Ford F-150 Raptor Grill Conversion: Step by Step Guide

When it comes to a Ford F-150 to Raptor conversion, swapping out your grills is one of the most significant changes when it comes to the visual aspect. 

Making your F-150 look just the way you want has never been easier, and the raptor grill conversion is one of the bigger changes you can do to reach the wanted visual appearance. 

In this article, find out what to look out for when conversing with raptor grills, what are the recommended raptor grills and much more!

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F-150 Raptor Grill Conversion: What Is There To Know About It?

Ford F-150 Raptor Grill Conversion: Step by Step Guide

Although Ford hasn’t granted anybody a license to replicate the Raptor’s grille exactly, various black mesh versions have emerged.

For many Ford F-150 truck owners, the F-150 Raptor Grill Conversion is a popular procedure because people truly adore personalizing their possessions, including trucks and vehicles. 

Drivers buy seat coverings, steering wheel covers, and other accessories to customize their trucks and cars. The concept of an F-150 Raptor Grill Conversion procedure is thus similar to these other upgrades.

The Ford F-150 truck may become a different truck with a new grille. The sleek Raptor grill is very well-liked by truck drivers. 

In the sections below, you will find all the information you need to begin your Raptor grill conversion. 

What Should You Look Out For When Conversing With Raptor Grills?

One of the most recognizable trucks in the country is the Ford F150. Thus, it is simple to comprehend why individuals are looking at solutions for F150 Raptor Grill Conversion. 

There are a couple of things you should consider.

First, consider the sort of budget you can exclude from your pocket. Then, you can determine which F-150 Raptor Grill Conversion alternatives are practical for your situation, and which are not. Above all, it will assist in helping you reduce your selections and safeguard your financial account!

The style of the grills is the other factor to take into account. To decide if you like the style or not of a specific grill, you should look at Raptor trucks and decide which one is the best looking in your opinion. 

Recommended Raptor Grills

In the paragraphs below, you will find two very good choices regarding Raptor Grills. 

VXMOTOR Raptor Grills 

The first F-150 grill option for your future conversion on the list made by Ultimate Rides is the VXMOTOR Ford F-150 Glossy Black Raptor Grill Kit. 

It takes some work to transform an F-150 grill into a Raptor grill, but the effort is worthwhile. A fresh new Raptor grill on the body of a Ford F-150 is the best of both worlds.

This grill also has a custom-fit design. This will allow you to order this grill to meet your Ford F-150 truck’s specifications. It will therefore make the finished product look even better than you had hoped.

The best way to ensure this grill fits snugly on your Ford F-150 is to install it professionally.

This Grill option is both exceptionally strong and lightweight. As a result, you may enjoy this grill for a while. 

The lifespan and design of this product are largely due to the premium ABS plastic material. 

EAG Raptor Grills 

The second F-150 Raptor grill option you can choose from is the grills from EAG. EAG has been producing premium grills for automobiles since 2010. They produced the ABS replacement grills, and they are very good! 

This is a solid option for those who want to convert an F-150 grill into a Raptor grill. 

Also, many of EAG grills are altered to match particular automobiles and fashions. Consequently, this grill offers you both elegance and durability, which is fantastic. Another good thing about it is the price, which is very much reasonable. 

The material used in production is premium ABS plastic, and there is no need for cutting or drilling anything when installing. But, for your best safety and assistance, expert installation is still advised.

Also, this particular grill choice has a fashionable paint job and appearance. The grill and shell pairing is daring and exciting. Thus, you may upgrade a stock truck to the highest level. 

How To Install New Raptor Grills?

To fully understand the procedure, it will be best if you see it. Here are two very good guides on installing new Raptor grills, and what to look out for when conversing your F-150. 

However, it might be best if you let professionals do the job if you had never done it.


Conversing your F-150 grills to Raptor ones is a procedure that could lift the visual appearance of your vehicle to a whole nother level. 

Take your time and explore your options, find the best grills for you, and enjoy your new, fresh-looking grills for a long time!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.