Toyota RAV4: Key Fob Is Not Working? Do This!

Your key fob may need to be fixed for several reasons. The battery contact terminals and buttons themselves are two of the most frequently encountered issues, but you might only need to reprogram the key fob for it to be recognized by the RAV4.

In this article, find out what the causes are and what you can do to fix your RAV4 key fob!

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Why Is My RAV4 Key Fob Not Working?

Toyota RAV4: Key Fob Is Not Working? Do This!

In this paragraph we’ll talk about, in general, the most common causes for a key fob not to work. 

Keep reading to find out why your RAV4 key fob is not working!

Cause #1: Terminals On A Broken Battery Connector

You must disassemble the remote to gain access to the internal parts to determine whether the battery connector terminals are the problem. 

You can repair the connector terminals by soldering them back into place if they are loose or broken.

Cause #2: Unstable Buttons

It’s also possible that the buttons themselves are the problem. Most remote controls include rubberized buttons, which can become loose or worn out over time.

If you see that one or more of the buttons won’t pop out properly or are stuck, take apart the casing, take the buttons out, clean them, and then reassemble the remote. 

You should purchase a new remote fob if this still doesn’t work.

Cause #3: Key Fob Battery Has Run Out

Key fobs for the RAV4 typically last two to three years. 

However, the key fob’s lifespan can vary depending on its use.

Your key won’t be able to start, lock, or unlock your RAV4 if the key fob battery is dead. However, you can instantly see if the wireless remote control’s battery is running low after using the key fob for a while.

The key fob’s operational range will be drastically decreased at the end of the battery’s life cycle since the battery won’t be able to generate a powerful electronic signal. 

The operational range may occasionally be less than 4 feet.

We provided a step-by-step tutorial for replacing the key fob’s battery at the end of the article.

Cause #4: Expired Remote Connect Service

The RAV4 key fob has several capabilities linked to a monthly fee called “Remote Connect.” 

Toyota includes a one-year complimentary subscription to this bundle with every RAV4 it sells.

These are the functions of Remote Connect:

  1. Engine starting remotely,
  2. remote engine shutdown, and
  3. control of: 
  • windows, 
  • doors, 
  • horns, and 
  • emergency lights from a distance.

The Toyota app provides control over these features. Therefore, your key fob will only function after the free membership expires if you pay the monthly fee.

Thus, if the remote start and stop functions on your RAV4 key fob aren’t working, it’s probably because your membership has expired, and you should check that out!

Cause #5: Damaged Key Fob

Repeated use might harm the keys on the key fob.

The button won’t function if it doesn’t make electrical contact with the circuit.

But in this instance, you’ll need to buy a new key fob from a Toyota dealer and pay extra for them to program it.

A genuine RAV4 key reprogram can go up to $1500, which is really costly, so it’s better to take care of your fob key!

How Can I Fix My RAV4 Key Fob?

There are a couple of fixes you can try, and if you keep reading, you might just fix your RAV4 fob key! 

Fix #1: Change The Battery Of Your RAV4 Fob Key

First of all, you will have to prepare some things. 

Prepare a lithium battery for a small flathead screwdriver.

CR2032 coin batteries are used in the Toyota RAV4 key fob. These batteries are exceptionally reasonably priced on Amazon.

The Toyota RAV4 has two different key fob types:

  • system of smart keys
  • without a smart key system, a regular key fob

The battery replacement procedures for “smart key system” keys are as follows.

First, remove the physical key and unlock the wireless remote control.

Then, remove the key cover with a little flathead screwdriver. Please tape or cover the tip of the screwdriver with a piece of rag to prevent damage to the key.

Then, use the screwdriver to remove the battery. Keep an eye on the placement of the battery terminals as you remove the battery. Take care not to bend the battery terminals, please.

After replacing the key fob’s CR2032 battery, reinstall the key cover.

The RAV4 key fob’s battery replacement procedure is the same whether or not the vehicle has a “smart key system.” 

The only difference is the first step, where you have to open the key cover from a corner.

You don’t have to reprogram the key fob when changing the battery. The RAV4’s computer memory contains the locking codes. So the key fobs or the RAV4’s batteries dying won’t cause this memory to be lost.

Also, you don’t need to reprogram your key fob if it still doesn’t work after a battery change. The issue might exist elsewhere.

Fix #2: Reprogramming Your RAV4 Key Fob 

A remote key fob must be connected to your RAV4 to be secure. Otherwise, someone with a vehicle of the same make and model as yours could use their remote to unlock yours. 

You’ll need to reconfigure the fob to see if changing the batteries has reset this connection or if it was somehow disrupted for it to recognize your RAV4 again.

Your key fob can typically be reconfigured by following this typical procedure:

  1. Enter your vehicle and lock the doors.
  2. Your key should be in the ignition.
  3. Instead of starting it, turn the key into the “run” position, then back into the “locked” position. Repeat this multiple times.
  4. You’ll typically hear a chime or other sound when you’ve cycled the key enough times. You can then push the lock or unlock button on your key fob to listen to another chime.
  5. To determine whether the key fob was successfully reconfigured, test the remote.

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