How to Tell if RAV4 is 4WD?

If you have a RAV4 in your garage, you ask yourself at least once what kind of a drivetrain your car has if you don’t already know that.

The drivetrain is s a big deal in each car, so knowing which one operates your vehicle can save you a lot of trouble on some roads and provide you with many excellent and comfortable rides.

In this article, find out how you can tell if your RAV4 is a 4WD or if it has some other type of drivetrain.

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Is My Toyota RAV4 a 4WD?

How to Tell if RAV4 is 4WD?

When necessary, it has four-wheel drive, so the driver doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Your RAV boasts a sophisticated, electronically controlled four-wheel drive system that automatically shifts into four-wheel drive mode at low speeds before gradually moving to the front as it travels above 20 mph to maximise fuel efficiency.

Unless it detects the loss of traction on one or more of the wheels, four-wheel-drive magic occurs and power is effectively transmitted to the traction wheels.

The dash-mounted button that resembles a diff lock changes the system’s sophisticated front-to-rear power distribution to a 50:50 split. 

But, we have yet to encounter a circumstance where we would need to utilise it; the clever four-wheel drive system functions adequately enough without the assistance.

How Do You Turn On the 4WD On RAV4?

On a 2020 Toyota RAV4, there isn’t a unique button you have to press to engage a four-wheel drive.

The all-wheel drive in the 2020 Toyota RAV4 is made to react to the state of the road.

It will employ front-wheel drive to save gasoline when road conditions are ideal, switching back to all-wheel industry when necessary.

How Do I Know if My RAV4 is a 4×2 or 4×4?

If you see a “pumpkin” placed between the rear wheels, the vehicle has four-wheel drive; otherwise, it is front-wheel drive.

Also, a badge signifying the 4WD vehicles is provided by Toyota and is located on the right side of the rear cargo door, next to the RAV4L insignia.

What is a 4WD Vehicle? 

A car with four-wheel drive, sometimes known as a 4WD or 4X4 (“four by four”), has power going to all four wheels. The majority of vehicles have two wheels (2WD or 4X2).

Thus, only two of the four wheels receive power from the engine.

Either the two front wheels or the two rear wheels (rear-wheel drive) will be involved in this (front-wheel drive).

What impact does this have on the car’s performance?

Two-wheel drive cars might lose traction more readily in slick or off-road conditions.

For instance, under severe rain, one or both wheels may become unsteady.

The front wheels are helpless since the engine does not drive them in this condition. This may result in a significant issue.

Now you may wonder, isn’t the 4WD the same as the AWD? 

Keep reading if you want to find out!

Is AWD the same as 4WD?

All-wheel drive, also known as AWD, is a system that allows each of the four wheels to acquire traction on its own.

AWD and 4WD are different in that 4WD can be toggled on and off, whereas AWD is usually always on.

AWD is more common on cars and SUVs, although 4WD is a feature you’ll typically find on trucks.

A car can have all-wheel drive by adding three differentials, or gearboxes, to various locations around the vehicle.

These differentials let your four tires gain traction independently of one another, resulting in better traction and handling in all types of weather.

You can find the three gearboxes on your automobile’s front, centre, and rear.

Which Toyota Models have AWD?

Only the three Toyota RAV4 Hybrid model types and the Toyota RAV4 Adventure trim level always get all-wheel drive as standard.

Rest confident, though, even those who have different models in mind. The Toyota RAV4 is available with AWD in any trim level when you visit Toyota dealership:

  • Limited
  • LE
  • XLE
  • XLE Premium
  • Adventure

Now you know all about the RAV4 AWD models!

Is My Toyota RAV4 AWD?

While your car is off, check underneath for the axle shaft. Simply put, the shaft connecting the front to the back axle appears like a long bar.

You have an all-wheel drive car if you can see an axle shaft connecting the front and rear axles.

The electrical On-Demand All-Wheel Drive is the all-wheel drive system that the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid offers, and it is also a standard feature.

In contrast to the methods outlined above, this one uses the integrated electric motor to provide additional handling and power when needed.

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