-in with 350w RMS of power.

The amplifier has crossovers from 0 to 12 dB, bass boosts remote control, carpet finish, cellulose fiber cone, urethane surround, frequency response 20 to 125, and 114 dB sensitivity.

You’ll always catch bass notes when it all pours out during lengthy trips in your Ford F-150.

#3 Subwoofer For Ford F-150 Cabincrew: Sound Storm Labaratories

Another amazing subwoofer. 

LOPRO outputs have been designed to function within very narrow tolerances to prevent draining power from other amplification channels and maintain the balance of your car.

After you’ve had one, you’ll only desire a day trip or a long journey with a Sound Storm Laboratories amplifier.

Sound Storm Laboratories is the company to turn to when you need to add accurate bass to your song for your Ford F-150.

With a maximum output of 600 watts, this amplified subwoofer will improve the audio quality of your automobile. 

You gain faster switching times and higher performance with a MOSFET power supply, which requires less power from the driver. 

To fit any system configuration, you may connect the device via speaker-level inputs or line-level inputs.

#4 Subwoofer For Ford F-150 Cabincrew: Pioneer TS-A2500LB

The Pioneer TS-A2500LB is incredibly simple to install and has a small enclosure for adequate fitment in modern vehicles.

The subwoofer can handle 1200 watts of continuous output or 300 watts of RMS! This is thanks to its glass fiber, mica-injected polypropylene cone, and 2-ohm single voice coil.

To prevent sound from being distorted and to protect the steel mesh grille from dents and scratches, the surround is made of rolled butyl rubber.

Additionally, there are several choices for installing this subwoofer, including detachable cushions and footing pegs that may be trimmed to fit around seats, doors, and dashboards.

This amazing subwoofer may be mounted behind or beneath seats, in an enclosure, or the trunk and has a complete grille with a down-firing construction.

#5 Subwoofer For Ford F-150 Cabincrew: Kicker 

It can contain up to 600 watts of electricity and is compatible with all Super Crew Cab Trucks. With this in mind, you know it will have power and loudness!

The Kicker C12 was explicitly created for your vehicle; therefore, it is made of high-quality MDF, ensuring that you will receive a long-lasting product that looks nicer than any others on the market.

Nothing compares to packing a Kicker C12’s power into your Super Crew Cab. The Kicker C12 is ideal for people seeking an overall bass sound but without room to house large subwoofers.

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.