3 Problems with Honda CR-V Shutter Grille You Have To Know

Honda CRV is a great model and loved by its owners. Since 2017, most Honda models added an active shutter grille. And the Honda CRV is one of those models.

The shutter grille is the ideal system to improve the aerodynamics of the airflow in Honda’s cars. However, sometimes, it can encounter some problems.

In this article, we feature the top three issues that some Honda CRV owners have reported. As well as the solutions to fix them and keep enjoying of your car.

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A quick summary of Honda CRV Shutter Grille

As mentioned, many things can happen. However, these are the top three problems we will be tackling in this article.

  1. Shutter grille warning light – heat issues
  2. Shutter grille warning light – snow issues
  3. Shutter grille physical damage

Three Most Common Problems and their Solutions

Lucky for you, Honda CRV Shutter Grille doesn’t have that many problems. But here are the most common ones.

#1: Shutter Grille Warning Light – Heat Issues

Whenever you find yourself in extreme heat in summer, what’s the first thing you do? You probably turn on the AC. Even though it’s almost natural to any user, this is not ideal.

During summertime, and if the car was parked under the sun, you might get this issue. When turning on the car and starting the AC, there’s a high chance to encounter the problem.

The shutter grille warning lights will go off, together with a “power reduced” sign.

This means that the radiator coolant temperature is too high. This is not an ideal situation as the engine is not cooling down. And by having the AC on, there’s more pressure on the engine.


Try to find a place in the shadow or under a roof to cool down the car. Park it there and turn it off. Let it cool down completely before using it again.

If the lights are still on after the car has cooled down, then you will have to contact your dealer.

#2: Shutter Grille Warning Lights – Snow Issues

We’ve all been there. Extreme weather driving is never safe, but sometimes we have no other choice.

So, when it comes to driving in the snow, you will also have to keep in mind that the shutter grille might get obstructed.

If the warning lights go off during a snowstorm, it means snow has blocked the shutter grille. By doing so, your engine will lose power and can get overheated, even in winter!


Please always be careful when maneuvering during snowstorms

Here is why you should not stop driving:

First of all, the visibility is low. Meaning other drivers will have difficulty noticing you. Keep driving until you reach the area off the road. Don’t move your foot from the gas pedal.

When you find a clear area to park then you will be able to stop and fix the issue. You will need a bottle of water. But, even better, few bottles of water.

Always have at least one bottle stored in your car.

  1. Pour the water on the grilles to remove any excess snow.
  2. Now, put your thumb over the hole of the bottle.
  3. Squeeze the bottle with your other hand and spray it all over the grilles. Spraying the grilles should remove all the snow and turn off the warning light.
  4. Take it to the car dealer’s to check the problem further.

#3: Shutter Grille Physical Damage

From time to time, small accidents can happen that physically damage the shutter grille. If this happens, it might not work as intended anymore.

When grilles are physically damaged, they can’t do their job. You will see the “power reduced” sign as well, and if not, that just means that the contact was not damaged.

Apart from that, it will not perform the initial open/close on the engine start test as all the shutters are supposed to do.


First thing, you have to order a new grille and a new shutter assembly. 

  1. Take the facia cover off. 
  2. Unsnap the broken grille and snap a new one.
  3. Unbolt the shutter assembly from the radiator support and remove phillips screws. 
  4. Check all the articulating parts. 
  5. Apply reversed pressure to the curved shutter pieces.
  6. Reassemble the whole assembly.
  7. Unsnap the wiring harnesses the shutter assembly has running down its length. 
  8. Test the cord while laying down in front of the vehicle. 
  9. Plug the wire back into the vehicle harness.
  10. Close the hood.
  11. Press the remote fob to lock the doors.
  12. Press the remote start button and start the vehicle.


Every car has its problems, and you will never find a vehicle with zero issues. However, the Honda CR-V is a fantastic car all in all.

Shutter grille systems are now available in many models. So, if anything happens to it, you will easily find a mechanic to help you solve it. This technology is well known by now.

Learn how to behave in case any of these issues occur, and you will know how to act each time.

Advertising links are marked with *. We receive a small commission on sales, nothing changes for you.