Toyota RAV4: Ultimate JBL Sound System Review

Equipment such as sound systems in RAV4 is something that is often not as looked at as the engine and the general performance.

The JBL sound system in the RAV4 is, as Toyita described it, perfect & offers good quality sounds.

In this article, find out what we think about the JBL sound system and what are its good and bad sides.

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JBL Sound System – A Quick Overview

Let’s quickly overview the whole system and talk about the technologies and the speakers you can find in your RAV4. 

Specifications Of the JBL Sound System

Without further ado, the JBL system has 11 speakers and has around 576W of amplified power.

It features an 8-channel high-voltage Class-H technology and is a tremendous advantage if compared to other sound systems you can find in newer vehicles.

It has some fantastic technologies. For example:

GreenEdgeTM is an eco-friendly technology project that enhances sonic performance while lowering weight, power use, and heat production.

You can hear your music over the sound of the road thanks to ASL (Automatic Sound Levelizer). To account for background noise, volume rises as speed does.

JBL engineers work with Toyota for hundreds of hours to make the system fit the car. Strategically placed speakers allow every passenger to rock out to a full concert from the front to the back of the vehicle.

What Kind Of Speakers Does JBL System Have on RAV4?

There are, in total, two sets of speakers, one set of midwoofers, one amplifier, and one subwoofer.

Let’s see what there is to say about each of them.

Unity ExtendedBandwidth Speakers

You can find those at the very beginning of your RAV4. The left one is located in front of the steering wheel, but there is also one on the same position, but on the right side.

Next-generation coaxials are small, light, and can reproduce high and midrange frequencies.

They function as two speakers even though they only have one motor and two diaphragms.

High Efficiency (HiE) Midwoofers

They are 170mm midwoofers.

You can locate them on the left side of your steering wheel and in the exact position but on the right.

Those are large woofers with built-in acoustic lenses that produce crisp, low-distortion sound with a bass response optimized for various musical genres.

Full Range/Tweeter Coaxial Speakers

They are 170/25 mm coaxial speakers.

You can locate them behind the driver and next-to-drivers seat, on both the right and left sides.

These coaxial speakers address a full auditory response range by high-efficiency designs. They also have a really good setup components.

They are filling the rear cabin with rich, clear sound.

8-Channel DSP Amplifier

This is a 576-watt amplifier.

You can locate it behind the left passenger seat.

It provides on-demand power to 11 strategically positioned speakers for room-filling sound.


This is a 200 mm subwoofer.

This is the last JBL sound system piece of equipment in your RAV4, and you can locate it behind the amplifier in the trunk of your vehicle.

This subwoofer produces rich, distinct low-frequency effects and enhances system response thanks to its housing.

RAV4 JBL Sound System: What Is It Good About It?

A Toyota RAV4 infotainment setup supports AM/FM/XM radio. Apart from that, there is, of course, an USB-A, also a Bluetooth option, and the extras such as Alexa that supports iOS, Apple CarPla, also for iOS, and Android Auto for the Android phone users.

The RAV4 JBL system features an automatic sound levelizer, your usual treble, mid, and bass controls, and typical 360-degree balance and fade adjustments.

On JBL’s website, Toyota JBL promotes Clari-Fi technology for recovering lost audio signals and delivering a rich, uncompressed experience from any music source, and it delivers it.

RAV4 JBL Sound System: What Is It Bad About It?

According to online reviews, the JBL system in the RAV4 is also as harsh as it is reputed to be. The high end is so intense that it fills the entire soundstage.

People often prefer to avoid the premium version of JBL in their 206 RAV4.

It sounds okay when sitting still, but it has trouble when going on uneven roads, and the bass is somewhat anemic and not rich enough.

The system’s ambiance fades over the length of the RAV4 as if the rear speakers are not as good as the front ones.

However, this might be due to your settings when listening to different devices and such.

You can do a bazillion settings to listen to each device, type of music, etc.

Also, surprisingly, USB-C connectors, a 3.5mm jack, and a disc player are omitted. However, these choices should be included.

They are missing from the, at least, 2019 RAV4 model.

Is the RAV4 JBL Sound System Worth It?

In our opinion, yes, the JBL sound system is a top notch sound system for your RAV4. 

There are a lot of sound systems to which you can upgrade to, but there is really no need. 

You get a nice sound and a lot of settings for each music genre you listen to, so you can adapt it to yourself. 

Why Does Toyota Use the JBL Sound System?

To give the RAV4 the sound of renowned concerts and rock tours, JBL and Toyota partnered up in 1996 with a single, clear goal in mind.

They chose, positioned, and fine-tuned each speaker to the inside of the car using a unique blend of art and science, as they say.

Each JBL Toyota system results from hundreds of hours of careful development and fine-tuning. The end effect is dynamic music that you can physically feel.

Today, you have a JBL sound system in your RAV4 because Toyota clearly stated that they want perfect music for your ears.

Is that the case? It is to us, and you?

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