Ford F-150: Heated Seats Are Not Working? Reasons And Fix

Heated seats are a blast on cold winter mornings, especially when there is snow outside! We don’t know about you, but we turn on our seated heats the moment we enter the vehicle, and that’s a repetitive action from October until March!

You don’t have to guess; when that feature breaks down, we immediately look for a solution, as you do!

In this article, find out why your favorite heated seats in Ford F-150 are broken and what you can do to fix it.

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What Would Cause Heated Seats To Stop Working?

Ford F-150: Heated Seats Are Not Working? Reasons And Fix

Numerous things could go wrong and are the reason behind your non-functional heated seats in Ford F-150.

Keep reading if you want to find out what are the things that can deny you your warm moments! Also, if you wondered how to fix heated seats that are not working, you came to the right place. 

Cause #1. A Rusty Plug

The plug is one potential cause of a damaged heated seat.

The plug usually attaches to the wire harness underneath the seat. To see if the problem is a rusty plug, you will have to check the plug to determine whether the plug sockets have any rust or dirt.

Fix #1. How To Check For A Rusty Plug & Fix It?

Turn on the automobile’s ignition to confirm that the plug has electricity if these are clean.

Use an electrical tester to ensure the switch has at least 12 volts on both sides.

If there is rust we advise you carefully clean it, or take it to the mechanic if you don’t have experience. 

Cause #2. A Blown Fuse

Another frequent cause of a non-functioning heated seat is a blown fuse.

To see if the problem is a blown fuse, you will have to examine it.

Consult your owner’s handbook if you need clarification on the location of the fuse box in your vehicle.

Fix #2. How To Repair A Blown Fuse?

Examine the fuse box and change any blown fuses you find.

One of the fastest and simplest methods to fix a damaged heated seat is to replace a blown fuse.

Cause #3. A Dislocated Thermistor

The device that controls the temperature of the heated seat, the thermistor, should be located and examined if the last things weren’t the problem.

Fix #3. How To Inspect The Thermistor?

Carefully remove the seat cover to reveal the thermistor.

The thermistor may have moved if there were any scorched spots on the seat or the automobile’s carpet.

The thermistor will only be able to detect the proper temperature if it is positioned correctly in the seat.

Position the thermistor properly, or take it to the mechanic to inspect it.

Cause #4. A Heating Component

It’s time to check the seat’s heating element to see if the plug, fuse, and thermistor appear to be functioning correctly.

Because the heating wire that heats the seat is fragile and prone to breaking, it is typical for the heating element to be the primary cause of a heated seat not functioning.

Fix #4. How To Determine If A Heating Component Is The Problem?

Use an electrical tester to determine which part of the heating element is broken.

If the heating element is damaged, you’ll need to replace the complete device.

You can do it yourself if you are experienced; however, our advice is to take it to the mechanic.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Seat Heater?  

The factory-installed seat warmers should last the whole life of the car. However, the fragile seat heating components hidden behind the seat coverings may become less effective with time if the seats are subjected to extreme wear.

A Ford F-150 seat heater replacement typically costs between $227 and $253.

While materials are priced at $128, labor expenses are predicted to range from $98 to $124.

Taxes and other fees are not included in the above written numbers. Also, the price could vary based on your model year or the area you live in. Also, more repairs could be required, so keep in mind that the cost could be higher.

Can I Replace A Seat Heating Element By Myself?

Replacement of the seat heater needs to be left to a repair expert.

The heater and the seat are connected via a plethora of tiny connections. Seat-mounted airbags and SRS seatbelt pretensioners are additional features seen in many automobiles.

When removing a seat with these characteristics, you must use caution (not to mention disassembling the seat).

When the seat is mounted, it might be essential to reset the additional restraint system.

Even though most seats are only secured in place by four screws or bolts, it is still a challenging process best left to a professional to wrestle the seat out of the car without damaging it.

All in all, no – do not replace the heating seat element by yourself. 

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