RAV4 Prime Heat Pump Noise – Reason And Solution

Heat pump noise in RAV4 is something that bugs a lot of RAV4 drivers. It isn’t delightful, and you can even feel it on the pedals in your car.

What does it mean? Is there a fix?

In this article, find out what that heat pump noise is, where it comes from, and if you can fix it or not. Then, let’s jump right into it!

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What Is A Heat Pump Noise In Your RAV4?

It might be disturbing if you don’t know the noise.

On a chilly morning, you start the car and move off in quiet electric mode when suddenly there is a groaning sound that gets louder until the entire RAV4 starts to vibrate.

So, what is the noise about?

This noise results from the liquid refrigerant in an air conditioner compressor being compressed, and it is more likely to happen at low temperatures.

This noise will vanish for tens of seconds after it occurs.

The fact that the noise stops doesn’t make it less annoying tho.

Keep reading to find out a fix which you can show to your mechanic.

How Can You Fix A Heat Pump Noise In Your RAV4?

We will write a solution we got from the T-SB-0042-22.

If you encounter a problem, ask your technician to solve it. We recommend they do it with the proper tools & knowledge.

The first thing you have to do is turn your RAV4 on and ensure that the compressor is on.

Is there a brief buzzing or humming sound?

If that’s the case, move on to step 2.

This information DOES NOT apply if you don’t hear the buzzing noise.

The second step would be to use Techstream to confirm the calibration ID for the air conditioning amplifier assembly.

  1. ID 8865F4204003, 
  2. 8865F4204004, 
  3. 8865F4204005, 
  4. 8865F4204006.

If you recognize the calibration, you can go to step number three. If not, then, same as previously, this bulletin does not apply to your problem.

Now, set the calibration ID for the air conditioning amplifier assembly to 8865F4204008.

Next, flash the NEW calibration file update to the air conditioning amplifier assembly.

Then, utilizing Techstream, run a Health Check and erase any DTCs that have been saved.

And lastly, verify that the buzzing/humming sound coming from the air conditioner’s compressor is gone.

Find the directions here for more details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s answer some of the most asked questions about RAV4 noise in general. 

Does The RAV4 Prime Have A Heat Pump?

Heat pump systems are standard on the plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime.

The RAV4 2022: Is it Noisy?

Even though it has undergone a recent update, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 is renowned for having a loud engine. According to Consumer Reports, it has a more audible engine than its rivals and insufficient insulation to muffle wind and road noise.

How Can I Quiet Down My RAV4?

By removing interior panels, you can apply B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener to the door skins, doors, and trunk of your RAV4 in addition to the internal walls.

This procedure is easy and won’t take more than three to four hours.

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