Toyota RAV4: Rattling Noise at 40 Mph?

Imagine this; you’re making your way home via busy city streets when you hear an odd noise at 40mph. The fear sets in as you turn down the radio to be sure it isn’t simply in the music you are listening to.

Strange noises should always be investigated immediately because they might indicate a serious issue with your RAV4.

In this article, find out the reason behind the rattling noise when driving your RAV4 at lower speeds, such as 40mph.

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What is the Rattling Noise at 40Mph in your RAV4? 

Toyota RAV4: Rattling Noise at 40 Mph?

Keep reading if you want to find out what is about that weird rattling noise in your RAV4 and how it looks!

How Does the Rattling Noise at 40Mph Look & Feel Like in Your RAV4?

You might experience the same or very similar problem in the following:

The rattling is somewhat sporadic at 40 mph heading up a short incline.

The noise stops when you pull your foot off the accelerator and place it back on. Not only is your vehicle shaking at 40 mph now, but the rattling is also quite loud.

You can still make it stop briefly by depressing and repressing the accelerator.

Since this noise is uncommon, neither your mechanic nor the nearby Toyota mechanic has heard about it. Maybe even a Toyota mechanic told you that he wants to flush the gearbox before installing a new one if the problem persists.

But, nothing helps?

Well, try the solutions from the next two paragraphs!

Keep reading if you want to find out more about this problem.

First Possible Solution to the Rattling Noise in RAV4 at 40Mph

If your mechanic didn’t find what can be the cause behind the rattling noise, suggest this idea to your mechanic.

Maybe your pinion and ring gear teeth in the differential are the problem, and there is a straightforward and affordable solution.

You just need a few dollars of gear oil, such as Amsoil 80W90m, which will silence the noise after pouring it into the differential.

However, you should find out what happened to your used gear oil.

You most likely have a leak then in the pinion seal, and if you don’t fix it, the fluid will start to seep out again, rendering the differential only as an anchor.

Second Possible Solution to the Rattling Noise in RAV4 at 40Mph

The second thing that it can be is the transmission.

There could be a wave plate loose, which is then vibrating between 30 and 45 mph.

Toyota manufacturers claim that this problem, even if irritating, is not harmful to the RAV4, so you can continue driving.

However, we advise that you fix it. Take your car to the mechanic and let them inspect your car.

Which Noises in Your RAV4 Should You Never Ignore? 

Here is a list of seven noises your RAV4 can make and why you should never ignore them. 

Flapping Noise in Your RAV4

Flapping sounds may signify something hanging loosely below the automobile or on the car.

It could also refer to a damaged belt or a defective fan.

Squealing Noise in Your RAV4

Your brakes have sensors built into them. When your brake pads get too thin, the sensors trigger an alarm when you brake, which is what causes the screaming sound.

If you hear this noise in your automobile, make sure to get your brakes checked out right away to avoid damaging the rotors.

Knocking Noises Under the Hood of Your RAV4

Before you refuel, let the Toyota repair technicians inspect your vehicle to see whether the noise is related to the type of fuel you’re using.

Use the gasoline that is recommended in your owner’s handbook, too!

Your Car Makes Noise When Turning

Bring your automobile to a Toyota dealer so that it may be evaluated if you hear anything while turning.

Turning noises may indicate a severe issue with your steering system.

Hissing Sound Under the Hood

The hissing or sizzling sound the liquid creates when it contacts a hot surface suggests that you may have an under-the-hood leak.

Let your mechanic take a look and inspect it.

When your RAV4 is off, you should also listen out for buzzing noises.

Clinking Sound Coming From the Engine of Your RAV4

Low oil pressure, which can result in a giant mess if left unattended, may cause this noise in your RAV4.

As soon as you can, take your RAV4 in for maintenance.

A Jarring Boom Noise

This sound, sometimes referred to as a backfire, may indicate that your catalytic converter or exhaust system is malfunctioning.

Bring it in for a checkup at the Toyota service center.

Also, you must see the auto service technicians if your car won’t start and sounds like a vacuum.

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