The Ultimate Comparison: Camaro V6 vs. V8

Don’t know about you, but our heart skips a beat when we pass the V6 and the V8 on the street! The level of awe is incredible, just like the cars. 

So when you have two unique cars, what do you do? You put them in a closed area and let them figure out which one is better. So today we have a fantastic race planned for you planned!

In this article, you will see that both cars have so much potential, but still, there can be only one winner. So sit back and enjoy the race!

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Profile Camaro V6

Back in the day, V6 muscle vehicles were sad and sluggish. They failed to make anything close to decent power and had to rely on slow-shifting automatic slushbox gearboxes to get by. That only made things worse. 

Any car that wasn’t a V8 was awful to own and embarrassing to be seen in. 

However, things have altered significantly in recent years.

V6 engines offer adequate power in cars like the Camaro, and today’s automatic gearboxes are far more capable than in the past.

Profile Camaro V8 

The V8 is and has a status. Its magnetic suspension technology (tested on the racetrack) scans the road surface 1000 times per second.

It also adjusts dampers precisely for the perfect handling, even in harsh circumstances. 

It has an advanced response time. He can balance for a more natural feel and is delivering an incredible performance.

The drivers never lose the feeling of comfort in the V8, and we can understand why. 

We won’t give you more details because the most important ones you’ll read about in the following few paragraphs. Enjoy the race!

Race of the Month: Camaro V6 VS. Camaro V8

Camaro V6 vs. V8

Finally, let’s find out which car has the best specifications. As previously said, the V6 was a sluggish car before, but that is not the case today. So let’s see if he’ll surprise us! 

The categories in which the cars will be racing are these: 

  1. Engine
  2. Sound 
  3. Appearance 
  4. Body

Round 1: Engine 

The first category is the engine. It is the main category, and there will be three separate categories under it. 

Those will be: 

  • Maximum speed 
  • Horsepower 
  • From 0 to 60 in seconds

That information is essential in the race because it tells us how the car will behave on the racetrack. So let’s get started with the first round!

Engine: Camaro V6 

Camaro V6 is a solid and reliable car. Of course, the logic suggests that the V8 is more robust and even more reliable. But, let’s check the facts. 

The model we used as a reference is the Chevrolet Camaro 3.6 V6 Manual vehicle. 

  • Maximum speed: 149 mph 
  • Horsepower: 340 hp / 335 bhp 
  • From 0 to 60 in seconds: 5.2 sec 

Those are some excellent data! Let’s see what a V8 has to say about that!

Engine: Camaro V8 

The model used as a reference is the Chevrolet Camaro SS Manual, 6-speed V8 vehicle. 

  • Maximum speed: 155 mph 
  • Horsepower: 432 hp / 426 bhp 
  • From 0 to 60 in seconds: 4.7 sec 

Well, we have an obvious winner in the first round! 

Let’s have a look at the engine category table:

Chevrolet Camaro V6
Chevrolet Camaro V8
Maximum speed
From 0 to 60 in seconds

Yep, the Camaro V8 is the winner – three points to V8. We will keep using the models mentioned above as a reference. 

Round 2: Sound 

The most beautiful thing about sports cars is the speed and the lovely, crackling sound. We do love it a lot!

In this category, we will express our own opinion based on the videos you’ll be able to see in the section dedicated to each car. Let’s go!

Sound: Camaro V6 

The sound that the Camaro V6 makes is stunning.

Camaro V6 has a unique and profound exhaust sound. We could describe it as solid and potent. It can easily give you chills when you hear it, so prepare yourself for the sexy sound!

Sound: Camaro V8 

It is undeniable that the V8 has a deeper sound. The exhaust system gives out a roar or even a thunder sound. But, however it might be, it is very immaculate and robust. 

But, when it comes to declaring a winner for the sound category, we may surprise you. We opt for the Camaro V6 version because it is a subtle version of the V8 roar. One point to the V6!

Round 3: Appearance 

Under the Appearance section, both cars will show some parts of their interior and exterior. Of course, this is more about personal opinion, too. 

Appearance: Camaro V6

The model in question is, as said earlier, the Chevrolet Camaro 3.6 V6 Manual vehicle. 

For the most part, settling for the V6 version car has been settling. The V8’s low roar has long established a clear hierarchy in the red-light jungle. 

But, here are just some of the reasons why the V6 can win any heart. 

The Chevrolet Camaro is a classic American car designed to deliver driving thrills in a stylish, affordable package.

The engine specifications for the Chevrolet Camaro do all this and more, offering drivers access to:

  • Possessing Class-Leading Ability
  • A variety of powertrain options
  • Adaptive Driving Modes
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System)

Camaro V6 offers a great deal of beauty when it comes to the physical aspects of the car. The V6 was the car of the year in 2016. That has to say a lot! Right?

Appearance: Camaro V8 

The model in question is, as said earlier, the Chevrolet Camaro SS Manual.

Camaro is an iconic American car that continues to push the boundaries of performance and appearance. 

It’s designed to perfectly merge form, high-powered function, flair with aerodynamic aesthetics, and a polished, driver-centric cabin.

With new levels of technology, refinement, track capabilities, and straight-line performance, the Camaro confronts the world’s most sophisticated sports coupes. We simply can’t get enough of it! But…

Now that we read some quick info about the appearances of both cars, you know what’s next – the winner’s pronunciation! 

The winner of round three is… The Camaro V8 model! Sure, the V6 is stunning, but we had to choose based on all the extras the V8 offers! Let us know your preference!

Round 4: Body 

In the body category, both cars will present you with three things that make them potential winners of this round. 

So, the subcategories will be: 

  • Chassis
  • Cargo capacity
  • Fuel Consumption 
  • Fuel Capacity 

May the best one win the round!

Body: Camaro V6 

This beauty offers so much. Let’s start with the categories: 

1. Chassis: Coupé (A coupe is a fixed-roof automobile with one or two rows of seats and a sloping rear roofline.) 

2. Cargo capacity: 257 liters

3. Fuel consumption: 19.12 mpg

4. Fuel capacity: 17 gallons

For now, this looks very promising! Of course, we are not judging by the previous results, so who knows! Let’s see what the V8 model offers. 

Body: Camaro V8

The model used as a reference is the Chevrolet Camaro SS Manual.

1. Chassis: Coupé 

2. Cargo capacity: 320 liters

3. Fuel consumption: 21 mpg

4. Fuel capacity: 19 gallons

Well, we have a lot of differences between the two. Let’s check the table for this round. 

  • Chassis: V6, V8
  • Cargo capacity: V8
  • Fuel Consumption: V8
  • Fuel Capacity: V8 

This is interesting! Even though the V6 is a great car, the V8 comes up on top.

That was the last round! We have to calculate the points, and you can see the final table at the end. 


The winner of this ultimate race is… 

Chevrolet Camaro V6
Chevrolet Camaro V8

These are fascinating results! The V6 was SO close! 

But, the winner of this race is the gorgeous and powerful Chevrolet Camaro V8! Cheers!

FAQ: For Whom is Which Model Suitable?

We asked the almighty internet because we could not determine which car was the best option for whom! 

Some believe the V6 has lots of power and is enjoyable to drive, but the V8 is more powerful and enjoyable to drive!

Plus, as wonderful as the V6 sounds, it can’t compete with the V8’s rumble. Take each for a spin and make your own decision!

Everyone online claims that once you become hooked on the V8, there is no going back.

Also, if you’re thinking of getting a V6, skip the SS models. After all, you won’t be purchasing the V6 then.

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