Ford F-150: Door Won’t Unlock With A Key? Do This!

The F-150 is the most well-liked vehicle in the F-Series and the best-selling truck in the US because of its potent engine, sturdy construction, and class-leading reliability.

However, like in all cars, some things are causing headaches – like the doors that won’t unlock with the key.

In this article, find out why your doors can’t lock with a key and find out what you can do about this problem!

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Why My F-150 Doors Won’t Lock With A Key?


There are a lot of things that can happen all of which result with you being locked out of your Ford F-150. 

All of them, fortunately, are very solvable, so don’t worry about anything! 

#1: The Key Fob’s Coin Battery Is Drained

A dead coin battery is the most common reason a key fob on a Ford F-150 won’t lock or unlock the doors.

A battery usually shows deterioration before it fails, so look for signs of a dead battery!

When a remote control that had previously worked started to lose range and eventually stopped operating, the battery was likely getting older.

#1 Fix For Doors That Won’t Lock: Change The Coin Battery

The car key may get damaged if the button cell battery in the key fob of an F-150 is replaced improperly or with an inappropriate battery.

Only use fresh batteries with the same voltage, size, and specification to replace exhausted batteries. When installing the battery, make sure it is facing the proper way.

#2: Water Damage

Water damage is quite possible if your Ford F-150 key fob accidentally falls into the washing machine’s soapy water while it is still in your jeans pocket.

Yes, your key is “waterproof”. However, waterproofing is not water resistant.

Light rain or a spray of water should not harm the chip inside the key, but prolonged exposure to water might allow the water to seep through the seals and cause damage.

Due to salt water’s highly conductive nature, submerging the key in the ocean water at the beach may cause far more significant damage to key fob electronics.

So, what can you do about that?

#2 Fix For Doors That Won’t Lock: Water In My Key

If your F-150 key fob stops functioning after coming into contact with clear tap water or rain, remove the battery immediately, clean the electronic component using paper towels, and then replace the battery.

It is advised to clean the chip using isopropyl alcohol or electronic cleaning if it has been exposed to salt water, soapy water, or unclean water.

After cleaning and drying, if the key fob still doesn’t function, the chip is fried and you’ll need to acquire a new key.

#3: Incorrect Receiver Module

The key fob transmits radio frequency signals to a receiver installed in the Ford F-150.

The receiver module has likely developed a defect if none of your key fobs function and you cannot reset the keys.

#3 Fix For Doors That Won’t Lock: Incorrect Reciever Module Problem

More diagnostic testing could be necessary to find the problem described in one paragraph above.

Either the module isn’t speaking to other modules on the car, or the keyless entry antenna may be broken.

In these circumstances, an OBDII scan tool may be used to check if the security module is receiving and responding to the orders.

Then, you should consult your dealer.

These are the three most common problems that occur when encountering a problem with your Ford F-150 keys that won’t unlock doors. 

How Do You Reset The Door Lock On A Ford F-150?

You may reset your Ford F 150’s door code by doing the following:

1. Find The Security Code

You must first have access to the original security code to reset the door code. 

You can locate it by scanning the owner’s wallet card, frequently kept in the glove box or the owner’s handbook. 

It is a five-digit Ford-specific code that is shipped with the car.

2. Track Down The Keypad Code

On the passenger side of the front seat, the keypad code is located above the radio and behind the dash. 

It is concealed behind the inside panel on some Ford F vehicles. The inner panels and kick plate must be taken off. 

The five-digit code is written in white letters on a sticker attached to a black box. You’ll need a torch to view the code.

3. Dial In On The Keypad

You now need to do the following tasks within five seconds of one another after entering the keypad code.

  1. Hit the 1/2 key.
  2. Type in the new, selected code. Here, you need to enter the code carefully. Each number must be entered within only five seconds of the preceding one.
  3. Press 1/2 for the first driver to save your preferences.
  4. Press 3/4 for the second driver.
  5. Wait until the door can lock and unlock after your new code is accepted.
  6. You will avoid any trouble, and your new code will be successfully entered and programmed.

That’s it! Hopefully now you can enter your car without additional trouble!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.