How To Lock Porsche Macan Without Key?

Losing a key can be traumatizing! Especially if you don’t have a spare one at home, which happened to us multiple times. That happens at least once in your life, so it is better to prepare yourself. 

Also, your keys might be out of battery, and that happens more than you would imagine.

Without the key, you can’t lock the car. However, that is an issue that can be resolved. 

In this article, find out how to lock your Porsche Macan without the key and much more!

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Does Porsche Macan Have Auto-Lock?

How To Lock Porsche Macan Without Key

Before showing you how to use the automatic lock on your Porsche Macan, let’s assess its effectiveness. 

The frequency of carjackings is gradually increasing. Of course, you will leave your precious car where you feel it is safe.

However, one may feel more exposed to aggressiveness when stopped at a red light, at a stop sign, or in traffic congestion. 

With this in mind, the companies have introduced this functionality. 

Most cars include a door lock button that you can use to lock and unlock the doors from the inside, but when you go faster than a particular speed or wait a specific amount of time after starting the engine, the car automatically locks its doors.

The advantage is that you won’t need to worry about doing this activity to ensure maximum security.

There are two ways of activating the lock button.

The lock button

The simplest solution is to turn on the ignition (on some series, you will also need the engine running). 

Then, quickly hold down the door lock button. You will have to hold it down for 5 or 6 seconds until you hear a signal that your car is on.

Also, the turn indicators should be turned on on your Porsche Macan as well. That is a classic sign that the car is on. 

This technique should be sufficient in many cases to engage the Porsche Macan’s automatic door lock.

Utilizing a computer

Finally, a more complex technique may be related to an issue with your car’s manufacturer wiring or a power outage. 

You will be able to access your diagnostic socket to enable the automated door lock on your Porsche Macan. 

To change the associated option in the “sash menu,” you will need a diagnostic tool to explore the menus. 

However, this is only advised for those with some mechanical understanding, and we recommend you see your technician do this task.

How do you lock a Porsche Macan Without the Key?

If you lose your key, you need a new one, and you need it fast. Unfortunately, there is no safe solution for locking or opening your car without the key. 

To be safe, you should always have a fob key of some kind that fits for Porsche Macan. Contact your Porsche dealer for the information on the spare key. 

But, there is a possibility of draining a battery on your key. 

In that case, there is something you can do. 

Keep reading for more information!

Although you managed to open the doors and try to start your automobile, even if it may be out of battery in front of your house, you still want to be sure that nobody may enter while you wait for a solution. 

In fact, without electricity, the door locking mechanisms cannot be engaged. So, we’ll provide you with the two sole options that will enable you to shut your automobile without energy.

1. Purchase a brand-new battery and install it to shut the doors on your Porsche Macan or locate a working one. 

But to achieve that, you’ll need access to the bonnet.

2. Connect your Porsche Macan to a moving vehicle to exchange energy and charge the battery in your car. 

At the very least, this will enable you to lock the doors of your automobile. 

While your automobile is still connected to the other vehicle, be sure to lock the doors. Once done, you may close your hood and unplug your battery.

So, if your question is, How can I lock my car without a key? This would be the answer. Good luck, but try to have a spare key somewhere in the house!


We know that losing a key is very stressful, and in most cases, there is not a lot of 100% helpful advice. 

Hopefully, you will successfully open up or close down your Porsche Macan with this advice. 

You could try some other things, but remember that most of them are illegal and can activate your Porsche Macan’s alarm system, which will drain your car’s power. 

All in all, the best thing you could do is to have a spare key somewhere in the house, so if this happens, you are ready, and there will be no added stress!

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