Can a Peloton fit in an SUV? Yes, but…

The short answer is yes!

SUVs generally have large cargo space. Some like the 2022 Chevrolet Suburban have a maximum capacity of up to 144.7 cubic feet with all the rows folded! Even the smaller models, like the 2019 Subaru Forester gather about 74.7 cubic feet of trunk space. 

Peloton bikes, on the other hand, have a footprint of 4 feet by 2 feet. As a result, your Peloton will most certainly fit into an SUV.

However, the process can seem a bit complicated. But fear not!

In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know to fit your Peloton into your SUV.

Let’s get started.

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How to Fit Your Peloton in Your SUV

While most SUVs can conveniently fit a Peloton, you still have to consider the cargo space of your vehicle.

Peleton SUV

The good news is you can fold all the rear seats to provide even more space to accommodate your Peloton. You can also disassemble the large and fragile parts to help fit the Peloton easily in your car.

Before you try to fit your Peloton in your car, there are several important things you must know. We will discuss these points below, together with the process of securing and moving your Peloton.

What to Know before You Move the Peloton into Your SUV

As you know, Peloton bikes are quite expensive.

You can get one at anything from $1495 to $2035 for the Bike and $2495 to $3035 for the Bike+ packages.

They weigh about 135 to 140 pounds and so are rather heavy too. In addition, they have a lot of fragile components. For these reasons, you must take utmost care when trying to move your Peloton.

When moving your Peloton, you will have to disassemble and then reassemble several parts.

If you opt for doing this yourself, you should know that the Peloton warranty does not cover any resulting damage. Basically, you release Peloton from all responsibility if something fails or gets damaged.

Do you need extra hands when moving your Peloton?


You will need at least one other helper to fit the Peloton in your SUV. The bikes have a decent weight and so will require a partner to lift them into your vehicle. Be careful not to scratch or dent your SUV or Peloton in the process.

Moving the Peloton on level ground, however, is easier with the aid of the transport wheels. All you have to do in this case is remove the touchscreen, and you’re ready to roll.

How to move your Peloton on level ground

This section will come in handy as you move your Peloton from your house to your SUV or vice versa.

The first thing to do, as stated earlier, is to remove the touchscreen. This is because it is the most delicate part of the Peloton bike. Fortunately, it is quite easy to remove and re-install the screen, and you can actually do it yourself.

Next, hold the handlebars or bike seat clamp from the rear and lift the bike to rest on the front transport wheels. It is just like steering a dolly or hand truck.

You can then easily balance and roll the bike to wherever you want. It is very easy to move! Try to move slowly, and avoid wall corners, bumps and anything that might result in a scratch or damage.

When you are ready to set it down, ensure there is enough space around. Slowly lower the bike by the clamp or handlebars and that’s it.

What to Do before You Move Your Peloton

Being the most delicate part of a Peloton, the touchscreen must always be removed before you transport the bike.

Remember to power off the bike and unplug any connectors (audio, data and power cables) before attempting to remove the touchscreen.

Also, disconnect the power cable from the rear stabilizers. You can remove the rubber grommet as well and keep it somewhere safe.

Secondly, we recommend you also remove every movable part on the bike.

These include:

  • Pedals
  • Weight holders
  • Water bottle holder
  • Stabilizer arms

You should also remove the cycling shoes, which most people choose to leave by the seat clamp, and any weights stored at the back of the bike. By taking this step, you protect the fragile accessories from damage and also prevent components from falling off and causing distraction and injury during the move.

Thirdly, drop and lock the handlebars and seats using the adjustable rod underneath. We recommend you lower the parts to the lowest position as this is the strongest and most durable setting.

Alternatively, you could remove the handlebars and seats. You can do this by loosening the tension knobs and lifting until the parts come free of the bike.

Finally, make sure you screw tight all the nuts and bolts on the bike before the move.

With these steps, your Peloton is ready and secure to be moved!

With the help of a partner, you can now lift and load it into the bed of your SUV.

Important Points to note when moving your Peloton in your SUV

Lifting the Peloton into your SUV

With one person on each side (front and back), lift your Peloton onto the platform of your SUV. Make sure you lift with your legs and not your back.

Be careful when carrying the bike. Considering its weight, you definitely don’t want it to land on you!

Can you place your Peloton on its side? Yes, as long as you have disassembled all the delicate components listed earlier.

Securing the Peloton in your SUV

It is best to strap the bike down using ratchet straps. Simply thread the straps over the bike until it is completely immobile. This will prevent it from moving loosely and getting damaged while in transit.

If you are packing the Peloton with other belongings, make sure you wrap the frame and all parts in bubble wrap.

Ensure you also wrap the touchscreen, and the other components removed like the weight holders, with a heavy towel, or preferably, bubble wrap.

You can get a moving box to contain all the parts for the ride.

Moving the Peloton in your SUV

Ensure you drive slowly and carefully until you reach your destination. Take care to avoid potholes and sudden fast turns.

Once you arrive at your destination, take as much care when pulling the bike out. Remember the position of the knobs to avoid knocking them off in the process.

Try to reassemble the bike as soon as you can to avoid losing some parts or some other unnecessary complications.

Wrapping it up

The Peloton is one of the best exercise bikes out there and so transporting it should be done with care.

You can always decide to employ professional movers to help load your Peloton. However, the process is not terribly complicated, although you will want at least one other helper.

You simply need to disassemble the delicate parts, and then carry and load the bike into your vehicle. Whether you have a Hyundai Santa Fe, a Nissan Armada, or a Volkswagen Tiguan, you should be able to fit your Peloton securely in your SUV.

So, can your Peloton fit in your SUV?

With the information discussed in this article, we hope you have the answer to your question now.


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