Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheel Bearing Noise: Do This!

Hearing unexpected noises when driving is never a good omen. And when it comes to the steering wheel or axle it is important that we check it as soon as possible.

Even though it might not affect our driving experience right at that moment, it could end up being a problem. So, if you find your Jeep Grand Cherokee wheel bearing making noises, it’s time to check things up.

In this article, you will find out the main problems, the causes, and how to diagnose them before going to the mechanic.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Malfunctioned Wheel Bearings Symptoms

Grand Cherokee Wheel Bearing Noise

Here are some of the most common symptoms of a bad wheel bearing. 

Noises of Grinding or Buzzing

One of the first indicators of a faulty wheel bearing is a grinding or buzzing noise in the Cherokee’s cabin. The noise is coming from the direction of the affected wheel.

The humming noise becomes louder the faster you drive your car. Damage to the wheel bearing is difficult to detect early because the noise is hardly audible.

But, in many circumstances, the noise builds up quickly – within a few hundred kilometers.

Tire Wear That is Uneven

If your car has a damaged wheel bearing, which causes thrown off vehicle’s alignment, it’s due to:

  • Tires are degrading unevenly
  • Issue with the axle alignment

Vibrations in the Steering Wheel

When there’s a faulty wheel bearing, we might notice vibrations on the steering wheel. The vibration is usually felt from under the seats if only the rear wheel bearings are bad.

When there are both vibrations and humming, you can suspect a faulty wheel bearing.

When Cornering, there is a Knocking or Clunking Sound

When a damaged wheel bearing reaches an advanced degree of degeneration, it might make knocking or clunking noises.

That happens especially when turning or cornering in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The cause of the noises can be the problems with suspension or steering components.

You should suspect a broken wheel bearing if the vehicle exhibits different symptoms. Such as humming or grinding noises and wheel play.

The Grand Cherokee Swerves to the Side

Your car will pull to one side when traveling in a straight line.

That is due to a faulty wheel bearing affecting the car’s alignment. Even when cornering, you may notice that the vehicle’s handling is a little wrong.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Malfunctioned Wheel Bearings Causes

The bearings must tolerate strong radial forces even when driving straight. The bearings support the entire weight of the vehicle.

When driving, speed creates extra forces. Axial forces result if a curve is also forced through.

High impacts on the bearings might also occur on uneven roads or when driving past potholes.

Bearings are more vulnerable to impacts of all kinds than heavy loads. As a result, every wheel bearing will fail at some point. Yet, the speed at which they fail is determined by driving patterns.

Other variables might contribute to a premature bearing failure in your Grand Cherokee. Such variables are, for example, driving with imbalanced tires or poor wheel alignment.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Malfunctioned Wheel Bearings Diagnosis

There are some ways you can diagnose the wheel problem by yourself. 

Test Drive

The bearing noise usually increases with speed. Meaning that, if you take your Jeep Grand Cherokee for a test drive, you will be able to diagnose it. Make sure to drive at different speeds to get clear results.

Jack Stands

Use some jack stands to elevate your Grand Cherokee. Whilst up, check for any wiggling of the wheel bearing. If there is any wiggling then it needs repairing. However, keep in mind that even if there isn’t any wiggling, it could still need some work done.

Costs of Repair

Replacement usually costs between $100 and $200 including both the parts and labor. However, the best option is to ask for a few quotes from different mechanics. 

This price is the average on the US and Canada markets. 


Now that you are aware of the main causes and issues that can occur to your wheel bearing, it’s time to act upon it.

Even though the issue might be easily solvable, always make sure to check with a specialist. A mechanic or car dealer will be able to provide you with the best professional solutions.

Get right into it and get back to enjoying your amazing Jeep Grand Cherokee!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.

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