Porsche Cayenne: Rear Wiper Not Working? Do This!

Nobody knows what is scary until you have to drive in your car while there is a storm out there, and you don’t have your wiper! 

Of course, it is better not to have a rear wiper than the front one, but oh! Talk about scary!

If that happens, immediately stop the vehicle and ask for help. 

It can be the first gas station (which will probably have the wipers) or someone on the road. 

If you can, contact your mechanic or anyone near you to bring you the wiper if possible and if the cause is in the used, old wiper. 

However, if the damage is in the contact and your wiper won’t budge, you have another set of problems. 

In this article, you will find out why your rear wiper is not working and what to do about it. Let’s go!

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How Does The Wiper System Work?

Porsche Cayenne Rear Wiper

In modern times, the wiper system is full of elements. Those are: 

  1. The wiper switch, 
  2. wiper motor (which is electronic, of course), 
  3. linkage assembly, 
  4. wiper arms, and 
  5. washer fluid tank.

A small electric motor spins and rotates the linkage component when the wiper switch is activated.

The linkage assembly converts the motor’s spinning action into the wiper blades’ side-to-side motion across the windshield.

It does so in a distinctive arching pattern.

The electric motor activates a park switch mechanism when turning off the wiper switch.

Therefore, the linkage assembly will not receive power until the wipers are reset to the lowest position, as well as both wiper arms. 

The Wiper Blades Are Stuck On My Porsche Cayenne

There are several reasons for that, as per usual.

There are always a lot of reasons which make things super tricky. But, here is the list!

Cause Number One – Operating Unit

One of the most common causes of your Porsche Cayenne’s front or rear wipers being stuck is the engine unit that operates them.

These engines can lose power over time and need to be replaced. 

You should notice that your windshield wipers are working significantly slower before they are completely blocked.

If you notice that both of your wipers are slower than usual, that might signal a problem with the engine unit that operates the wipers.

However, if you catch it on time, you probably won’t have the experience described in the intro of this article. 

On the other hand, if you don’t notice it and it goes further, it will develop into a blockage. 

Cause Number Two – Something is Stuck

This is not so common because if something is stuck in your front and rear wipers, you will see it and remove it.

But, there can be tiny particles inside the openings of your wipers, and it can cause the wipers to block and stop. 

Gently lift the wipers and examine them.

It is best if you use a flashlight to see the openings. 

If you see something, use a toothpick or a soft brush and pick/brush it out carefully and softly.

Cause Number Three – Lubrication Shortage 

If your windshields and your wipers are super dry, it will make the most irritating sound, but it will also damage the electronic motor. 

If there is a shortage of lubrication, you will notice that your front wipers are moving slower.

Determine the source of the problem as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the engines will be pushed and damaged. 

Both your wipers may stop working because they are overworked, and the engines of the wipers are done. 

To get rid of the noise and the slow wipers situation, clean your windshield wiper blades with soap and water.

After that, spray silicone lubricant on the moving components. The silicone will keep the wiper blades functioning smoothly and softly throughout the winter.

Cause Number Four – Faulty Comodo 

It’s conceivable that your Porsche Cayenne’s front wipers aren’t working due to a faulty comodo. 

To confirm this, unplug the output cables and reconnect them; if the wipers operate, the problem is with the comodo.

Cause Number Five – Power Outage

Finally, if your Porsche Cayenne’s front and rear wipers stop working, one extra thing can cause it. 

The problem can be due to a power outage. In that case, you’ll need to double-check two vehicle parts: the relay and the fuse.

Can I Replace The Wiper Motor By Myself?

The motor is simple to replace and should take no more than an hour. So yeah, you can replace the wiper motor by yourself if it comes to that. 

The inside trim parts of the rear hatch must be removed before the engine can be replaced. 

Always have a set of plastic pry bars or trim removal tools on hand. These are generally just flat, sturdy plastic bits that come in handy when trying to remove a trim piece from an automobile. – as said, Pelican Parts. 

Read their instructions on replacing the wiper motor!


Having broken wipers is not the worst thing, but it is still very painfully frustrating!

Imagine having it break down when the rain and the weather, in general, is awful.

Remain calm in those situations, keep your focus, and you will come up with the solution quicker. Well, at least quicker than that would’ve been if you were super angry. 

Hopefully, you found the information you were looking for. Good luck with your wipers on your Cayenne baby!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.