Park Brake Limited Function: When is a Service Required On Ford F-150?

Dealing with a park brake-restricted function servicing critical issues is never enjoyable. It can cause various problems and difficulties, such as restricting the movement of your parked car.

In this article, find out what can cause the park brake limited function service required notice in your Ford F-150 and what you can do to overcome it.

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What Does It Mean When It Says Park Brake Limited Function Service Required?

Park Brake Limited Function: When is a Service Required On Ford F-150?

Ford cars frequently display the problem notice: “Your park brake limited function servicing required.”

Many owners have encountered this over the years, but they were able to fix it by following a few simple procedures.

However, you must first fully comprehend how your park brake system operates. This is what you call the hand brake, which prevents movement after your car is parked. 

Parking brakes utilize another form of cable-pulling mechanism. These are often found on your back wheels since they have minor traction when you brake.

However, modern electronic park brakes use technology to draw the parking brake wire every time the park brake button has to be pushed or pulled. However, it is complicated because a computer-controlled motor is attached to your rear calipers.

Your parking brake system may be in trouble if you encounter the parking brake limited function service required problem.

Thus, service is still necessary even though the functionality is still present. To resolve this issue, you still need to see your trusted dealer.

Electric park brakes are more user-friendly than traditional park brakes in terms of ease of usage. But if a mistake occurs, you need to know how to fix it correctly.

What Causes The Park Brake Limited Function; Service Required On Ford F-150? Fixes Included

Here are the most common causes for the park brake limited function service required notice in your Ford F-150. 

#1: Battery Is Dead + An Error Message Appears

Some drivers have had their batteries die and had them changed, only to get the parking brake fault warning.

The warning comes as soon as the car is started, or it might be another variation of a similar mistake, like park brake not released/applied, which occurs when you use and then ultimately remove your brake.

However, the brake still functions well even when the notice appears.

This often occurs when your automobile battery is low on charge or completely dead, which also turns off the computer. This means mistakes happen even if you have a new battery installed, and you can ask your dealership to fix the problem.

Using an OBD-II scanner, you may also perform the work yourself. If not, bring your car to the dealership for the best remedy.

#2: The Wires For The Park Brake Are Rusted Or Worn Out

This notice might also appear if a cable connected to your brake system is frayed or broken.

The ABS wire at the wheelbase of your automobile is most likely to blame. It is often covered in insulation and has a wire loom outside. However, your cables could be cut, even if they are insulated.

If your ABS is the issue, you must check the wiring harness above your wheel, near your shock springs. If necessary, you might need to replace the damaged wire. Installing a second wire that is unlikely to be cut is preferable, preferably one that is longer.

#3: Liquids

Your wires may have rusted over time due to liquid exposure if you drive through puddles or in the rain. In addition, error codes may arise if the cables are damaged. Therefore, wherever possible, try to avoid going over puddles.

Start by turning the key in the ignition. But make sure you don’t start the car. After that, press the gas pedal. After then, lower it toward the ground and keep it there.

Your parking brake should be set to brake and hold if you lift the parking brake button. Then, after about five seconds, switch the ignition back on.

If the error notice is still present, you could be dealing with a problem that is not immediately fixable. Unfortunately, no PC reset will assist because of this.

Therefore, you must visit your dealer to have the problem examined and fixed by a professional.

Is The Parking Brake Malfunction Serious?

The purpose of the, for example, an electronic parking brake, or EPB, is to prevent unintentional vehicle movement. This mechanism produces a tensile force when turned on to prevent unintended movement of the vehicle.

The electronic parking brake system has a lot of benefits that make it highly user-friendly. However, other malfunctions can also call for taking the car to a specialized shop.

From person to car, the parking or emergency brakes are used differently and less frequently.

Nevertheless, a damaged parking brake should not be taken lightly despite the variations. Driving long after your brake is broken can harm your transmission beyond repair.

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