RAV4 Key Won’t Open The Doors – 4 Reasons incl. Fix

Imagine going out in a hurry, and your key won’t unlock your RAV4!

We understand that situation because we found ourselves in one.

In this article, find out what are the reasons why you cannot unlock your RAV4 doors and what you can do to fix it.

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RAV4 Key Won’t Open The Doors: Common Reasons & Fixes

RAV4 Key Won’t Open The Doors - 4 Reasons incl. Fix

In here we will give you a couple of the common causes that get you in a situation where you cannot open your RAV4 doors with your key. 

Thankfully, all of them are very solvable, so you won’t be out of your RAV4 for long. 

Let’s inspect that key!

#1: A Dead Battery

This is one of the literally most common causes.

A dead coin battery is the most common cause of a RAV4 key fob not locking or unlocking the doors.

A battery usually shows signs of deterioration before it fails.

When a remote control that had previously worked started to lose range and eventually stopped operating, the battery was likely getting older.

RAV4 Key: A Dead Battery Fix

The RAV4 key fob may become damaged if the button cell battery is replaced improperly or with an inappropriate battery.

Only use fresh batteries with the same voltage, size, and specification to replace exhausted batteries.

When inserting the battery, make sure it is facing the proper way.

Remember that the battery for your RAV4’s key fob may have been sitting on the shelf for a while when you buy a new one.

Therefore, it might not function or survive as long after replacement. Consider buying the battery from a store with active inventory.

After making sure the battery is in good condition, if the key fob still won’t operate, the problem may not be with the battery.

#2: Weak Battery Connection

Metal retaining clips on the RAV4 key fob’s battery hold the battery in place and complete the circuit.

If the clips are not taut, contact problems may arise, and the remote may not receive any power.

RAV4 Key: A Weak Battery Connection Fix

As you shake the remote, check to see that the battery is securely in place and does not move. 

Also, ensure that none of the battery contacts have corrosion or dust.

#3: Water Damaged Your RAV4 Key

Water damage is quite possible if your Toyota RAV4 key fob accidentally falls into the washing machine’s soapy water while still in your jeans pocket.

Rubber seals on your RAV4 key keep water from getting to the electronic chip inside and protecting it.

Light rain or a splash of water should not harm the chip, but prolonged exposure to water, such as dunking the key in a pool, can cause the water to seep through the seals and cause damage.

Due to salt water’s highly conductive nature, submerging the key in the ocean water at the beach may cause far more significant damage to crucial fob electronics.

RAV4 Key: A Water Damage Fix

If your RAV4 key fob stops functioning after exposure to clear tap water or rain, remove the battery immediately, wipe the electronic part with paper towels, and then replace the battery.

It is advised to clean the chip using isopropyl alcohol or electronic cleaning if it has been exposed to any kind of water.

After cleaning and drying, if the key fob still doesn’t function, the chip is fried, and you’ll need to acquire a new key.

#4: Dead RAV4 12V Battery

For the RAV4’s remote keyless and central locking system to work correctly, the 12-volt battery must be in good condition.

All onboard electronics will cease to function if the 12-volt battery dies or the electric current is disrupted because of corrosion on the battery terminals or the ground connection.

RAV4 Key: A Dead RAV4 12V Battery Fix

You will need to physically unlock your RAV4 door with a key in this situation.

Additionally, the engine won’t start, and the electrical accessories (such as the fan, infotainment system, and headlights) may operate poorly or not at all.

Examine the connections and the 12-volt battery. To fix this you will have to jump-start your RAV4 or replace the battery. 

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.

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