Adding Keyless Entry To Ford F-150: Step by Step

Have you ever had to dig in your pockets, drawers, and bags to find your vehicle keys? You might be able to get what you need from a car with keyless entry.

In this article, find out if you can install keyless entry to your Ford truck, how to do it, and much more. So let’s dig right in!

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What Is A Keyless Entry?

Adding Keyless Entry To Ford F-150: Step by Step

A sophisticated technique called keyless entry makes it possible to unlock a car door without touching the key.

The key may be left in a pocket or bag since the car detects when the fob is nearby and opens the doors for you.

Once you have shut off the engine, exited the vehicle, closed the doors, and started walking away, your automobile will lock its doors.

As long as you have the key, the car will lock or unlock the doors on your behalf.

And how does the keyless entry work?

The key fob of a keyless entry system looks for radio signals sent from the vehicle to function.

A keyless system will send out a short-range radio signal when you touch the door handle (in other situations, you must click a button).

The fob will send its signal back to the car if it is within the car’s radio wave range, typically approximately 5 meters, and the vehicle’s onboard computer will then open the doors.

Can You Add A Keyless Entry Keypad To A Ford F-150 Truck?

The straightforward answer is – yes! You can add a keyless entry keypad on your Ford truck.

The procedure is effortless, and we will explain it in the next paragraph.

How Do You Install A Keyless Entry Keypad?

The procedure of installing a keypad for a keyless entry is straightforward.

All you have to do is wipe the surface where you will put it thoroughly so the keypad can stick to the car properly.

Then, pull the tape tabs off the keypad and put them near the handles of your Ford truck. That’s it! You just installed the keypad.

How Can You Change The Code On The Keyless Entry Keypad?

When you buy a keyless entry keypad, you will get a code. Enter that code first.

Five seconds following the last action, press and hold the 1/2 button for 1 second. The 1/2 button is usually the first button on the keypad.

After 5 seconds of the last action, enter the chosen personal 5-digit code, which should be it! You just changed the code on your keyless entry keypad.

If you want to add several codes for several people, you can find the instructions on the manual that came with the device or search for them on the manufacturer’s website.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Keyless Entry On Your F-150?

Of course, there is a downside to using this feature.

Keyless entry system security is a significant worry due to the many methods that burglars may get around them.

There are suspicions that thieves may intercept the codes communicated between the key fob and the automobile, and police have looked into cases where criminals block the signals from keyless devices, so that car doors never lock.

A “sleep” mode that stops the key’s signal from being broadcast if it is not used for a short period is just one example of the technology that some manufacturers are now introducing that should prevent keyless auto theft.

If your automobile has keyless entry, taking your security measures is worthwhile, even if it’s simply for your peace of mind.


Adding a keyless entry keypad on your truck can be beneficial for many reasons, and the obvious one is not constantly searching for your keys in a bag or pockets.

The advantage of this is a very straightforward procedure and low installation costs.

Will you add a keyless entry keypad on your truck? Let us know in the comments!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.