How to Handle Porsche Boxster Radio Problems

We don’t know about you, but we love the feeling of driving in a car late at night, with some light music on, just vibing. 

Now, having a broken radio system is a soul-crushing event. The first issue is missing the music, but then the headaches start. How to fix it? Do you have to buy a new one? If you have to, which one? 

So many questions and little to zero answers online. Tough! But, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, you will find out what could be the reason behind your radio not working and what to do next. 

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What Could Be The Problem with Porsche Boxter Radio?

Porsche Radio

That is a great question, and we got some answers. 

Anti-theft Code 

The first reason your radio is not working could be the missing code. We know it is a nightmare with codes and stuff because you don’t use it often, but you will need it here. 

Many Porsche automobiles include radios that need a unique anti-theft code.

However, unless you removed the radio from the car or you unplugged the battery, this code is not necessary.

If you have your radio unlock code but are unsure how to enter it into your radio, keep reading this paragraph. 

For help inputting your radio unlock code, go to automobile radio unlock code guidelines.

The radio lock function is used by Porsche to prevent unauthorized users from utilizing your audio system.

Without the necessary unlock code, your radio will not be able to work.

Keep a copy of your radio code in a safe place, not in your car.

Porsche began implementing the anti-theft feature about 1990, and it is still present in most Porsche vehicles today.

How to Retrieve Your Audio Code? 

It is quite easy to retrieve the audio code, however, you will have to follow a couple of steps.

Step 1. – Find the radio serial number. 

For CR-220 or CDR-220 models, first, turn off the radio. Next, count to 10 while holding down the TP button. Then, when you turn on the radio again, you will see a “Becker 1” sign on display. 

Slowly rotate the right knob of the radio and find Becker’s model number. Then you have to turn it again, and voila, there is a radio serial number on your display. 

For CR-210 models, press tone and eight and zero simultaneously. You should see a “Becker” sign on your display. 

Find a PR-VERS sign by pressing the station up arrow on the right of your radio. Now, press a number below the LCD arrowheads. 

Now you should see a model number, so press the station up arrow until you see a sign that says SERIAL N. Press the numbered button again. 

Voila, a serial number to go, yay!

The last model is Traffic Pro. If you have this one, select a service menu on your display. Then press NAV and multifunction key in radio mode. You will have to use multifunction keys Next and Previous to choose the individual items. 

Now rotate the radio knob until you see a serial number on your screen, press it, and that is it. 

If, however, you cannot find it, try to look at a radio chassis. 

Step 2. – Find a Vehicle Identification Number 

You can find it on the driver’s side, but lower, at the bottom. Please write it down.

You can enter the code yourself or take the information you have to Porsche’s salon. 

Protect Mode 

If you just bought a new Porsche Boxster or you already have one, and you encounter this issue, relax and don’t panic. It doesn’t mean something is stolen. 

Protect Mode is indicated by the word “Protect” on a radio or stereo screen. 

This indicates that the output, or the entire radio, has shut down to prevent a short circuit from damaging the speakers or other components.

So, it is there to guard against device damage. 

Here is what you can try to deal with a problem. 

Solution 1

With the radio turned off, check the speakers first. If there isn’t a short, detach them and check whether the radio turns on without the Protect error.

Solution 2 

When you turn on your car and see the “Protect” sign, try to wait about 30 minutes with your car on. This could resolve the problem, but it is not the best shot. 

Solution 3

A dealer reset/reconfiguration could be necessary to get everything playing nicely again. If nothing of the above works, you will probably have to drive the Porsche technicians. 

Blown Fuse

If your radio is dead and won’t turn on, maybe there is a blown a fuse. 

This is a prevalent problem, and it is often issued by having your car restarted. 

You will have to find a blown fuse and replace it. That is the only way you can listen to the radio again. 

The fuse is usually a 15 amp blue-colored fuse. However, depending on the sort of vehicle radio you have, it might be in two distinct places. It’s usually plugged into the 12-volt outlets on the center console. 

Replace any blown fuses in the fuse panel.

If it doesn’t work, take the radio apart and look at the fuse on the back.

The word CODE should appear on the front, and entering your four-digit code will unlock it.


Well, hopefully, you’ve found your answer. If you did not, you might have a deeper electronic issue.

If that is the case, you should take your car to a Porsche salon to have their technicians take a look. 

You will be out there vibing to music in no time!

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