The Best 2 Chargers for RAV4 Prime

Buying an electric vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages. Do you get a charger? Where can you charge it? Which charger do I need for my Toyota RAV4 Prime? Is it the same as for the RAV4? 

There are just so many questions and so few answers. 

In this article, find out all about the Toyota RAV4 Prime charging and which chargers are super good for your vehicle. 

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Does RAV4 Prime Need Special Charger?

The new Toyota RAV4 Prime models include a charging cable as standard equipment. Only the trim versions of the RAV4 Prime come with a 3.3kW battery charger.

The 3.3kW onboard traction battery charger is the charger that all RAV4 Prime vehicles use.

You do not need any special equipment to charge your vehicle, only this charger.

With a Premium Package, you can enhance your XSE and increase the onboard battery charger’s power to 6.6kW for quicker charging.

Methods of Charging the RAV4 Prime

First, connect the charging cord to a regular 120V outlet at home or the office. The standard 3.3kW onboard charger will be used. 

This charging takes place over the course of around 12 hours.

As a backup, you can continue to utilize the 3.3kW inbuilt charger. But this time, you connect to an updated 240V system to charge. 

Your charging time will now just take roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes.

The Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE with a Premium Package is the quickest option. By doing this, you receive the 6.6kW onboard charger. After that, you may connect to the improved 240V system. 

Now only around two hours and thirty minutes are required to wait for a complete electric charge.

What Type of Charger Does RAV4 Use?

The capacity of the charging station, the strength of the charging cable, and the maximum charge the car can accept all affect how long it takes to charge. 

The power for the RAV4 EV is 7.4 kWh. 

The Type 1 charging connector, called the Yazaki connector, is included in the Toyota RAV4 EV. 

Therefore, we suggest you utilize a Type 1 connector, 1-phase, 32-amp charging cable for your vehicle.

A charging station is the most practical choice for quickly charging your Toyota RAV4 EV at home. 

Given the charging capability, we advise using a charging station with a 7.4 kWh capacity. It’s helpful to remember that you could subsequently purchase a vehicle with a higher payload. 

The RAV4 EV’s charging time is unaffected by a charging station with a higher charging capacity, though.

Does RAV4 Prime Come With a 220v Charger?

The RAV4 Prime consumes less than 3.3 kW (6.6 kW available), which is about similar to powering a modest household air conditioner. 

The charging cord uses a lot less energy. When buying RAV4 Prime, the cable and charger are not included.

So, no, you do not get a charger, and you do not get a 220v charger.

List of the Best Chargers for Toyota RAV4 Prime

Now we are about to present the top two chargers for the Toyota RAV4 Prime models! 

Each charger will be described, and you will see a link at the bottom of each section so you can investigate & buy the equipment. 

Let’s dive right in!

Charger #1:  Primecomtech Level-2 EV Charger Station 220v

With the push of a front button, this charger’s amperage can be manually changed between 50-Amps, 48-Amps, 40-Amps, 32-Amps, 30-Amps, 28-Amps, 25-Amps, and 12-Amp modes. 

It also offers up to 12KWh of power for 10X faster charging.

The intelligent chip automatically provides the needed amperage from your EV. In addition, Primecom Smart chargers are secure to use outside and weatherproof.

The charger also has a real-time data panel that shows pertinent data such as:

  • current temperature, 
  • actual charging voltage, 
  • total kilowatt usage, 
  • real-time charging amperage and other helpful data values.

Primecom Level 2 Chargers have completed demanding testing to guarantee high standards. 

UL Listed Cable Certifications, TÜV German Equipment & Product Safety Certification, CE certifications, and 12 more built-in safety measures. All about this makes our hearts rise! 

There is also a control box available with LED charge status indications.

The company utilizes pure copper wire on the chargers; you can travel up to 100 feet without experiencing a significant voltage loss. 

Another feature is the FRID key. 

RFID keys allow you to activate or disable charger authorization on corporate or public installation choices. 

Other charger companies often use aluminum mix cable, which can only run as far as 18 to 20 feet due to voltage loss, generating additional heat.

All in all, this seems like a perfect charger and is compatible with the RAV4 Prime!

Charger #2: Primecom Level-2 Electric Vehicle Charger (220V-240V)

Primecom company is on fire with chargers!

The thing worth mentioning is that if you want to buy this charger, you have to contact the seller for additional information about the RAV4 Prime. 

Faster charging by up to four times, Primecom Level 2 chargers are compatible with all brands of EVs, PHEVs, and plug-in hybrids. 

They operate at 16 Amps and have an automated voltage range of 100V-240V. 

With a 3.84 kw/h charge rate, this 16 amp model can go up to 15 miles per hour!

Primecom EV Chargers communicate with your EV through the data connection port to collect six different types of data, including:

  • ambient and battery temperature, 
  • the current battery level of your electric vehicle,
  • the capacity of your Prime’s battery

Having an inside of these data will help your charger and the vehicle to adjust the voltage to get the longest possible battery life.

Primecom Level 2 Chargers have passed several demanding tests to guarantee quality and security precautions. Those are similar to the Primecom charger above.

Along with 12 other built-in safety features. 

Those features will protect your charger and the vehicle from leaks, lightning strikes, overvoltage, overheating, and more. This charger is safe to use outdoors for various types of weather, such as snowy, rainy, and dusty weather.

All in all, pretty solid charger. 


Considering that you do not get a charger for your Toyota RAV4 Prime, you must get it yourself. 

After some research, we can conclude that the Primcomtech chargers are the best.

Here you have two choices, the more expensive and the less expensive, so there is everything for everybody. 

Overall, people are satisfied with Primecom; hopefully, you will be too!

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