5 Best Mud Flaps For Ford F-150: Protect Your Ford On Rainy Days

Mud flaps are a necessity for your Ford F-150! They do crucial work of maintaining the vehicle clean and in good condition.

A mud flap is fastened to a truck to protect the truck’s body from being exposed to dirt, mud, sand, and other material that might harm the automobile.

In this article, find out the best five mud flaps and where you can get them. Apart from that, find out the answers to some of the most asked questions about materials for the mud flaps!

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What Are The Best Mud Flaps For Ford F-150?

5 Best Mud Flaps For Ford F-150: Protect Your Ford On Rainy Days

In here we will talk about the top five mud flaps for your Ford F-150. 

Brace yourself for some of the most quality mud flaps available!

#1: Husky Liners Mud Guards

The company Husky Liners is well-known for its good products. It was created and manufactured in the United States & it is among the most popular mud flaps.

Its weight, with fender flares, is 4.09 pounds; however, its weight, without fender flares, is 3.7 pounds.

Their finest feature is that these flaps are manufactured of robust, impact-resistant all-weather thermoplastic. It is as durable as rocks or nails!

Also, the installation of these flaps is pretty simple. It aligns with the fenders flawlessly. It also shields one’s vehicle and people nearby from the rigors of the highway.

However, there is no precise fit, and it is somewhat unsuitable in a snowy environment.

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#2: Plasticolor Blue Oval Easy Fit Mud Guard

For increased strength and durability, Plasticolor’s mud flaps are supported by fiberglass and constructed of specially formulated PVC. As a result, they will undoubtedly withstand both harsh cold and heat.

These mud flaps, according to reviews, are rubbery and relatively pliable rather than rigid.

They claim that this attribute increases their durability.

Additionally, reviewers take great pride in displaying these Ford mud flaps on their vehicles.

The Ford logo-stamped mud flaps will give your F-150 the true personality and a good vibe!

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#3: Luverne Universal Textured Rubber Mud Guards

The steel anchor weight on these Luverne universal rubber mudguards adds to their effectiveness. Additionally to increasing the mudguards’ lifespan, these splash guard plates have a distinctive visual appeal.

The mud flaps will always look brand new thanks to the product’s textured surface, which helps to conceal scuffs and scratches.

This product is simple to install, gorgeous to look at, and very durable.

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#4: Red Hound Auto Premium Mud Flaps

Red Hound mud flaps are created for certain automobiles, so keep that in mind and check if you can fit these on your Ford F-150; it depends. 

The mud flaps are 3 x 1 x 4 inches in size. The original fender flare weighs 4.55 pounds, and it weighs 3.74 pounds without the OEM fender flares.

Heavy-duty, all-weather OEM-grade thermoplastic was used to make these flaps, so even under the most challenging circumstances, they function as they should!

These flaps feature a stylish style that fits well and looks fantastic with the black color and the simplicity of the design!

So, this is a good option if you prefer products with a limited amount of stuff going on.

Also, they should last you a lifetime, but the bare minimum would be years to come!

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#5: Mud Guard Flap Kit

These mud flaps have a matte appearance and are composed of premium molded plastic. They look divine, not going to lie!

These mud flaps feature a plainer, lower-profile appearance without sacrificing quality or toughness.

The installation process will go more quickly because the holes are already drilled. Consider these if you’re seeking the most straightforward, unadorned mud flaps that provide a lot of function.

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Do I Need Mud Flaps On My Ford F-150? 

Mud flaps are a straightforward yet crucial item. They prevent mud and other road debris from kicking up and striking delicate areas of your car. 

Using mud guards is an excellent technique to safeguard the paint and finish of body side panels.

FYI, mud flaps are equivalent to splash guards and mudguards. They are mounted behind tires to stop dirt, water, and debris from splashing onto your automobile while driving.

Where you live and how you drive will determine if they are worthwhile. 

Here are a few reasons splash/mudguards are beneficial:

  1. They guard against paint damage and chipping.
  2. They prevent mud and filth from getting into your car’s weak points.
  3. They protect against road debris like gravel striking pedestrians.
  4. Fewer trips to the car wash are necessary since they clean your vehicle.

Naturally, vehicles with large tires or deep treads, such as large SUVs and pickup trucks, are more likely to kick up dirt; for this reason, truck mud flaps are more prevalent than car splash guards.

What Is The Best Material For Mud Flaps?

Polyurethane is the finest option for making sure your car can resist all the elements.

This is not simply a mud flap material that outlasts its competitors. 

For instance, extreme heat alters the structural integrity of rubber and plastic, while freezing temperatures can cause the rubber to fracture or flake.

Are Plastic Or Rubber Mud Flaps Better Than Polyurethane?

Don’t get us wrong from the previous paragraph – there is nothing wrong with the rubber or plastic mud flaps.

They will guard your Ford F-150 the same. However, there is a slight difference.

The rubber or plastic mud flaps won’t last as long under the pressure of the weather conditions.

However, no worries, you can purchase these without thinking it is lost money.

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