Adding Heated Mirrors To Ford F-150: A Short Guide

Rearview mirrors may be replaced with heated mirrors, which is a fantastic improvement. 

They make parking more straightforward and give you a sense of increased security when driving, enabling you to see more of what is happening behind you.

In this article, find out how to add heated mirrors to your Ford F-150 through a simple and short guide.

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How Can You Add Heated Mirrors To F-150?

Adding Heated Mirrors To Ford F-150: A Short Guide

Only a skilled expert can install heated mirrors on your F150 truck in 30 to 40 minutes, and the process is simple, as per Trucks Authority

To be sure your Ford F150 truck does not have heated mirrors, read the instruction booklet that comes with the car.

Step 1. Buying The Heated Mirrors

You must first purchase them from a nearby car dealership.

You may also shop online and get them for a fair price; the price ranges from $20 to $50 on average depending on the company selling them and the product’s quality.

A low-quality item will only last a few months, costing you additional money to replace it.

On the other hand, you may save money by purchasing a high-quality item that will last longer.

Step 2. Gathering Tools For Installing Heated Mirrors

The next step after getting these mirrors is installing them, and for that you will need a screwdriver and a set of hot pads.

The pads also contain a button that is either round or rectangular in shape, a set of wires, and a fuse that may be connected to the battery to power them.

Step 3. Removing The Panel

You now need to check what kind of screw is keeping your truck’s side mirrors in place by opening the inside panel, then bring that specific screwdriver.

You may either use a flat-head screwdriver or a tool for removing plastic trim while protecting it with a towel.

The panel may also be pulled gently outward with your hands, and once it is out, you can set it down on your seat.

This plastic panel or cover is often on the inside of the vehicle door and is either light gray or black in color.

Step 4. Working Around The Wires & Bolts

Wires from inside that go outside and into the mirror will be seen after the panel is gone; you must pull this harness clip out and take it off.

You will also see that it is tightly held in place by two or three bolts, and in order to remove them, you will need a ratchet and a socket of the appropriate length.

Verify the nut’s measurements in your user handbook, then bring the appropriate ratchet and socket and detach them.

Once you’ve taken out all the nuts, step outside your vehicle, place one hand beneath the mirror and the other above it, and carefully pull the mirror.

It might be necessary to use a little force to remove the entire panel.

Next, after removing them, lay both of them on a soft surface. You may do the same thing on the other side.

Step 5. Make Sure The Heat Pads Are Working

Now remove both mirrors from their respective panels, and check to see if the heating pads are both operating properly.

The wires may be connected using the hooks on the pads, and then you can connect the other end to a battery charger to make sure it is creating heat. In order to remove all grime, clean your mirror now using several cleansers and a little towel.

Make sure the pad is a perfect fit by placing it in the middle; if necessary, you may trim it to make it suit the mirror.

People often use scissors to cut the pads, but you may also use a cutter to remove the excess material off the pad. Just be very careful while using the cutter, though.

Mark the area that has to be removed, and then cut it.

Step 6. Fasten The Pad’s Cover To The Mirror

Now flip it over, take off the pad’s cover, and securely fasten it to the mirror. Be careful not to attach the pad’s hook side to the mirror.

The pad must be as smooth as possible, guarantee that it won’t fall off quickly, and stay adhered to the rear for a considerable amount of time.

Step 7. Secure The Panel To The Mirrors With Pads 

Bring your outside panel and set the mirror with the pad on it. Once you’ve done that, pay attention to where the hooks land and note that spot with a marker.

Drill two holes in the panel to make it easier for the hooks and wires to enter.

Use a drilling machine for this, then set the mirror on top of it before connecting one end of each wire to the hooks on the pad.

The other end of both wires must be removed from the outer panel, and the panel must then be reinstalled.

Always attach the right-side mirror to the right and the left-side mirror to the left; otherwise, you will simply make things worse for yourself.

Step 8. Finishing

Tighten the bolts using a ratchet and a wrench, then reattach the wiring harness. Remove the other end of the wires from the hole in the interior panel.

Install the button on the main panel of your vehicle, then connect the cables to the button and the cables coming from the battery.

Some of these buttons have lights on them, and if you turn the button to the ON position, that light illuminates to show that the heated mirror pad is now operational.

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