5 Best Batteries for Porsche 996

Need a new battery for your Porsche 996 or simply preparing yourself for the possibility of needing a new one?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Replacing the battery can be stressful considering all the facts you need to have up on your sleeve if you want to pick the perfect battery. 

In this article, find out which factors play essential roles in choosing a new battery and which batteries could be a perfect fit for your Porsche 996.

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What Makes a Good Battery for Porsche Vehicles?

Best Batteries for Porsche 996

Considering several factors when buying a new car battery would be best.

And you have to be especially careful when purchasing one for Porsche 996 or other vehicles. 

Keep reading if you want to find out the critical battery factors!

Factor 1. The Size of the Battery

Group sizes for car batteries are used to identify the battery’s length, breadth, and height. 

By studying the owner’s handbook or speaking with your mechanic, you may determine the necessary battery size before comparing various vehicle batteries. 

The ideal battery size securely holds the battery in place and guards against vibration-related damage.

For example, you will have to buy a Porsche 996 battery with similar characteristics: 70Ah 12v 278mm x 175mm x 190mm.

Factor 2. The Freshness of the Battery

A code consisting of a letter and a number on the battery serves as a sign of the battery’s freshness. 

The letter denotes the month and the number, the manufacturing year; for example, B/4 denotes February 2014.

The date code on most batteries, often a lengthy series of digits and letters, indicates when the battery was purchased.

The month is denoted by one row of one or two-letter codes, while the other row of numbers represents the last numeral of the year.

Never purchase a battery that is more than six months old after manufacturing.

Factor 3. The Capacity of the Reserve

This describes the period of time the battery can function without an engine and without being discharged. 

High Reserve Capacity enables the vehicle to get through challenging circumstances, including a non-compliant engine, alternator failure, and unintentionally leaving lights on.

Factor 4. Power Essential 

*We will use the terms Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps here (CA). 

Cold Cranking Amps refer to the battery’s capacity to start a car at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas Cranking Amps refer to the energy needed to start a car at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Batteries with greater CCA ratings are advised for cold areas.

Factor 5. Preservation of the Battery

Both the minimal maintenance and the maintenance-free possibilities are present here. 

Typically sealed, maintenance-free automobile batteries may function on liquid electrolytes for the battery’s life without needing to be replaced. 

Low-maintenance batteries include open tops that let you sometimes add distilled water.

Factor 6. Guarantees 

Consider warranties carefully and select a battery with a lengthy free replacement time. 

You can use a sum of the prorated term and the free replacement period to calculate warranty lengths.

For a brief time, the prorated term permits a partial refund of the battery’s purchase price.

Top 5 Batteries for Porsche

All of the batteries that we’ll present right now have the following features: 

  1. They have over 30-odd thousand starters
  2. A double lid with a sealed tip and tilt can reduce water loss by up to 30%
  3. They comply with the VDA roll-over test
  4. Calcite/Calcite plates
  5. They have a built-in carrying handle
  6. Integral flame suppressor
  7. OE Performance, Quality, and Specifications.
  8. Increase in cranking power of up to 20%

Also, they are for cars equipped with essential electrical equipment, technology for long-lasting performance offers no sacrifice on quality.

All of the batteries can be found on BatteryCharged (all available in USA in different retailers), and you can visit this link for additional information about the batteries.

Also, all of the listed batteries you can use on 996 and other Porsche models. 

First Battery: Shield 110 SMF

Capacity80 Ah
Capacity at 20-hour Rate80 Ah
Cold Cranking Performance720A
Mean Weight with Acid40.34 lbs
Terminal TypeT1
Warranty2 years

Second Battery: Shield 063 SMF

Capacity45 Ah
Capacity at 20-hour Rate45 Ah
Cold Cranking Performance425A
Mean Weight with Acid25.35 lbs
Terminal TypeT1
Warranty2 years

Third Battery: Shield 096 SMF

Capacity75 Ah
Capacity at 20-hour Rate75 Ah
Cold Cranking Performance650A
Mean Weight with Acid39.68 lbs
Terminal TypeT1
Warranty2 years

Fourth Battery: Duracell 063/DS44

Capacity44 Ah
Capacity at 20-hour Rate44 Ah
Cold Cranking Performance360A
Mean Weight with Acid25.35 lbs
Terminal TypeT1
Warranty3 years

Fifth Battery: Duracell 110/DA80

Capacity80 Ah
Capacity at 20-hour Rate80 Ah
Cold Cranking Performance700A
Mean Weight with Acid41.88 lbs
Terminal TypeT1
Warranty4 years

Are There Model Problems with the Battery?

Of course, some things can cause or represent your car battery problems. 

Below are just some of the “problems” that could occur.

If you suspect anything from the list happening to you, take your car to the mechanic or the Shield/Duracell technicians, or try to fix it yourself if you know how to do it. 

  • A vehicle’s battery might degrade quickly during a period of brief, occasional trips or from a period of inactivity. So be calm, use cables to recharge your battery, and drive a little bit. 
  • As an electrochemical device, a battery gradually loses charge over time. In hotter spring and summer temperatures, it loses charge more quickly. 
  • Also, remember that short, occasional trips can use more battery power than the alternator can replenish. 

Additionally, it will gradually lose more power, leading to internal battery degradation and failure.

If you use your car frequently and keep it in good condition, none of this is a problem.

Safe travels!

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