Porsche Auto Start-Stop Not Working: 4 Common Causes

Having something not working in your car can be tiring and exhausting. The auto start-stop system is a part of the car that not everybody uses. But those who tried it got addicted very quickly.

So yeah, for some drivers, the auto-start system has to work!

You’ve come to the right place while looking for a solution. Keep reading for more information on the topic.

In this article, you will find out what could be the causes behind the problem and what can you do to fix it.

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What is Auto Start-Stop Function?

Porsche Autostart not Working

Driving is more inexpensive and ecologically friendly with start-stop technology.

When a car comes to a complete stop at a traffic signal, the start-stop system turns off the engine.

The engine restarts as soon as you press the clutch pedal again or if you remove the brake in the case of an automatic gearbox.

In addition to providing power for frequent engine starts, the battery also provides power for all electrical consumers even when you turn off the engine.

The car battery might be considered the system’s heart for contemporary automobiles.

It is frequently aided by a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS). Which serves as the electrical brain of the vehicle. The interplay between these critical components may be the cause of the start-stop system’s failure.

What Could Be the Reason Why Your Start-Stop System is Not Working?

You will run into issues with any system, especially one in your automobile, from time to time.

Porsche cars have exquisite technology, and they improve driving a lot.

For example, the auto start-stop system makes your life way easier, and we cannot imagine it without it.

But, as previously said, there are some problems that Porsche owners face. So why is it happening, you ask?

Keep reading!

Problem One – Battery Issues

Start-stop systems need a unique battery to operate within a car’s engine.

A particular battery allows these start-stop devices to turn off and on repeatedly while remaining idle.

This is something that a conventional battery cannot do.

Check whether your check engine light blinks on and off if your start-stop mechanism isn’t working.

If this is the case, you must visit a professional to have your battery diagnosed.

It might be possible to drive your car without the start-stop mechanism working. However, the fuel economy will be lower.

Problem Two – You Live in a Cold Climate

We thought it was amusing when we first learned about this years ago. Because most people dislike being in the cold.

Of course, that cannot be the reason not to live in a cold climate, but maybe the health of your dear Porsche can be the reason?

Porsche systems are now pretty resisting!

However, in really cold weather, you must allow adequate time for your car to warm up.

The start-stop mechanism won’t work until the engine reaches the proper temperature.

You must wait until your computer dashboard indicates that your start-stop system is ready before driving.

If the temperature is too cold for the start-stop system to work, you can still drive your car.

However, your vehicle will emit more pollutants.

It will also perform poorly in fuel efficiency, just like in the problem above.

So, keep your car warm and check your battery!

Let’s get on with other problems that might occur.

Problem Three – The AC Working Like Crazy

This can be a problem for the people living in hot areas.

Modern Porsches are marvels of engineering, yet they are far from flawless. Every computer system tries to keep the battery as long as possible.

The battery will quickly deplete if you run the air conditioner or heater at full blast.

The battery does not have enough charge to power all these operations at the same time. Keep in mind that we didn’t have this problem ever, but it is something that happened to some owners.

Anyways, the mechanism will trigger if the power of your heater or air conditioner is reduced. It’s all about giving and receiving.

Problem Four – You Didn’t Charge Your Car

The start-stop technology appears to be a terrific method to save money at the petrol station while reducing pollution emissions.

But all these fantastic benefits won’t surface unless my Porsche is fully charged? Well, at least to some owners.

The only thing you can do in this case is to keep your hybrid Porsche charged at all times. Do this as often as possible to maximize the benefits of your car’s start-stop function.

As previously said, this happens only to some owners. It is not a rule, but it can happen.

There are many more reasons why your auto start-stop system is not working.

Here is a list of things that can occur:

  1. Too high or too low temperature of the engine
  2. Seat belts not fastened
  3. Interior temperature not reached
  4. Opened hood
  5. Opened driver’s doors
  6. High slope
  7. Activated parking assistant
  8. Your battery sensor is not working
  9. Air-mass sensors are not working
  10. Poor state of charge

This can apply to all vehicles that have an auto start-stop system.


If you ever find yourself in a position where some or other systems in your car don’t work, be patient and try to look for the problem.

If you can’t detect the problem, it is best to take it to the mechanic.

Enjoy your metal pet, and take care!

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.