Ford F-150 Windows Not Working: Reasons And Solution

Rolling down your windows is simple and practically muscle memory when you enter your car, so it’s not a surprise when you try to lower down your windows and they are not working; you are mad!

However, that’s not something to give up your positive energy to! For every problem, there is a solution.

In this article, find out why your Ford F-150 windows are not working and what you can do to fix it and continue your day! Let’s get right into it!

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Why Did My F-150-Window Suddenly Stop Working?

Ford F-150 Windows Not Working: Reasons & Solution

Several everyday things can happen to your window and make it stop working.

In this section, you will find out what those reasons are!

Blown a Fuse

If your F-150 window suddenly stops working, you may inspect each fuse related to the power window motors.

Since Ford often uses transparent fuses, you can easily see anything burned out in broad daylight or with a flashlight.

Ford even gives many car owners a fuse puller they can locate within the fuse cover. To hold on to your fuse, utilize the provided clips.

If you see a blown fuse in your F-150, you must replace it.

If you were wondering if a blown fuse can cause power windows to not work, the answer is, yes, it can!

Electric Motor Malfunction

To check if the motor is the problem, you must inspect if all of the windows are not working or if it is just one.

If there’s an issue with only one window, it can signify that an electric motor or a switch within the house needs to be repaired.

By removing the door panel, you may change the switch yourself or hire a specialist to do it for you.

Physical Damage

Your window motor might not be defective, meaning something else is causing the problem!

The window may have come off its track, making it impossible to move when you click the up or down button since nothing is catching.

You may solve this issue by removing the door panel and window motor.

If there are no other indications that the hinges or internal components are having problems, you will have to replace the regulator.

Ignition Problems

If you were wondering why your power window stopped working on your Ford F-150, there is another very common problem; the problem with the ignition. 

If you notice that your window engages while the ignition is on, and still, the engine is not running, but not when the engine is running; this might be a sign that something is wrong with your ignition and is preventing the window from operating correctly.

A problem with your computer may also be indicated by other issues, such as windows opening or shutting on their own, windows functioning inconsistently, etc.

How Can I Fix My Windows That Are Not Working In Ford F-150?

Based on the everyday things that could happen to your window explained above, the solutions are pretty straightforward.

For example, if there is a blown fuse, you will have to replace it.

If there is a problem with your electric motor, you can only change the switch or the motor itself.

Next, we have the physical damage, where the fix will depend on the damage. For example, if your window is completely broken and you cannot adjust the windows to work, you may have to change the whole window.

If the problem is ignition, the mechanics are your friends! You don’t want to meddle with the ignition yourself if you don’t have enough knowledge.

Here are the most common repairs at the mechanic shop and how much they will cost you!

Window Regulator Motor Replacement

What happens here is that the window may not open or close, or it may do so only occasionally if the door window motor breaks.

In the past, issues with power windows were typically brought on by broken switches or electrical wiring, particularly the wires that run between the door and the car body and are frequently bent.

When the door is opened and closed in these circumstances, the window could occasionally open and close.

On newer vehicles, this can still be the case. However, control module-related window motor issues are becoming more frequent.

Before replacing a window motor, the switches and wiring should be properly inspected.

The price of this replacement is between $288 and $390.

Replacement of Window Regulators

A broken door window regulator might be why one of a car’s windows won’t open or close correctly.

Another sign of a damaged regulator is a window that moves only occasionally or gets caught when going up or down.

Other signs can include noises the window makes while it moves, such as clicking, chattering, or grinding.

A window regulator that has been extensively damaged in particular circumstances may allow the window to descend within the door.

The price of this replacement is between $306 and $401.

Window Switch Replacement

The window cannot be lifted or lowered if a switch cannot make contact and close the circuit.

A switch failure is likely if the switch on the driver’s door won’t raise or lower the problematic window but functions fine on the matching entry.

This also functions the other way around. For example, failure of the passenger door window switch is indicated if the driver’s switch activates the window but the door switch does not.

The price of the switch replacement for your Ford F-150 is between $282 and $318.

Electrical System Diagnosis

Permanent and intermittent electrical system failures are the two main categories of problems in the electrical system.

Finding intermittent electrical issues might be challenging or impossible since they arise and go suddenly. The situation in which recreating the problem is made simple and understandable is the best-case scenario for an intermittent condition.

The general diagnosis price is between $88 and $111.

Basic Diagnosis

The general diagnostic symptoms are the most ambiguous of the lot.

There are several diagnostic spectrums, we won’t name them because that would take us a minute or two. 

The most crucial lesson to learn from this is that generic diagnostics do not fit into any other spectrum or whose cause is unknown. This implies that any car with the keys and a diagnosis permit left outside a repair facility will be diagnosed using the broad diagnosis spectrum.

If nothing stated above worked and solved the issue with your windows, then the basic, generic diagnostics should!

The usual price for his diagnostics is between $88 and $111, the same as the above.

That is it!

Now you have all the information you will need to repair your window. Best of luck; hopefully, you will fix it in no time!

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