Toyota RAV4: 4WD Light Stays On? What Are The Reasons For That?

Having any light on your RAV4 dashboard can bring up intense stress. Why is this 4WD activated in my RAV4?

That’s a question that a lot of RAV4 drivers ask.

In this article, find out the common reasons for the 4WD activated light and what they mean.

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Common Reasons For Activated 4WD Light In Your RAV4

Here we will discuss three reasons that could explain the 4WD light on your dashboard console. 

Let’s get right into it!

4WD Light On In Your RAV4: Activated 4WD 

The 4WD light on the dashboard of your RAV4 could indicate that the 4WD system has been engaged and is operating normally. 

For instance, when a scenario arises where additional traction is required, some RAV4s, particularly the newer model years, will automatically or on-demand engage the 4WD system.

When this occurs, the 4WD light on the dashboard will illuminate, indicating that the system is now operational. 

When you deactivate the 4WD system in your car, the light should turn off if everything is in order. Additionally, you won’t need to do anything else.

4WD Activated In Your RAV4: How To Disable It? 

As was already said, if your RAV’s 4WD system is engaged, you might see some flashing on your dashboard. 

Additionally, this light will remain on until the system is turned off. 

So, how can you disable a 4WD in your RAV4? 

Well, that will depend on the RAV4’s manufacture and model. 

While certain RAV4s may require input to engage and deactivate their 4WD systems, other RAV4s may do it automatically.

There’s a reasonable probability your RAV4 has a lock button if it belongs to the first category. With this lock button, you can choose when to use and disengage the 4WD system.

Press the lock button, often found at the center dash, to unlock the vehicle. The RAV4 will automatically exit the 4WD system once you hit this button.

4WD Light On In Your RAV4: A Failed Sensor 

The all-wheel-drive system in your RAV4 receives data from a network of sensors. 

This data will comprise, among other things, the following: 

  1. vehicle speed, 
  2. throttle position, 
  3. physical component location, and 
  4. transmission speed.

These switches or sensors will either give incorrect data or even no data at all if one of them is broken. 

The 4WD light will blink on the dashboard as soon as this occurs. 

Until the problem has been rectified, this light might remain on.

4WD Light On In Your RAV4: A Problem With Transfer Case

There is a light-duty 4WD system included with the Toyota RAV4. 

Additionally, this system doesn’t have low-range gearing. Therefore, it isn’t designed to withstand challenging off-road terrains like deep mud, rock crawling, or snow.

Therefore, if you find yourself in such circumstances, it’s possible that the wheels of the car would spin endlessly without moving. 

Additionally, if you keep pressing the gas, the vehicle’s transfer case will produce a lot of heat.

The transfer case will overheat as a result of this persistent overheating. 

Additionally, it will break down once it overheats, resulting in the 4WD flashing. Then, until the RAV4 has cooled down, this light might remain on.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here we will talk about the most asked questions about the RAV4 4WD light.

What Does It Mean When My 4WD Light Is On On RAV4?

The 4-wheel drive light indicates that 4-wheel drive has been engaged in your car.

On the other hand, the system could have a problem if the 4WD light is on.

See if you can match your situation with the written information by reviewing the material in the article sections above.

Why Is My RAV4’s VSC Light On?

If the VSC light is on, there can be a glitch in your car’s computer or a problem with the VSC system.

Bring your car to a Toyota service location near you so a qualified technician can check the codes and identify the problem.

Also, check our article on the topic – What to do: Toyota RAV4 Check Engine Light VSC And 4WD On

Is Driving With The 4WD Light On Safe?

Most of the time, a flashing 4WD light indicates that the system is functioning as intended and should not be cause for concern.

This light appears to alert you that four-wheel drive has been engaged in vehicles where it is only engaged on demand. That is when traction conditions call for it.

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