Wipers Won’t Turn Off On My Ford F-150: These Are The Reasons (incl. Solution)

Like having the correct tires or auto insurance, windshield wipers are essential. But what if you’re unsuccessful in getting them to switch off?

There are a couple of things that could cause your wipers not to turn off, but there are also solutions to that!

In this article, find out the reasons for this annoyance and find out what you can do to fix it in your Ford F-150!

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What Could Cause My Windshield Wipers To Not Turn Off In My Ford F-150?

Wipers Won’t Turn Off On My Ford F-150: These Are The Reasons (incl. Solution)

When you can’t turn off your windshield wipers without completely stopping your car, it poses a unique issue that may be both inconvenient and dangerous for your wiper system.

When there is no precipitation, letting your wipers run can be distracting and may raise your chance of getting in an accident since your attention will be diverted from the road and instead be focused on your windshield.

Running the wipers without moisture on the window also causes friction and resistance, which can harm other system components or wear down the motor.

Here are some common reasons why your windshield wipers won’t turn off in your Ford F-150.

#1: Broken Windshield Wiper Controls

The switch you use to turn on the wiper motor is put through a lot of use and may eventually malfunction inside.

This malfunction can cause the wiper motor to run continually, no matter what setting you choose.

#2: Park Switch Malfunction

The wiper motor contains the park switch.

When the windshield wiper system is switched off, an electric current will still flow if this switch malfunctions.

If the park switch is the source of your issue, your wipers may keep operating long after you turn off your car, draining your battery.

If your Ford’s windshield wipers won’t turn off, the windshield wiper switch is most likely to blame, meaning this is the first thing you have to check.

In this case, you’ll need to change the switch, which will require taking your automobile to repair.

#3: Bad Wiring

Your windshield wipers may continue to operate even after being switched off due to a weak wire or faulty connection.

A mechanic with the proper diagnostic equipment can quickly inspect the wiring and find any problems.

Solution For Wipers That Won’t Turn Off In Ford F-150

Since there is a slim chance that you can diagnose and fix the issue yourself, the next course of action would be to take your Ford F-150 to the mechanic.

The mechanic will investigate the cause of your windshield wipers’ failure to turn off. In addition, your wiper system may need to be disassembled to test the wiring.

Following the inspection, the mechanic will usually offer a thorough report outlining the nature and cause of the problem keeping the wipers from turning off, as well as the extent and price of the required repairs.

Keep reading to find out the most common repairs and what it will cost you to fix them!

#1: Windshield Wiper Switch Replacement

The windshield wipers might only function in some modes, might not activate upon command, might not return to their parked position after shutting off, or might or might not operate the washer pumps at random.

This is a generic list of symptoms, but if any of the things the windshield wiper switch is supposed to regulate fail, it means that the switch for the windshield wipers and the washers needs to be tested.

This repair cost will be between $198 and $226.

#2: Wiper Motor Replacement

In the case of failure, there are two things that your windshield wiper motor will do:

The first thing is that your wipers could stay turned on for quite some time, even when the switch is turned off. This might alter abruptly or happen at random.

Last but not least, the windshield wipers can be inactive, which indicates motor failure.

The cost of this repair is between $311 and $367.

#3: Wiper Blade Replacement

You can tell whether your windshield wipers need to be replaced; the second water touches the glass.

It’s time to replace your wiper blades if they’re ripped, fractured, rigid, or brittle.

Wipers should also be changed if they only smear water, appear messy, streak the windshield, or miss sizable patches of the windshield.

This is a highly cost-effective change if you are dissatisfied with the wiper blades currently in your car.

The cost of this repair is between $57 and $82.

That’s it!

Hopefully, you found your solution! If you have something different going on, let us know in the comments!

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