Porsche Cayenne Dripping Water – Common Reasons

Leaking water from your favorite car can be irritating, and it can ruin the perfect picture. 

But, worry not, you’ve come to the right place to look for a cause. 

In this article, you will find out the most common causes, where to look for a problem, and how to fix them. Also, find out which liquids your car can leak too and what to do in those situations. Let’s go!

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What Can Be The Cause Of Your Porsche Leaking?

Water Dripping Porsche Cayenne

There is a minor problem if you notice that your car has some condensation in certain temperatures (cold weather) and it has a specific, damp smell. 

Many things can cause that problem.

And it probably lays in the foam pads in the footwell.

Also, you can find water on the floor behind the seats. So that is how you know. 

Try to feel the joint of the carpet on the floor and the one behind the seats.

If you press the rug and hear and feel the water, you know you’re having a lot of water in your car. 

Find out how to fix it here!

If it’s not this, let’s talk about other possibilities. 

All in all, do not be too scared or concerned. Water problems are not that serious or expensive (in most cases). 

What if There is a Leak Under my Car?

Check where the leak is. If it’s underneath your car, try the next few steps. 

Step 1: Find out if it’s water that is leaking

Place a piece of paper under the leak and check the color. Water is transparent, so you will know right away if your car is leaking water. 

If it’s not transparent, check the section below, which tells you what can be the problem by color. 

Step 2: Check the Position

If your car is leaking near the radiator, you probably have coolant issues. Of course, and you already know it, you have to fix it better sooner than later. You don’t want your car to overheat. 

Step 3: Check Other Details

By this point, you already know if it’s water or something else, but to be 100% sure, smell and double-check the leak’s color. It could be an oil leak, and if that’s the case, you need something entirely different. 

Step 4: Last Check

Ok, you double-checked; it is REALLY water. You don’t have to worry too much, as previously said. Most of the time, the problem is with the A/C. The air con needs to release the humidity somewhere. 

If you’re confused about the color, it seems transparent, but if you look at it closely, you’re not that sure anymore; it is best to take it to the mechanic. As said, better safe than sorry, and better sooner than later!

How Much Water Is Too Much Water In Porsche Cayenne?

So, if your car leaks a small amount of water – there is no need to panic. It is, as previously said, probably a minor inconvenience, like the A/C. 

But, on the other hand…

If you see a lot of liquids dripping from your car, it can be a blown gasket. 

A blown gasket may be causing coolant to burn alongside the gasoline if more than a modest amount of water is pouring from your exhaust. Large volumes of water and white smoke will emerge from the exhaust pipe.

If that’s what is happening to your car, set an appointment with the mechanic. 

A Spot On The Paper Is Not Transparent! What Now?

First, let’s find out what color signifies which problem. 

If the leak on the paper you put under the car is green, it is the antifreeze leak from the water pump, the radiator, or the hoses. 

If your leak is orange, that indicates that your car has problems with the transmission and/or power steering. 

If the leak is pink, it is a leak from the power transmission or transmission. The same goes for red. And, well, orange. So it can be the same, but different aspects affect it. 

If it’s blue, it is probably the windshield fluid.

Now we have two brown fluids.

If it’s a darker shade, it is a brake fluid or oil from the older engine. You have to check it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if it’s light brown, it is oil from a newer machine or a gear lubricant. 

And the last color would be yellow. It is probably a radiator coolant if you notice yellow spots on your white paper. 

So, dark colors are when something is more serious.

Lighter colors are also a problem, but they are not as urgent.

And, the cool colors are not severe in most cases. 


Identifying the problem is a problem half solved.

Now that you know which problem your car has, you will determine if it’s needed to visit the mechanic or not. 

However, it is for the best if you take it to the mechanic or a local Porsche car dealer if you have a chance. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are a few most asked questions about the leakages. If you didn’t find your answer above, this might help!

When It Rains, Why Is The Bottom Of My Car Wet?

Your car’s floor may become wet when it rains, indicating a water leak.

Faulty door or window seals, clogged wiper or sunroof drains, and A/C problems are the most prevalent causes.

Unclog drains or replace rubber seals to locate the leak, dry the floor, and remedy the leak.

Why Is My Driver’s Side Back Floor Wet?

Water can enter via the trunk seal, tail light gaskets, or a gap under the trunk and work its way up inside the car when you brake.

A blocked drain in the fresh air vent under your windshield wipers is another leak source.

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