Ford F150 Service AdvanceTrac Message: What Does It Mean?

One day when you drive your Ford F150, the “Service AdvanceTrac” notice appears on your dash.

Is this anything to worry about, or should you not be bothered?

In this article, we will go further into the subject and explain what this message indicates and what you should do to address it.

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Service AdvanceTrac: Key Takeaways

Ford F150 Service AdvanceTrac Message: What Does It Mean?
  • Service AdvanceTrac signifies that the electronic system in your truck has identified a problem that must be fixed immediately.
  • Causes for the Service AdvanceTrac message are when limp mode is on, when vehicle detects mismatched or incorrect tires, a faulty steering angle sensor or wheel speed sensor, a faulty clock spring, or defective sensor wiring.

What Does The “Service AdvanceTrac” Message Mean?

When the Service AdvanceTrac light illuminates, it signifies that the electronic system in your F-150 has identified a problem that must be fixed immediately.

AdvanceTrac assists the driver in maintaining control of their automobile or truck, particularly when traveling on slick roads. It works similarly to the ESC system.

Its components are the electronic sensors, traction control system, and anti-lock brake system.

A Roll Stability Control (RSC) system, which decreases power to avoid rollover while keeping all four wheels on the ground, may also be included in some AdvanceTrac systems.

Others could be equipped with a Trailer Sway Control (TSC) system, which keeps track of each wheel’s speed and applies the brakes as necessary.

What Causes The “Service AdvanceTrac” Message To Appear In F-150?

There are a couple of things that will trigger the message to appear on your dashboard.

Keep reading to find out what problems you can expect.

Limp Mode On

When an issue (such as a non-responsive brake pedal) is detected by the engine or transmission control unit, a security mechanism known as the limp mode is activated in automobiles.

Therefore, a number of warning lights, including the service AdvanceTrac warning light, are activated when your Ford F-150 enters limp mode.

Mismatched Wheels and Tires

If your Ford vehicle’s AdvanceTrac detects mismatched or incorrect tires, the AdvanceTrac light can come on.

Since mismatched wheels might affect how you drive, the automated system will use the sensors to look for unusual wheel speed patterns.

Therefore, while replacing tires, it is essential to strictly adhere to the instructions provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer and have your mechanic do the repairs.

A Faulty Clock Spring

The steering angle sensor, the airbag, and the power steering wheel buttons are all powered by the clock spring in your car.

Therefore, a broken clock spring will interfere with these parts’ ability to work correctly and will have an impact on the AdvanceTrac system, turning on the warning light.

A Faulty Steering Angle Sensor or Wheel Speed Sensor

The wheel speed sensor, also known as the ABS module sensor, is in charge of determining how quickly each wheel spins. For the ECM (Engine Control Module) to recognize when traction is lost, it communicates this information to the ECM.

The servicing AdvanceTrac warning light will illuminate if a wheel speed sensor or ABS module sensor is malfunctioning and sending incorrect data to the control module.

The steering column’s power steering angle sensor is responsible for precisely sensing the angle, location, and rate of return of the steering wheel.

The Traction Control Light is often activated by a malfunctioning power steering angle sensor. However, it can also occasionally activate the Service AdvanceTrac light.

Defective Sensor Wiring

The Service AdvanceTrac system uses a variety of sensors that are concerned with stability.

Therefore, if there are any tiny disconnections in the wiring harness of one or more sensors, it may affect how the AdvanceTrac system works and turn on the light.

In this instance, the issue won’t go away until the defective sensor wire is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Service AdvanceTrac”

In the next couple of paragraphs find out more about the “Service AdvanceTrac” message that appears on the dashboard of your F-150. 

Is It Safe To Drive With The Service AdvanceTrac Message On?

Driving the car is safe, and the warning light shouldn’t influence your driving if the problem is with the wheel speed sensor or the ABS.

The AdvanceTrac technology is an optional function to aid vehicle traction; it is not necessary for everyday driving.

Should AdvanceTrac Be On All The Time?

When starting the engine, the AdvanceTrac Light should illuminate in the dash before turning off.

If it turns on while you’re driving, it signifies the system has automatically triggered and has determined there are slick conditions. That is typical.

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