Ford F-150 Steering Assist Fault – Service Required: Do This!

The best thing you can do if your Ford F-150 develops a Power Steering Assist Problem is to have your truck inspected and repaired immediately. This issue has the potential to be quite severe and even dangerous.

This message can mean many things; if you keep reading, you will find out what those are.

In this article, find out the meaning and the cause, and find out about the fix of steering assists fault in your Ford F-150.

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Steering Assist Fault: What Is There To Know & What Can You Do About It?

Ford F-150 Steering Assist Fault - Service Required: Do This!

In this section, you will find everything there is to know about the Steering Assist Fault; Service Required message.

This alert lets you know that the power steering system isn’t working correctly. Simple problems like low fluid levels or more significant problems like a failing power steering pump might be the cause.

What is a steering assist?

Well, to begin with, you had to exert force on the steering wheel to maneuver an automobile in the middle of the 20th century. Power steering didn’t first appear in American automobiles until 1951.

The power steering system has progressed since it was initially introduced. As a result, electric power-assisted steering devices are available nowadays.

It still includes a hydraulic pump to move fluid, but unlike earlier models, it no longer absorbs engine energy.

Instead, the fluid is pressurized using an electric pump, which makes steering simpler.

What Is The Meaning Behind Steering Assist Fault; Service Required?

If you get the Power Steering Assist Fault notification, your electrical or mechanical power steering system is having trouble.

The issue might be as simple as adding power steering fluid or fixing an electrical problem, but it could also be more serious.

Nowadays, the majority of automobiles have electronic power steering, and most of the time, when you notice this warning sign, something is wrong with this component or its sensors, as per Tailored Trucks

What Is The Cause Behind Steering Assist Fault; Service Required?

There are several causes for this message.

Let’s review them.

Inadequate Wheel Alignment

The first is that a power steering failure might be caused by inadequate vehicle alignment.

You may determine this by having your car’s alignment checked at a repair shop (which you should frequently get anyways).

Power Steering Has Loose Connection

Another potential reason is that the power steering wire has a loose connection.

You can open the hood of your F-150 to find the power steering cable, remove it, and then replug it to diagnose and solve this issue.

Unhealthy Rack and Pinion

A faulty rack and pinion are one of the most usual fixes for the Power Steering Assist Error. But, unfortunately, this is the whole power steering gear system.

Repairing it is expensive, but it could be required in some circumstances.

This is additionally referred to as lousy steering gear. They make up the system’s foundation for power steering.

Harness, Connection, or Power Steering Control Module Error

The power steering control module is the component that supplies motor torque linking the steering column to the gear.

This gives the power steering its power.

The Harness, Module, or Connection For The Steering Angle Sensor Is Defective

The steering wheel position sensor significantly influences the steering system’s power output. This sensor keeps track of the steering input angle as it is sent electronically to the power steering system.

The steering system’s major part that monitors the steering shaft’s positioning is the steering shaft position sensor, sometimes referred to as the steering column.

The Power Steering Control Module inside the Steering Column decides how much steering assistance is necessary.

The sensor provides information for the assist output in the column.

Inefficient Steering Column

The entire column can be found to be defective in addition to the sensor in question.

As the column, power steering control module, motor, and sensor all function as a single unit, replacing just one will damage or destroy the entire piece.

Intermediate Steering Shaft Issues

The shaft that joins the gearbox to the steering wheel is known as the intermediate steering shaft. This component may rust and get sticky.

But compared to the full rack and pinion, which typically costs $1,200 for parts, the portion is less than $100, making it a very affordable fix.

Harness, Sensor, or Connection For The Steering Shaft’s Torque Being Faulty

One of the most important parts of the power steering system is the steering pinion, which is where the steering shaft torque sensor is located.

With the electronic control unit, this sensor communicates the amount of torque (basically turning power) to the wheel and applies the required motor power.

What Is The Fix For Steering Assist Fault; Service Required?

The first things you may do to attempt to solve the issue are to:

  1. Restart the car.
  2. Plug the power steering cable back in again.
  3. Examine all of the power steering wires.
  4. Verify the secondary steering shaft.

You will next need to use the code reader after completing all those processes.

According to the code supplied, you probably need to check and replace the broken part.

If nothing helps, you should take your F-150 to the mechanic for a check-up. 

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