Toyota RAV4: Won’t Start When Cold? Do This!

Having a RAV4 is a fantastic experience.

But, same as all other makes and models of any vehicle, there are some malfunctions or simply annoying things that we cannot affect.  

You might be in a situation where your RAV4 won’t start, and you can sense that it is correlated with the outside temperature.

In this article, find out why your RAV4 won’t start when it is cold outside and what you can do to start it.

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Why Does Your RAV4 Won’t Start When It Is Cold Outside?

Here we will describe three causes to why your RAV4 won’t start when it is cold outside. 

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#1: Reduced Battery Capacity

The battery is the leading cause of your RAV4’s inability to start in the cold.

There are two ratings for batteries: cold cranking amps and cranking amps.

The battery’s capacity to turn the engine over while it is cold is measured in cold cranking amps.

The capacity of batteries decreases through time and use.

So while it could have enough cranking power to start the car when it’s warm, it just isn’t enough to turn the engine over when it’s cold.

#2: Incorrect Oil Viscosity

In the summer, it’s less probable that using a thicker oil will prevent your RAV4 from starting.

But it will manifest itself in the winter.

The thicker oil’s larger molecules may prevent the engine from spinning over quickly enough to start.

For instance, you purchased 10W-30 when the manufacturer requested 5W-30.

#3: A Fuel Line Filled With Water

The gas tank may develop condensation as temperatures fluctuate.

Condensation can freeze and prevent your Toyota RAV4’s engine from starting if it gets into the fuel line.

This is possible if the engine cranks quickly, indicating that the battery is functioning correctly.

How Can You Start Your RAV4 When It Is Cold Outside?

Now let’s review what you can do to start your RAV4 even if it is cold outside. 

You will need some time, so if it’s very cold outside, it is better to check your car a bit earlier than you initially wanted to. That way you won’t be late for work or school!

#1 Way To Start Your RAV4 In Cold: Jump-Start

The RAV4 will quickly resume its motion if you jump-start it.

Check our article on jump-starting your RAV4 if you want to try this method.

Jump starting uses the battery and alternator of another vehicle to charge your battery and assist the car starting immediately.

Because it will probably start on its own once it’s warm outside, you want to keep the engine cool.

#2 Way To Start Your RAV4 In Cold: Heat the Battery

Unplug the battery and bring it inside if you’re at home and not in a hurry.

This will enable it to warm up to a temperature where the electrons inside it can start to move.

Let it stay inside for a while.

This can aid in getting the car started. Also, when handling the battery, please be careful.

#3 Way To Start Your RAV4 In Cold: Trying Your Luck

This is a simple “let’s try it and see where it takes us” option.

First, shut off the heater’s blower and headlights.

Once the dash lights stop flashing, turn the key to the on position. As a result, the fuel pump can add more fuel for the cold start.

Finally, start the engine for up to 10 seconds by turning the key. Try again in 30 seconds if it doesn’t start the first time.

However, you should limit your attempts to three or four. Your battery is probably dead at that point, so you’ll need to figure out how to recharge it or jump-start it.

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.

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