What to Do: RAV4 Maintenance Required – Visit Your Dealer Message?

Every time you get in your Toyota RAV4, it will function at its best, thanks to routine maintenance and servicing.

Toyota cars will be equipped with a Maintenance Required Light, or MAINT REQD, which will act as a crucial reminder to help you recall routine maintenance.

In this article, find out what this light signals and what you need to do about it. Also, find out how to reset the maintenance required light in a few simple ways.

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What Is the Meaning Behind “Maintenance Required; Visit Your Dealer” Message on My Toyota RAV4?

What to Do: RAV4 Maintenance Required - Visit Your Dealer Message?

The Maintenance Required Light is a straightforward reminder that you must make a service appointment with the Toyota Service Department when your Toyota vehicle is due for maintenance.

After 4,500 miles without a service, the Maintenance Required Light will begin to flicker, and when you reach 5,000 miles, it will stay on.

This vital maintenance reminder will appear as MAINT REQD on older Toyota cars.

A notice indicating maintenance is necessary will appear on the LCD Multi-Information Display in future Toyota vehicles.

How To Turn Off the “Maintenance Required; Visit Your Dealer” Message? Step-By-Step

To avoid making a second trip to the auto shop only to reset it, it’s a good idea to understand how to do it on your own.

Here is a step-by-step:

1. Switch On Your RAV4

Look at your dashboard when your key is in the on position.

Instead of the travel meter, the odometer needs to show the miles.

2. Switch Off the Engine and Push the Trip Meter Reset Button

Once you have turned the key back off, be sure to press the trip meter button in order to reset it fully, so that the maintenance light can turn off.

Hold the button down for some time. This button may switch between the trip meters and the odometer on some models.

3. Restart Your RAV4 Vehicle

Holding the reset button, slowly turn the key to the “on” position.

Ensure it isn’t in the “start” position, which starts the engine. Look closely at the odometer right now.

4. Continue Pressing the Reset Button

Check if the trip meter reset button is still depressed while you glance at the odometer.

Dashes will appear on the screen in place of the odometer’s numbers. In addition, a string of zeros will eventually occur.

Hold the button until the screen displays the standard odometer reading.

5. Let go of the Reset Button

Release the reset button after the standard odometer values appear on display, then start the engine. After that, you should no longer see the maintenance needed light on your dashboard.

Repeat the process if the maintenance light persists until it disappears from your dashboard.

The maintenance-required light counter is now back to zero because you manually reset it. The odometer will keep counting miles until the 5,000-mile milestone is reached.

The dashboard light will turn back on when this happens.

The instructions above must be followed again if the mechanics at your car shop fail to reset this light.

Be aware that the process varies significantly for specific Toyota Corolla models.

For instance, while the key is off, you might need to hold down the toggle knob on the odometer for 20 seconds.

After completing that, turn the key again without starting the vehicle.

On your dashboard, maintenance is necessary to ensure the light should start blinking. The button should be held down until the dashboard light turns off.

This method only works if the reset button is pressed for more than 20 seconds.

Why Should You Turn Off the “Maintenance Required; Visit Your Dealer” Message?

It’s a good idea to manually switch off the Toyota maintenance light because it won’t turn off by itself and will take up less space on your dashboard.

This light might get irksome as you navigate the city and may even cause you to question the integrity of your vehicle.

Similar to the above, if a family member uses your Toyota and is unfamiliar with what this light means, they may get concerned and believe that the vehicle may be harmed.

Second, restarting the counter after changing the oil or doing similar activities at your dealers involves resetting the maintenance required light.

Consequently, you may travel securely on the road, and you won’t need to manually count the miles since, after 5,000 miles, this light will alert you that it’s time for a new oil change or a routine checkup with your dealer.

Is It Safe To Drive a RAV4 That Needs Maintenance?

As previously said, every 5,000 miles, this light automatically comes on as a reminder to replace the oil on your RAV4 or do a routine check-up.

By the way, it is very often just an oil change.

You may still operate your RAV4 safely while the light is on in your dashboard because the light itself does not indicate that your car has been damaged.

However, we advise you not to go on longer trips because your car still needs an oil change, and you cannot drive without it.

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.

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