Nissan Rogue AWD High Temp Warning: The Solution

A warning about the high temperature can be a stressful event, considering it often turns on in the middle of driving. 

The all-wheel-drive high-temperature warning comes on due to elevated oil temperature; this warning may show when attempting to remove a stalled car. 

If that happens, your Nissan Rogue will go to Two-Wheel Drive as the driving mode (2WD). When it’s safe, stop the car with the engine running if this warning is on.

In this article, you will find various descriptions of high-temperature warning light problems in Nissan Rogue and the solutions to those problems. 

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How Can the Problem Manifest in Nissan Rogue?


As usual, there are several situations in which your Nissan will send the High temp warning, and here are some of them. 

Also, there are three types of blinking with which your AWD High-Temperature Light suggest a problem. 

  1. It only turned on – which means that there is a malfunction in the all-wheel-drive system.
  2. Blinking slowly – there is a big difference in the wheel rotation. 
  3. Blinking rapidly – means that your oil temperature is extremely high. 

First Situation: AWD High Temp Stop Warning is ON. Is it Okay to Drive?

If you’re driving and the AWD High Temp Stop warning comes on, there is only so much you can do. If you’re going with the regular tires, this section is not for you. 

This section is for those who changed the original tire to a spare tire and are driving on highways or faster roads. 

First, driving on a spare tire is only temporary, so if you’re planning a big road trip, make sure your original tire is repaired. 

If you, however, decide to continue the trip with the spare tire on the highways or any faster roads, the warning will come on again and again. 

When that happens, you should take it easy and find the first spot to park so you can let the car cool down. The problem will be fixed once you repair the original tire. 

Second Situation: A/C Leaking – Is it Connected to The High Temp Warning?

This is another situation that includes the Nissan Rogue AWD High Temp (Stop vehicle) warning.

This problem can also be related to other faulty stuff in your car. It doesn’t have to be the AC. 

If you’re driving and the warning light comes on for the AWD High Temp, and you see the A/C leaking or you’re having other similar problems, don’t worry because it’s probably not connected. 

The problem often revolves around a spare that’s not original.

A spare tire is usually smaller, especially if the pressure is low, so drivers are warned when AWD engages at highway speeds. 

The AWD turns on when it shouldn’t because it perceives the various tire sizes as slippage.

So nope, that’s not the A/C’s fault. 

So, basically, when traveling at or above 40 mph, the slight difference in spare tire diameter triggers the AWD to engage and overheat the differential.

When to Be Cautious About AWD High-Temperature Light on Nissan Rogue? 

Let’s first talk about where you can find the AWD Temp warning if you’ve never experienced a problem including one.

You can find the AWD caution light on the meter.

The AWD warning light turns on when the ignition switch is in the ON position. Soon after the engine starts, it shuts off it there is no problem. 

The warning lamps will illuminate if any AWD system malfunctions take place while the engine is operating.

Also, take a quick look at the list beneath if you want to check out when you should be cautious and what should you do in certain situations!

  1. If the warning light is still on after trying to fix the problem, get your car checked out by a Nissan dealership as soon as possible.
  2. If the warning light illuminates while you are moving, there could be an issue with the AWD system. Reduce your speed and have a Nissan dealer inspect your car as soon as possible.
  3. If you keep driving while the warning light is quickly blinking, the powertrain can be harmed.
  4. Avoid using the LOCK mode when driving on dry, hard surfaces since this may overload the engine and result in a significant failure.
  5. Don’t push the tires’ performance limits when driving. Even when AWD is enabled, rapid acceleration, acute steering movements, or abrupt braking may result in loss of control.
  6. Avoid trying to lift two wheels off the ground while the engine is running and move the transmission into either drive or reverse position. 
    By doing so, you risk causing personal harm or vehicle damage, such as drivetrain damage or sudden vehicle movement.
  7. Even if the other two wheels are elevated off the ground, do not try to test an AWD-equipped car on a 2-wheel dynamometer.
    Before putting your car on a dynamometer, let the test facility staff know that it has all-wheel drive. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The AWD High-Temperature Warning

If you didn’t find the solution in the text above, here are some of the most asked questions about the Nissan Rogue temp warning. 

Keep reading if you want to know more details!

What Does The Nissan Rogue Lock Switch Do?

For more excellent grip in the snow or off-roading, the Nissan Rogue Lock Switch/Button is a particular function that gives a low-speed regulator button that may lock all four wheels. 

Power is then divided between the front and back wheels to provide greater control in any situation.

Can AWD Be Activated While Driving?

You can travel from 2H to 4WD safely at speeds slower than 60 mph. 

However, you must slow the car down to 5 mph without depressing the gas pedal and put the gearbox in neutral before changing from 4H to 4-Lo.

Can You Drive a Vehicle With AWD On?

When this light comes on, either the front and rear wheels’ diameters are different, or the car has identified an issue with the AWD system, as we already stated above.

The AWD Warning Light will come on when the vehicle is turned on for the first time.

It is a concern only when the light remains on after the engine has started. So, again, do not worry about that.

What Does The Warning Light For Temperature Mean?

The temperature warning light indicates that your engine is overheating because it is operating at an excessively high temperature.

This should never happen if the cooling system in your car is functioning correctly.

How Can I Turn Off The Engine Temperature Warning Light?

There is not much you can do, actually. Try and follow these steps, and if they’re not working, drive to the mechanic or call for a tow.

  1. Turn up the heat and turn off the A/C. To lessen the strain on the engine, turn off the air conditioner. We know that turning off the A/C when it’s really needed can be painful, but it’s one of the fewer choices when it comes down to not having pressure on the engine. 
  2. Locate a secure spot to stop. Stop the automobile and turn off the engine.
  3. Verify and replenish coolant (if you have it). If you don’t have coolant, buy one at the gas station. It is a good thing to have a backup in your car tho.
  4. Now you can start the engine again.

That’s it, folks! Happy driving!

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