Solution: Engine Stopped in RAV4 After Power Steering Light On

When a light comes on in your dashboard panel, we all tend to panic and imagine the worst. Yes, when your engine stops, that can be pretty hard to process since the engine is an essential part of the vehicle.

But there is always a solution, and to this problem, there are several solutions. It may cost you, but all is not lost!

In this article, find out what power steering is, what you should do when the light comes on and what it means.

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What is Power Steering in RAV4?

Power Steering Light On & Engine Stopped in Toyota RAV4

Well, basically, several mechanical components support the power steering system.

Driving is made even more effortless by the power steering system’s ability to offer improved vehicle control and smoother maneuverability.

The SAS, or the steering assist system – without it, steering would be complex and physically demanding.

Systems for power steering might be hydraulic, electric, or a hybrid of the two.

Getting a vehicle’s front wheels to turn simultaneously, either left or right, is the process of steering. It is accomplished with the use of various gearing schemes. The two primary steering gears are the rack, pinion, and recirculating ball steering gear.

Now that you know what steering power is, keep reading to find out what you should do if the light comes on, indicating that there is a problem!

Power Steering Light & Engine Stopped in RAV4

If this has happened to you, keep reading and you will find about the two possible reasons on why that happened. 

Keep in mind, if you have this problem or any other, you should contact your mechanic.

Potential Problem #1: Battery Issues

Let’s talk about the battery first. 

Owners of Toyota discovered that this warning and light appeared if the battery was depleted, aged, or malfunctioning.

The issue can be solved with a fresh, new battery.

If the car can be driven, get a free battery check at an auto parts store. It is faster and more straightforward than a dealer appointment.

Potential Problem #2: Electric Power Steering Issue

The second thing to examine is whether the electric power steering has an issue. If the steering seems strange or excessively heavy, you’ll know this is the problem.

This necessitates a visit to the dealer to scan for DTC codes and a potentially challenging repair that can even need purchasing a new electronic steering rack.

What Does it Mean When the Power Steering Light is On in My Toyota RAV4?

The light alerts you to a failing power steering system and urges you to look into the issue. Depending on the kind of power steering system in your automobile, the cause can be different.

The most frequent cause of this issue with hydraulic power steering systems is a leak that results in a low fluid level.

A lighted EPS light could be in electronic power steering (EPS) systems instead.

There are no fluid levels to monitor because EPS systems don’t use fluid to aid in steering.

Instead, if you’ve lately detached and rejoined your car’s battery or had to jump-start your or another vehicle, you should look for a battery problem, as stated above in the “engine stopped” section.

What Causes the Power Steering Light to Turn On in RAV4?

There are several reasons for the power steering light to come on. 

Keep reading if you want to find out what are the most common reasons! 

Reason #1: Power Steering Fluid is Low in Your RAV4

This dashboard warning light is frequently caused by low-power steering fluid in hydraulic power steering systems.

You must immediately pull over and check your fluid level when this light comes on while driving.

The light should go off if you quickly top it with the proper fluid.

Reason #2: Leaks in Your RAV4

Remember that if your power steering fluid level is low, there probably is a leak that has to be corrected.

The warning light will go out when you add extra fluid, but if fluid is seeping out, it will probably come back on quickly.

It’s a good idea to evaluate your automobile by a qualified mechanic who can identify and fix the issue if you’ve had to top off your power steering fluid.

Reason #3: Electrical Mistakes in Your RAV4

Since no power steering fluid is utilized in an electronic power steering system, the light won’t turn on to alert you to low fluid levels.

You might need to restart the engine in some circumstances to turn off the light. Small mistakes occasionally occur, leading the computer in the automobile to believe there is a problem when there isn’t.

You should take your automobile to a mechanic who can identify the problem if this solution doesn’t stop the light.

Is It Risky to Drive a RAV4 With a Power Steering Light On?

While driving with the power steering light on is still workable, it may be significantly more challenging, particularly if the power steering has completely stopped working in addition to the warning light.

If you’re not used to driving without power steering, it might be risky because it will be much harder to maneuver and turn the automobile.

Driving without power steering requires extreme caution; therefore, it’s better to delay operating the vehicle altogether until the issue has been fixed.

Without power steering, the chance of getting in an accident might be significantly higher.

If you get an engine stopped message alongside the power steering low message, you cannot start the car, at least not immediately. Call your mechanic for further information.

If the car is driveable, drive it there, but if not, you will have to call a tow.

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