Ford F-150: Sunroof Won’t Close? Do This!

Having your sunroof open in a Ford F-150 can make anyone stressed out immediately, especially, for example, when raining and your Ford F-150 is your asylum.

There are numerous reasons your sunroof won’t stay closed, and we’ve covered some things in the article.

In this article, find out the usual reasons why your sunroof stays open and won’t close and find out how to reset your sunroof.

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Why Does My Ford F-150 Sunroof Won’t Close?

Ford F-150: Sunroof Won’t Close? Do This!

A malfunctioning sunroof might result from a mechanical issue, an electrical problem, a panel that is out of alignment, or issues that can cause the sunroof to twist, snap, or stick.

Mechanical Issues With The Ford F-150 Sunroof

A defective motor, a slack wire, or a damaged component that prevents the sunroof from properly shutting are examples of mechanical issues.

Gears, hinges, and tracks are a few sunroof components prone to failure. For example, a broken component may enter the track and prevent the mechanism from operating as intended.

Electrical Issues With The Ford F-150 Sunroof

The electric motor or wiring is to blame when there are electrical issues. You might need help to resolve this problem; a mechanic or electrician will need to do it.

Troubleshooting will be necessary to diagnose the issue, and the solution may need the use of electrical meters, test lights, and other gear.

The sunroof becomes stuck because of a misplaced panel improperly inserted into the track. For the panel to fit correctly in the track, it must be repositioned.

Other Issues With The Ford F-150 Sunroof

The most challenging issues to fix might be those that cause the sunroof to twist, pop, or stick. 

Sometimes all that is required is to lubricate the track with thick silicon grease. This will guard against wear and help keep it from sticking.

Cables worn out or broken can also cause the track to become stuck. In addition, the cables have the potential to mesh with the motor’s gear. It is incredibly challenging to make this repair. It might be best to leave it in the hands of a qualified mechanic.

How Do I Reset My Ford F-150 Sunroof? 

You can reset your sunroof by following these procedures if you’re having issues with it opening or closing:

The first thing is to turn off the Ford F-150.

Now you must remove the sunroof panel that is above the windshield.

The motor’s two mounting screws must be removed. There are two of them on each side of the motor housing. They are positioned there. If you pull up on the motor, the housing should come out quickly after being removed.

To inspect for obstructions such as rust or debris, apply pressure to both sides of the motor.

Reinstall the item into its mountings after cleaning off any detected debris to ensure security. Before shutting your hood panel once more to complete this process, ensure all components are in the correct alignment.

How Do I Manually Close My Ford F-150 Sunroof?

Taking the headliner off is the first step!

You can remove the dome light cover by slipping a flathead screwdriver under the edge and pulling it away from the light. Set it aside. 

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws holding the dome light’s base.

Draw down the dome light fixture, and disconnect any electrical connections.

With the use of a ratchet and socket, remove the grab handles.

Remove the headliner by unscrewing the plastic runners and holding it in place.

By gently pressing down on the corners of the headliner, you may loosen it and reveal the sunroof motor.

Now you will close the sunroof. 

The first thing is to look for the sunroof motor connector, and put the Allen key in.

When the sunroof is completely closed, turn the Allen key  in a clockwise direction.

What you’ll need to close the sunroof manually in your Ford F-150:

  1. a screwdriver
  2. screws
  3. Set of ratchets and sockets
  4. Allen key.

That’s it! Let us know if you closed down your sunroof successfully!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.