How To Fix Creaking Doors In Ford F-150? Step by Step

The squeaking sound when opening your car doors can be super annoying. The sound usually comes from either the driver’s or passenger’s doors, and it is as unpleasant as it sounds.

There are various causes for the annoying creaking sound, and you’ve come to the right place if you want to find out how to deal with it.

In this article, you will discover the root cause of the squeaking, creaking sound and learn how to fix it.

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Creaking Doors In F-150: Key Takeaways

How To Fix Creaking Doors In Ford F-150? Step by Step
  • Two primary causes are rusted hinges and rusted check links.
  • To fix it, use WD-40 or another lubricant spray. 

What Causes the Creaking/Squeaking Sound In F-150 Doors?

Usually, the door check links or the hinges are the sources of the creaking/creaking/squeaking noise.

The factory-installed grease on F-150 doors is quite thick, but the lubricant deteriorates over time and with repeated opening and shutting. Then, metal scrapes on metal, which causes a squeaking sound, if the lubricant is no longer there or is only marginally present.

Rusted Hinges

Damaged hinges are the primary cause of a car door squeaking when opening and shutting.

Hinges can deteriorate from rust or physical force over time, making annoying sounds when the door is opened and closed.

If you allow this problem to continue, your door will sustain more severe damage, and the cracking sound will worsen.

Environmental elements like weather and grime can also cause squeaky door hinges.

Aside from that, a lack of lubrication and cleaning will cause car doors to squeak, similar to a squeaky brake pedal.

Incorrect alignment of the door hinges with the car’s body is also brought on by loose or untightened screws on the hinges after a period of driving.

Rusted Check Links

The next possible cause of the F-150 doors squeaking when you open or close them is an issue with the door check links. Check links are a component that joins the door, the latch, and the automobile body is referred to as a mechanism or a tiny rod.

The door will be held in place when you open it; that is its principal purpose.

In other words, without these check linkages, they will close independently if you don’t hold the automobile doors open with your hands.

Additionally, rusted or unlubricated check links can cause car doors to creak open.

In addition, a short circuit might cause the latch to malfunction, making it challenging to open and close the door. If this is the case, the power cable or fuse will probably need to be replaced with a new one.

How To Fix Creaking F-150 Doors? 

Fixing creaking/squeaking F-150 doors is easy and often very cheap.

All you need is some grease or a lubricant spray, and you should be able to remove the noise, at least for some time.

The grease we are recommending is WD-40. Many believe this is the best cleaning and rust-removal solution for all surfaces.

It is made for simpler cleaning and assembly, and it also aids in loosening joints and rusty hinge bolts.

Fixing Squeaky Hinges 

A straightforward DIY auto maintenance task is enough to repair noisy hinges.

The creaking of the door hinges can be eliminated by greasing them. 

So, when your doors are squeaking, dry metal is scraping on dry metal. You will have to grease the region so that the metal parts slide over one another rather than grind against one another. 

So, for this fix, you will need greases, such as WD-40 or another lubricant spray. Follow the next steps:

  1. Open your vehicle’s door
  2. Apply WD-40 to the hinges.
  3. Open and shut the doors a few times. 
  4. Use a cloth to remove any extra. 

Of course, time will cause grease to disappear. Therefore, when your door hinges start to squeak, it’s time to apply grease again. Keep the oil on your door hinges away from moisture to help it last longer. For instance, we wouldn’t suggest leaving your car door open in the event of rain or snow. 

Fixing Squeaky Check Links 

The techniques to repair rusted and squeaky hinges are identical to those for fixing corroded check links, but you must be sure to clean the check links well before applying WD-40 to the rusted region.

Additionally, because the check links are vulnerable to damages such as scratches, you must use soft materials to remove the spray residue and rust after treating them. 

You may visit a licensed car repair company or professionals who can assist you with the issue if you are unsure about fixing it.

Conclusion & Tips

Here are a few tips for fixing squeaking/creaking doors:

If you opt for a different lubrication, the ideal option is to use a lithium grease spray since you may apply it to every nook and cranny without fearing it will spill excessive amounts of liquid.

Additionally, it has a long-lasting lubricating effect that aids in stopping contact and water infiltration. Therefore, it helps prevent rust and creaking from the door.

Also, prepare dry paper towels to remove the dirt stains and absorb any extra lubricant.

A towel is required because oil stains may appear on the door or the car body while the joints are being repaired and lubricated.

You may also get gloves ready if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. Oil is difficult to remove.

This is it; fingers are crossed that you eliminate the annoying sound!

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