What Does L3 Axle Mean On Ford F-150 & How To Find Axle Ratio

Even though the axle ratio seems like a complex subject, it’s pretty simple to understand once you have a basic understanding of how it functions.

Every axle ratio will tell you a different thing, and you’ve come to the right place if you want to understand the different codes and, specifically, if you want to understand what L3 means.

In this article, find out an explanation of what the L3 axle means, what the axle ratio is, how to find it, and much more!

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What Is Axle Ratio?

What Does L3 Axle Mean On Ford F-150 & How To Find Axle Ratio

The number of rotations the driveshaft or output shaft must perform in order to rotate the axle one full turn is known as the axle ratio.

The amount is stated as a ratio, which is the product of the ring gear’s tooth count and the pinion’s tooth count.

For instance, a vehicle with a gear ratio of 3.73:1 indicates that the driveshaft will rotate 3.73 times for every full wheel rotation. Instead of writing the axle ratio as 3.73:1, many people just say it as 3.73. But they both convey the same meaning.

How To Find Axle Ratio In F-150?

Time to find your axle ratio in F-150! It is very easy and quick to do so, so keep reading and find out what your axle ratio is. 

Step 1. Open the front driver’s doors of your F-150. 

Step 2. Now, you have to find a Truck Safety Compliance Certification Label, and you will find it on the door pillar next to the door latch.

Step 3. In the “AXLE” section, just below the bar code, search for a code that consists of two numbers.

Step 4. The rear axle ratio must match the code on the label. For example, the number “15” indicates that your truck has an axle ratio of 3.15; “27” denotes a ratio of 3.31; “19” denotes a ratio of 3.55; and “26” represents a rear axle ratio of 3.73.

What Does L3 Mean On Ford F-150? 

The 3L code in your F-150 means that your axle is an Electric Locker with a 3.31 gear ratio. 

I might be slightly off with your model because Ford occasionally reuses those codes for different years.

Here is a list of all the codes there are for the Ford F-150, so check it out if you have a different axle code on your door sticker.

Understanding Axle Ratio: What Does Axle Ratio Do For Towing? 

As AP News suggested, take the Ram 1500 crew cab with rear-wheel drive and the 5-foot-7-inch bed length, for example. In such a configuration, the Ram has a standard 3.21 axle ratio and can tow up to 8,230 pounds in the basic Tradesman model with the optional V6 turbodiesel engine. However, if you choose the higher 3.92 axle ratio, the same truck can tow 9,930 pounds more.

The additional towing capacity results from the improved off-the-line acceleration and pulling power while towing large loads due to the higher engine rotation.

With a more potent engine, the gap may be much more pronounced. 

Take that same Ram 1500 but give it the optional 5.7-liter V8 engine. The maximum tow rating is thus 8,440 pounds with the usual 3.21 axle ratio. The tow rating increases to 11,540 pounds when you choose the 3.92 gearings, a staggering 3,100-pound differential. 

It is good to know your towing needs before investing in a towing truck, and knowing this information will come in handy with this!

That’s it! Now you know a thing or two about axle ratios, where to find it, and what does the L3 axle mean in your F-150. 

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.