Where is the RAV4 Built?

There are so many models of Toyota that we can’t even begin. 

Toyotas are one of the top-notch vehicles on the market today. The words used to describe the Toyota brand are: advanced, effective, elegant, easy to drive, innovative, engineered, and environmentally friendly. 

All of that is possible for Toyota because of how and where they are made. Are there any differences in Toyota’s production in different parts of the world? 

In this article, you’ll find out in which countries the RAV4’s components are made and which are the three top countries for producing the legendary RAV4. 

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In Which Country is RAV4 Produced?

Okay, straight to the answer. 

There is not one single country that is producing the RAV4. Instead, there are several of them.

Toyota RAV4 models/components were made in the following few countries: 

  1. The USA
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. Russia
  5. Japan 

The thing that is worth mentioning is that not necessarily all the parts of the RAV4 are made in one country. 

For example, some parts of the magnificent RAV4 were made in Canada, and some in Japan or China. Also, the production varied from the late 1990s to the late 2000s. 

Let’s review this information, starting with the generations throughout the years. 

Generational Production of the RAV4 

There are several generations of the production of the RAV4. To be entirely correct, there are five generations. 

1. The First Generation – Years 1994 to 2000

The Motomachi and Tahara facilities in Japan and the Zhuhai and Guangdong plants in China manufactured the RAV4’s first generation.

As the title states, the first production was labeled from 1994 until 2000, when the production was continued only in Japan.

2. The Second Generation – Years 2001 to 2005

The second generation of the RAV4 was exclusively produced at the Toyota facilities in Tahara and Nakagusa, Japan.

3. The Third Generation – Years 2005 to 2012

The Canadian Woodstock facility joined the other RAV4 manufacturers for the third generation of the car.

Additionally, Toyota resumed production of the third-generation RAV4 in Changchun, China.

So now we have RAV4s that are made both in Japan, Canada, and China. 

4. The Fourth Generation – Years 2013 to 2018

The factories that produced the RAV4 for its fourth generation were situated in Japan, Canada, China, and Russia. 

Toyota built the RAV4 cars in Japan at the Takaoka and Nakagusa factories. Ontario’s Woodstock was also the site of Canada’s fourth-generation RAV4 manufacture. The list also included the Changchun facility in China and the St. Petersburg factory in Russia.

5. The Fifth Generation – Years 2019 and Above

Toyota includes the Georgetown facility in the USA in the fifth generation of the RAV4, in addition to all the facilities engaged in prior RAV4 manufacturing.

In total, five different locations currently produce or previously produced the RAV4. 

The mentioned locations are Japan, China, Canada, Russia, and the USA.

But, in recent years, the RAV4 has been made in three countries: 

  1. Japan
  2. Canada
  3. The United States of America

Let’s review those countries. 

RAV4 Production: Japan

As mentioned, specific parts of the RAV4 are made in separate countries. 

So, the whole car is not produced in one country, but the parts are made and then shipped to the location to combine them for the final product-the RAV4. 

In Japan, the locations of production are Shimoyama (Miyoshia), Tahara (Aichi), and Yagi Miyagi (Ohira).

The following parts are most recognized for being produced in these plants: 

  • Catalytic converters
  • Turbochargers 
  • Engines

In Tahara, Aichi, there are about 7,000 workers, producing close to 400,000 units yearly. 

Tahara is widely renowned for having the world’s most automated and computerized plants. 

You may find a few of the Toyota components at this facility: the RAV4’s body and engines. 

There are factories in Yagi Miyagi that produces components for other Toyota models, but they will also use them for the RAV4, such as: 

  • Car bodies
  • Molds 
  • Tires
  • Transmissions
  • Measuring devices

RAV4 Production: Canada

The headquarters of Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc. is in Delta, British Columbia. 

There, aluminum wheels are mainly made for Toyota vehicles. It comprises almost 23 acres of manufacturing space for Toyota products.

Additionally, there is TMMC or Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc., and it is situated in Cambridge, Canada. 

Almost 500,000 Toyota automobiles have been produced at this factory since its operations in November 1988.

RAV4 Production: The United States of America

In the United States of America, several states produce RAV4 components or Toyota components in general. 

California’s Long Beach is home to TABC, Inc. The following are what this plant is most known for:

  • Steering wheels
  • Stamped components
  • Converters for catalysis
  • Toyota Motor Corporation

There are several Toyota Motor Manufacturing facilities around the country. 

West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, and Mississippi are home to the most factories producing components for Toyota. 

The following items are manufactured at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facilities in the United States, even though these facilities produce a wide range of various goods:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Casts made of aluminum
  • Auto bodies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you didn’t get your answers from the information above, maybe you can find some here! 

Keep reading to find out some great information about the RAV4 vehicle. 

Which RAV4 is Made in Japan?

Even if some parts of the vehicle are made in Japan, there are not a lot of examples of a car that is made all in Japan. 

However, Toyota RAV4 hybrids are created and manufactured solely in Japan. 

Is the Toyota RAV4 Made in Canada? 

With the inauguration of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada’s assembly facility in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, invested in its first new car plant in almost 20 years.

So yes, Canada is one of the three countries where the RAV4 and other Toyota models and components are made.

How do I Know if My RAV4 was Built in Japan? 

If you are looking for a Toyota built in Japan, the VIN # should begin with J when checking Toyota vehicles. 

Another easy way to determine in which country your RAV4 is made is by checking the sticker on the driver’s door; it can say:

  • Made in the USA, 
  • Made in Japan, or 
  • Made in Canada at the bottom of the sticker.

Where are 2022 RAV4 Manufactured?

The 2022 RAV4 is made in Kentucky, USA. However, the Prime models come from Japan. 

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