Ford F-150 Auto Start-Stop Not Working? 4 Reasons incl. Fix

The Ford F-150 is a dependable car that offers its consumers a pleasant ride! The start-stop mechanism is a beneficial feature, although occasionally, problems that reduce efficiency do occur.

When having trouble with a start-stop system, you should immediately look for causes!

In this article, you will find out what causes your start-stop issues in Ford F-150, what it looks like, and what you can do to fix it.

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What Is Auto Start-Stop? 

Ford F-150 Auto Start-Stop Not Working? 4 Reasons incl. Fix

Ford is among the automakers attempting to cut back on gasoline usage. And Ford made significant advancements with the F-150’s auto start/stop technology.

Before 2015, Ford did not offer this function on all F-150 models. However, they started offering it in all models in 2018.

You may locate an auto start-stop toggle on the dashboard if you have basically any version of the Ford F-150.

When you entirely stop, the start-stop feature detects it, and it turns off the engine virtually. On the other hand, this feature won’t apply its magic if you are in towing mode.

When you press the brake at a red light, the engine will shut down, but the battery will continue to power the vital components. The machine will start when you release the brake, allowing you to continue driving.

So, all in all, this is an excellent feature that saves your gasoline. What can be better than that? Unfortunately, this feature sometimes becomes defective, so keep reading to find out what makes it go bad and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is My Auto Start Stop Feature Not Working In Ford F-150: Reasons & Fix

If the Ford F-150 auto start-stop feature is malfunctioning, you must check whether the system is turned on. There is an A-ring button on the dashboard. If the light on this button is lit, the system will be activated.

If the LED is on and the start-stop mechanism is still not working, there is a computer problem. The F-150 auto start/stop feature may require restarting. 

However, if the light is not on, there can be a battery problem. Here are several most common causes of your auto start-stop not working, along with some solutions.

Reason & Fix #1: A Defective Or Drained Battery

There must be a large amount of electric current for a start-stop system to work.

Therefore, the battery management system will disable the feature if your battery is not fully charged or is diverting power to other equipment.

In addition, if you change your battery and use the incorrect battery for your car, the auto start-stop feature can also be deactivated, so make sure it is enabled.

To fix this, you should jump-start your vehicle or change your battery.

Reason & Fix #2: High/Low Outside Temperature

A low or high temp can also be the reason behind the auto start-stop feature not working. This will occur if it is excessively hot or chilly outside.

The start-stop functionality would not function in hot or cold conditions when you need more current for a fan to cool your hot engine or a more significant starting current for a cold engine to get its efficiency.

There is nothing you can do except for the weather to stabilize. Keep your Ford F-150 in a garage to avoid this cause.

Reason & Fix #3: A Failed Fuse

The system’s power supply fuse may have burned out if you have trouble with an auto start-stop feature in your Ford F-150.

In this case, locate the fuse box and open it with a screwdriver if that is the problem. If a new fuse is required, take it out and replace it.

These three causes are the most common ones. However, there is more.

For example, if a parking assistant is turned on or the reverse gear is selected, it won’t work.

Also, if you are not buckled up, your truck’s doors or hood may not be completely closed, which are reasonable causes for your start-stop system not to work. The car’s start-stop feature will automatically be disabled while ascending a steep incline in these cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions online about the auto start-stop feature. 

Keep reading if you want to find answers to the most asked ones. 

Can I Drain My Ford F-150 Battery When Using Auto Start-Stop Feature?

Yes, and that is among the causes why individuals desire to disable the auto start/stop option permanently.

The battery and the towing actuator power line are used extensively to power this feature.

What Could Go Wrong If I Disable The Auto Start-Stop Feature?

Well, there is not much that will change.

Your Ford F-150 will not save gas as it would with the auto start-stop feature enabled.

Also, as the name suggests, the engine will idle at roughly 800 rpm as it used to when you stop at a crossroads or a set of traffic lights.

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