Solution: Ford F-150 Won’t Start And Clicking Noise Under Dash

People tend to panic when there is a clicking noise, and they can’t start their car, causing more worry than needed. So to give you the answer right now, there is a 70% chance that you are dealing with a bad battery.

In this article, find out what to do when you hear clicking under your dash and can’t start your Ford F-150. Try these solutions even if you can start the car, but the clicking is persistent.

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Why Is My Ford F-150 Clicking & Won’t Start?

Ford F-150 Won't Start And Clicking Noise Under Dash

The battery or other parts of the starting system are the most frequent sources of clicking sounds when you try to start your Ford F-150.

Unfortunately, this is common because the same problem occasionally arises in almost every automobile, including other models from the Ford lineup.

You most likely have a battery or alternator problem if you hear a chatter or a clicking sound repeating itself. 

The system repeatedly tries to start the engine, but the starter is not receiving enough current to stay powered. 

To resolve this, follow the steps below!

How To Fix The Clicking Noise & Start Your Ford F-150

There are two types of clicking you can experience in your Ford F-150. You can hear several continuous clicks or a single click. All of this is commonly hand in hand with not being able to start your Ford F-150. 

Keep reading to find out what to do when you hear repeated clicks in your F-150 and what to do when you hear a single click in your F-150.

Repeated Clicking Sound In Your Ford F-150

First of all, try to jump-start the vehicle. 

If it starts, then stops, the alternator is probably the one that is causing the problem.

If it starts and runs, you should drive about to recharge the battery before parking it and putting it on a trickle charger. 

If it starts up without a hitch the next time, you may have escaped harm. If not, move on to further actions.

Check the battery cables and wiring. Make sure all the wires are in the right places and operating correctly. Check the connections on the battery cables. Then, use Ford F-150 garage manual’s instructions on how to clean corroded battery terminals. Also, tighten the connectors if they’re loose.

If the noise continues, check the battery’s voltage with a multimeter. 

A completely charged battery should read 12.6 volts when the engine is off. It should read between 13.7 and 14.7 volts when the car is operating, which isn’t conceivable in this situation. The battery has to be recharged or replaced if the voltage is low. 

For further details, consult a manual on How To Change a Car Battery.

If the issue persists after you recharge or replace your battery, it is probably the consequence of a malfunctioning alternator not adequately recharging the battery. 

Most large auto parts retailers provide free battery, starter, and alternator testing, but you must bring your car.

A Single Click In Your Ford F-150

A malfunctioning starter or starting relay is likely the source of a single click that sounds like a faint knock. 

The inability to spin the crank and a grinding or rumbling sound are further signs of a malfunctioning starter. The processes for replacement are shown below if you can isolate the problem to the starter.

You’re more than capable of doing this task on your own. You can crank your new starter in no time by gathering your tools and following the instructions below.

You’ll need to implement some precautions to prevent severe injury or the loss of a finger when working on your automobile.

Start the process with insulating mechanic gloves, security lenses, close-toed footwear, and slim-fitting attire devoid of electrical materials, hard surfaces, and loose material. 

Prepare a socket set, a set of screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a car jack, jack stands, and wheel chocks.

Of course, you will need a new starter for the Ford F-150. Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, if required, raise the vehicle. Now lift the hood, then unplug the battery connections.
  2. Then, use your dated handbook or a simple Google search to find the engine’s starting motor. To access the starting motor, remove any pieces that are required.
  3. Now disconnect all starting motor-related connections, and take the starter out. Put the new starter in place of the old one.
  4. Any connections you cut from the old starter are now put back on the new one.
  5. If you have to remove any components to get to the starter, replace them.
  6. Now you can lower your vehicle, and your battery terminals should be reconnected.
  7. Start the car.
  8. Please give it a few tries because it might not fire on the first try.

Hopefully, now you’ve fixed your problem and there is no more clicking noise and you can start your Ford F-150! 

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