Porsche 996 Remote Key Not Working – 3 Possible Causes

Having your keys not working can be pretty stressful. Imagine going back from work or going somewhere nice, and then your keys are not working!

What now, you wonder?!

However it might be, it is not the worst thing possible. Everything can be fixed, and so will your remote keys. 

In this article, you will find out what can cause your keys not to work and what you should do to fix the problem. 

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What Can Be The Cause Of Your Key Not Working? 

Porsche 996 Remote Key Not Working

There are many reasons behind a malfunctioned key.

However, some of them are lighter problems and can go away in a few easy steps. 

On the other hand, some problems won’t go away that easily. Then you have to invest some money in the replacement, or you have to buy an entirely new key. 

Let’s find out what can be the cause!

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#1: Your Battery is Dead

This is probably one of the most common key problems. 

The battery in your key fob will ultimately wear out due to constant usage of remote functions, indicating that it is time to replace it.

Not cute when you’re rushing to work!

If your Porsche key fob or push-button start capabilities aren’t working correctly, you may need to replace the battery. 

Reduced range, broken lock, unlock, or trunk release buttons, and your Porsche failing to detect your key fob in push-button start models are all signs.

Fortunately, changing the battery in your Porsche key fob is a straightforward DIY procedure. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

How To Replace The Battery In Your Porsche 996 Keys?

There are a few steps, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. 

  • Step 1. It would be best if you first released the emergency key.
  • Step 2. Pull the emergency key away from the key fob, partially in its chamber, and use it as a lever to remove the battery case. Alternatively, specific fobs need you to remove the emergency key entirely and open the battery cover with a little screwdriver.
  • Step 3. Remove the old battery and replace it, ensuring it’s facing the right way.
  • Step 4. Replace the lid in its original position, either using force or screwing it back in.
  • Step 5. Replace the emergency key in the fob at the end.

If your Porsche key fob still doesn’t work after changing the battery, the issue is most likely due to faulty battery connections or buttons.

#2: Your Key is in Hibernation Mode

If you haven’t used the car in a week or more, the fob may be in hibernation mode. 

If this is the case, the remote will not immediately open the vehicle. As a result, it may appear like the battery is dead at first. 

Begin by manually opening the door with the key.

The key fob should operate adequately after you’ve unlocked the car.

When you open the door, the alarm may sound. Press the unlock button or insert the keys into the ignition to turn off the alarm.

#3: The Gold Tab in the Key is Bent

The Porsche key fob includes a delicate gold tab that can easily bend or shatter. 

When this happens, the key loses touch with the automobile, and the fob stops working. You can take the key apart to determine whether the gold tab is the problem.

If you detect that the gold tab is broken, it will be necessary to change the fob.

Nothing From Above Is The Problem – What Now?

You might need to replace the key. 

If you know your key fob’s battery is new and it isn’t locked in hibernation mode, you may need to replace the complete key. 

However, because the replacement is rather costly, you should only undertake it as a last resort. 

First, install a new battery and re-sync it with the vehicle to determine if the key is faulty.

Then go to the methods for waking it up from slumber.

You may also see if your extra key is functional. 

If you’ve tried everything and the key still won’t work, you’ll need to take the car to the dealer for a replacement key.

The majority of dealerships will sync your new key for you. 

Start by inserting the key into the ignition and shifting it to the second position if you need to do it yourself. 

After then, press down the unlock button on the key until a red light on the dash begins to flash.


If you ever find yourself in a position where some or other systems in your car don’t work, be patient and try to look for the problem. 

If you can’t detect the problem, it is best to take it to the mechanic. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to look at the most answered questions regarding Porsche’s key topic, keep reading! 

Is It Possible To Start a Porsche Without The Key Fob?

A fake key that you will use to start the car may not be included in the Porsche Entry & Drive System.

If you don’t have this key, the car’s key fob will start the vehicle even if the internal battery is dead and won’t let you in.

Once inserted into the ignition switch, it will be recognized.

Is It Possible To Reprogram Porsche Keys?

Contrary to what dealerships and others claim, you may program a used key to another car.

We do that all the time; the utilized key must be reflashed (renewed), and all prior vehicle data must be erased.

Why Isn’t My Key Fob Working After I Replaced the Battery?

You can use basic tools to look inside of the key fob and inspect for any abnormalities or misaligned buttons.

Replace your favorite car’s key if that doesn’t work.

Of course, there could be more reasons. Another one could be the lock. Check for these symptoms to see whether the lock or car door has become faulty.

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