RAV4 Won’t Start – No Clicking Noise? Here Is The Solution!

RAV4s are made to stay with you for many, many years. However, some issues will arise no matter how well you take care of your RAV4.

Some of those issues can be that your RAV4 won’t even start. Now, that is something that will make you stressed, and if you don’t know what to do in that situation – Google is your friend, same as this article.

In this article, find out why your RAV4 won’t start and there is no clicking noise, and learn how to fix it and again be able to start your RAV4.

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What Is A Clicking Noise In Your RAV4 When You Want To Start It?

RAV4 Won’t Start - No Clicking Noise? Here Is The Solution!

The starter motor is what produces the clicking sound when you attempt to start your Toyota RAV4.

A defective automobile battery most frequently causes the starter motor’s malfunction. So if your RAV4, for example, stayed in the garage for a long time without starting it, the battery is likely the problem.

The best course of action for this problem is to take your Toyota RAV4 to a nearby car shop and have the battery checked. If your battery needs to be replaced, they will do so immediately.

However, your Toyota RAV4 may have a new issue that must be fixed if your car battery is relatively new.

If you have a new battery and didn’t leave the RAV4 in your garage or outside for a long time, and still, there is no clicking noise, keep reading to find out what could cause the problem.

RAV4 Won’t Start And There Is No Clicking Noise? What Could Be The Problem? 

Let’s review here two of the most common causes for not having a clicking noise and your RAV4 won’t start.

#1: A Weak Or Completely Dead RAV4 Battery

A weak battery is the main culprit when the Toyota RAV4 won’t start or make any clicking noises, as said in the paragraph above.

The solenoid, which produces the clicking sound when you try to start the automobile, can be turned on by the battery, which has enough charge to do so, but more is required to power the starter.

On the other hand, if your battery is drained, there won’t be any clicking noise since there is insufficient power to charge the solenoid.

Even if your RAV4’s electrical accessories function as they should, you should consider a new battery because the starter motor needs a lot of electric currents to turn the engine over. At the same time, lights and wipers require little power.

How To Fix A Weak Or Dead Battery In RAV4?

You can do several things to fix and/or diagnose this issue in your RAV4.

Using a multimeter to measure the voltage is the simplest way to check the 12-volt battery in a RAV4. 

A healthy battery should have 12.6 volts or more significantly when fully charged. 

But remember that a voltmeter may only give you a general notion of the battery’s health. For example, a battery with a reading of above 12.4 volts could occasionally be unable to provide enough current to start the car.

Another solution is to jump-start your car. We dedicated a whole article about jump-starting your RAV4, so you should check it out if you want to try this method. 

Keep in mind – if the engine of the car with the donor battery is running while the jump start is being performed, there is always a chance of damaging the alternator or other electrical components. 

Therefore, it’s advised to jump-start your RAV4 while turning off the donor car’s engine.

#2: A Faulty Starter Motor

When you try to start the engine in a RAV4 with a defective starter motor, all you will hear are clicking noises coming from the starter solenoid. But that’s only sometimes.

The starter is the typical culprit when a car won’t start, and those starters often fail between 100,000 and 125,000 miles.

Sometimes all that needs to be changed are the contacts on the starter solenoid, but this is more frequently the entire starter, including the solenoid. If the defect is significant, meaning you have to change the whole starter, you probably won’t hear the clicking noise or simply “the crank.”

How To Fix A Starter Motor In RAV4?

Remember that this is only a temporary fix and won’t last.

When the starter motor fails, and you want to try this temporary fix, you will need the help of a friend!

While your friend tries to start the engine, take a mallet of some kind and begin lightly tapping the starter motor.

This fix will work if the gears are only slightly out of alignment.

It is advised that you have the starter evaluated by a professional because it is conceivable that it is almost at the end of its lifespan.

Hopefully, you now identified the cause behind the no clicking and won’t start issue in your RAV4. 

Whatever it might be, you should take your RAV4 to a professional for a proper diagnosis and a proper fix. 

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.

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