Ford F-150: 4A Vs. 4H – What Is The Difference & Which One To Use?

If your Ford F-150 is equipped with a four-wheel drive, you can choose from variants such as 2H, 4H, 4L, and 4A.

There are significant differences between each, and if you use them correctly, your drive will be as smooth as one can be.

In this article, we will focus on the differences between 4H and 4A options in a four-wheel drive, so keep reading to find out which one you should use and when you should use it!

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What Is The Difference Between 4A And 4H In The Ford F-150? 

Ford F-150: 4A Vs. 4H - What Is The Difference & Which One To Use?

The most common driving mode in most automobiles is 4A. It enables the car to travel at a slower speed, improving the comfort of the journey.

The 4A will provide lower emissions and more safety than other options.

However, your F-150 works harder while driving in 4A mode than when operating in 4H mode. As a result, your F150 will run hotter and consume more gasoline. Additionally, this indicates a higher likelihood of braking, engine, and gearbox issues with your F-150.

On the other hand, the automobile may go quicker while in the 4H driving mode, which is a more aggressive setting. So it works best when trying to drive quickly or avoid accidents.

The 4H driving mode is intended for more ecologically friendly driving. Your car will use less fuel in this mode.

The primary issue with driving in 4H mode is that your tires will make nosie in protest if you attempt to make a quick turn to the left or right (on dry pavement). This noise can hamper your transmission.

When Should You Use 4A Vs. 4H?

Both features are distinct, and so is the underlying operating concept. You can use both if you have them, but be careful when and where.

You can find both the 4H and the 4A features only in two-speed automatic 4WD system Ford vehicles.

This system has a high-capacity clutch and an electronically controlled transfer case. To maximize traction, the system continuously monitors and modifies the power supply to the front and rear wheels. This system may be recognized thanks to the switch’s display of 2H, 4A, 4H, and 4L.

Let’s see when you can activate the 4A and the 4H. 

Using 4A On Ford F-150

If the F-150 has 4A characteristics, you may drive it on slick surfaces, uneven roads, snow, and ice. But, that’s not all since most folks drive their Ford in 4A all the time. 

Still, with 4A, driving through the rocks and off-road is more accessible, thanks to the improved visibility, accessibility, and safety system.

Even in ordinary and emergencies, the 4A drive offers a balanced drive. When operating normally, it simply sends power to the wheels and it makes your driving experience crazy good!

All in all, the 4A can go through a lot, so there are a few situations where you must activate the 4H mode.

Can I Drive My Ford f-150 4A All The Time?

In general, you can always drive your F150 in 4A.

As 4A is the safest driving mode, it is always advised to use it when you can.

In addition to the apparent advantages of all-wheel drive in terms of traction and safety, 4A all-wheel drive significantly improves the enjoyment of driving under normal circumstances.

Driving on the broad road is considerably more enjoyable thanks to the additional torque and power accessible when needed.

All in all, yes, you can always drive your Ford F-150 in 4A.

Using 4H On Ford F-150

You should switch to the 4H if you are on a highway when it rains or snows. No matter how slick or wet the road is, it will provide a solid grip and traction.

The 4H drive primarily powers the front and rear wheels off-road and during the winter with mechanically and electrically locked all-wheel power.

For outdoor recreation and hunting, many individuals travel to remote locations like the forest and the seashore, and that is where you should choose the 4H.

Is 4A Or 4H Better For Snow?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of snow you encounter.

Generally, your 4A option will be okay for snow, rain, and similar conditions. So you can continue driving your Ford F-150 without worrying too much about it.

However, if you find yourself on highways and in deep snow, you should activate the 4H option. The 4H option will give you more stability and power to escape the situation.

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