What Is The Cost Of Installing A Trailer Brake Controller On Ford F-150?

Trailer brake controllers are convenient for towing because they will not only make your life easier, but they might just save it.

When it comes to the cost of brake controllers, they vary since there are a lot of types of brake controllers.

In this article, we cover the overall cost of the trailer brake controllers. Besides that, you can also find a step-by-step guide on how to install it on your Ford F-150.

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Cost Of Installing A Brake Controller On Ford F-150

What Is The Cost Of Installing A Trailer Brake Controller On Ford F-150?

Here we will talk about four brake controllers you can put on your Ford F-150 and their installation cost.

Let’s get right into the costs!

Installation Cost For Traditional Brake Controllers

The traditional trailer brake controller is the most popular model.

You need additional wiring in your car if you want to use these conventional brake controls, and if you don’t have it, you’ll need to rewire them. 

Since it relies on your Ford’s specific wiring, expert assistance may be required if you want to add these car features.

Traditional brake controllers come in time-delayed ($60.00) and proportional varieties ($85.00).

Installation Cost For Wireless Brake Controllers

With this controller, if the car owner has the necessary plug, they may easily plug them in themselves. The installation is another factor in the fame of this wireless technology. 

It is the simplest and least expensive method of mounting brake controls.

These brake controllers are less dependable than the earlier ones despite being considerably simpler to install.

More specifically, Ford F-150 owners need to plug in the receiver, as mentioned above, which is less stable than the traditional ones.

Their price is $240.00.

Installation Cost For Trailer-Mounted Brake Controller

You can install this car feature easily with a few steps. This brake controller differs significantly from the prior two in that it is mounted to the trailer instead of being within the car.

Owners of cars can get the trailer-mounted brake controls for $340.00 proportional. They can be plugged into the trailers’ wiring system or operate wirelessly.

Installation Cost For Dashboard-Mounted Brake Controllers

The dashboard-mounted brake controls are the last item on the list.

This is the most expensive controller choice, costing $200 for proportional and $180 for time-delayed.

The cost of labor, which ranges from $100 to $300 is not included. The dashboard-mounted controller requires additional wiring and is installed similarly to conventional brake controllers.

The knob is the primary distinction in this case. You need a knob positioned on the dash to operate the brakes. 

How Long Does It Take To Install A Brake Controller?

Installing the trailer brake controllers is not a difficult job, and you can do it in a maximum of an hour, with complications included. So, yes, there is no need to take a day off to do this.

However, if you need connectors on your Ford F-150, we are now talking about a minimum of 6 hours to complete the job.

Step-By-Step: Installing A Trailer Brake Controller On Ford F-150

There are, in total, five steps you have to go through to complete the job.

You will find another detailed guide here.

Step 1. Disconnecting The Battery Cable

Disconnecting the battery before any electrical system maintenance on your car is a smart idea.

Unbolt the negative battery line and transfer it to the side to install a brake controller.

Step 2. Select A Location For The Controller’s Mounting

Locate a position where the brake controller may be mounted.

The optimum location is often found below and to the side of the steering wheel on most vehicles, huge trucks, and SUVs.

The controller will be in plain view but out of the way at this location. Additionally, the dash can be positioned above it.

Ensure the brake controller is not positioned adjacent to any RF transmitters or CB radios if you have them. These devices contain delicate electronics.

Step 3. Drill Mounting Holes

Utilizing the mounting bracket as a guide, mark the necessary drilling locations with the brake controller in the correct place.

After that, drill a hole for each bolt the bracket comes with.

You want to protect the dashboard’s electronics. Remove the panel you are drilling into if you can to reduce unnecessary hazards.

Step 4. Install The Brake Controller By Fastening It

Reposition the brake controller bracket and attach the supplied fasteners after the holes have been bored.

Self-tapping screws are commonly included with brake controllers.

Be careful not to overtighten the screws or strip out the holes as you tighten them.

Next, use the included bolts to secure the brake controller to the bracket.

And lastly…

Step 5. Connect The Brake Controller

Connect the brake controller to your Ford using a wire harness for your car.

The wire harness has two ends that link to the brake controller and the OEM harness beneath the car’s dash.

The placement of the factory wiring harness in your car may change.

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