What Are The Best Sun Shades For F-150?

If you spend a lot of time driving your Ford F-150, you know how hot it can get inside during sunny days. That’s why a sun shade is a must-have accessory. 

There are multiple benefits to sun shades, with the most prominent one being that you won’t burn yourself every time you sit in the car seat and touch the steering wheel. 

In this article, find out about the top 3 sun shades for your Ford F-150, and prepare yourself for the hot summer with the best accessories. 

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What Are The Best Sun Shades For Ford F-150?

What Are The Best Sun Shades For F-150?

Let’s find the best ones for different categories. 

Lowest Price For Excellent Quality: EcoNour

The EcoNour Automobile Windshield Sunshade is an inexpensive choice with straightforward, two-piece construction. With the carrying case that is supplied, it packs up quickly and cleanly. It fits neatly beneath the seat or in a door pocket when folded.

The manufacturer claims that this Ford sunshade’s ground-breaking design may lower the inside temperature of your car by up to 40 degrees F.

Engineers furnished it with high-density polyester material and wire supports for the rectangular frame to improve its stability. In addition to the extra-small and double extra-large sizes, this product is available in five conventional sizes.

The current price is $15.99. However, check out the product on the button below for the latest prices.

EcoNour Car Sun Shade Windshield | Reflective Car Window Sun Shades for Ultimate Dashboard Protection | Foldable Car Interior Accessories for Sun Heat | Small (59 x 29 inches)
  • Heat & UV Protection: EcoNour reflective car sun shade protects your car from harmful UV rays and excessive heat; It is designed to block UV rays and maintains your car’s temperature at an optimum level
  • Easy to Use and Fold: Our car windshield sunshades is extremely versatile in nature; You can pop up the sunshades, install them, fold them back, and store the sunshades inside the storage pouch with ease!
  • Multiple Sizes: This sunblocker shade is designed to accommodate a wide range of car sizes, from small sedans to large SUVs; Perfect accessories for keeping your car cool and protected, no matter what vehicle you drive
  • Protects Your Car Interiors: We know that the sun heat can be exhausting to you as well as to your car; EcoNour Car Sun Shade for Windshield is effective against harmful UV rays from damaging your car's interior accessories; It is super durable and convenient to use

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Best Protection: MCBUTY

MCBUTY’s sunshade comes out on the more expensive end of the price range for a couple of reasons.

With its reflective aluminum foil covering atop five layers of honeycomb bubble insulation, the manufacturer assures this Ford sunshade will block 100% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Even a money-back guarantee is included.

This thick, 0.12-inch mix of materials considerably enhances the cooling benefits of the product.

The inside temperature of certain customers’ vehicles varies by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to its incredibly powerful suction cups, it adheres to the windshield tightly. Unfortunately, only one size (57 by 27.5 inches) is offered, therefore, it might only suit some vehicles.

Also, it folds for simple storage, much like most other Ford sunshades.

The current price is $23.99, however, check out the button below for the latest prices.

Car Windshield Sunshade Thicken 5-Layer UV Reflector Auto Front Window Sun Shade Visor Shield Cover,Keep Vehicle Cool(Gary,57" × 27.5")
  • √√ PREMIUM MATERIAL - CBKSUHBADE Sun Shield for Car Windshield - Reflective aluminum foil combine with thicken 5-layer bubble material make the cooling effect is more significant,100% reflected sunlight.
  • √√ KEEP VEHICLE COOL - Car Sunshades - 5-layer super reflective insulation:1.Aluminum foil reflective insulation 2.Honeycomb bubble insulation 3.Insulating insulation 4.Honeycomb bubble insulation 5.Aluminum foil reflective insulation,keep the temperature at 25-35℃,and the fuel consumption saving air conditioning, helps keep car interior cool during hot & sunny weather.
  • √√ EASY TO USE AND STORE - Sunshade for Car - Folding design, Sunshade is quick and easy to install and uninstall,can be reused.Storing the sun block with nylon button,and 2 pieces of 2.2inch dovetail type environmental protection suction cup,more solid.
  • √√ UNIVERSAL FIT - Car Visors Sun Shade - Multi-size design for most models(57" x 27.5"),Please check your windshield size if you have a mini size car.
  • √√ QUALITY GUARANTEE - Car Window Shade - Quality Guarantee: If something was wrong with your car shades. Just tell us and we will help you,We will give you a satisified reply!

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Best For Side Windows: Enovoe

This Ford sunshade will be popular with parents and carpoolers. It was specifically designed to mount on side windows rather than your automobile’s windshield.

Both front and back seat occupants are safeguarded. While driving, you can leave it in place and still have excellent peripheral vision.

This Enovoe product has a transparent mesh fabric that reduces glare.

Also, it shields your children from the harmful health effects of the sun’s UV rays by blocking up to 90% of them.

The most common cling shade is 21 by 14 inches in size and sticks to windows with static amazingly effectively.

Depending on the demands of your household, get yours in a two- or four-pack.

The current price is $10.99, but the same as before; click the button for the latest prices.

Enovoe Car Window Shades for Baby (2 Pack) - 21'x14' Sun Shade Blocker, Cling - Glare Shield and UV Rays Protection for Your Child - Side Window Screens for SUV- Mesh Window Shades for car Baby
13,292 Reviews
Enovoe Car Window Shades for Baby (2 Pack) - 21"x14" Sun Shade Blocker, Cling - Glare Shield and UV Rays Protection for Your Child - Side Window Screens for SUV- Mesh Window Shades for car Baby
  • UV PROTECTION - Safeguard your baby from 97% of harmful UV rays and sun glare, window shades for car baby ensuring a safe and comfortable ride with reduced sun exposure and potential skin damage.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT WITH EASY INSTALLATION - Enjoy simple setup with our car shade static cling technology, designed to fit most car windows including SUVs, minivans, and large sedans baby window shade.
  • DUAL-LAYER DESIGN FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE - Benefit from enhanced visibility through the mesh side while ensuring secure attachment using static cling layer of baby sun shade for car window.
  • DURABLE MESH MATERIAL & STURDY WIRE - Experience long-lasting performance with Enovoe's lightweight yet durable mesh material, supported by a sturdy wire frame, offering reliability and protection!
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE WITH EXTRA GOODIES - Receive 2 Comfy baby car shades for side window in the new larger size (21"x14") , along with a strong and durable black storage pouch and a valuable e-book.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will answer some of the most asked questions related to the sun shades you use in your Ford F-150. 

Keep reading to find out the answers to most hot questions!

Are Windshield Sun Shades Worth It?

You are asking yourself, “are windshield sunshades effective?” They certainly are.

A $20 sunshade may reduce the inside temperature of a car heated to 120 degrees F on a bright day to 92 degrees, as demonstrated in several experiments.

What Is The Best Color For A Car Sun Shade?

If you want to shield yourself from the UV rays, use dark hues like black or brown. Lighter shades may carry greater danger.

Moreover, remember that lighter hues will reveal dust, bird droppings, and stains more easily since they are more obvious.

Are Reflective Sun Shades Better?

Because of their reflecting qualities, metalized sun shades keep your automobile cooler than conventional sun blinds that aim to absorb heat.

So, yes, that means the reflective/metalized sun shades are better at doing their job than cardboard shades.

Should Car Sun Shade Be Inside Or Outside?

The sun shade’s silver side should be facing out for optimal benefits.

The silver side is the reflecting surface that will deflect the sun’s rays away from the automobile.

To conclude, make sure the silver side of a windshield sun shade is towards the sun if you’re using one so it can reflect as much light as possible.

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